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As the professor’s voice faded, a shadow appeared inside the fog.

This shadow was the same as the one before.

But Marvin felt a thick killing intent from the shadow!

It didn’t choose to use Stealth or Hide, but instead a direct assault!

In that instant, Marvin even had the feeling of fighting Black Jack again!

‘Definitely controlled by the red copper dragon’s consciousness!’

"Clang!" Both sides collided, and Marvin immediately felt that this opponent was out of the ordinary.

Mirror image 2 is not only had 120% of Marvin’s abilities, it also had an [Expert] level dagger mastery!

What was even more frightening was that an ancient dragon was controlling it.

Even though Marvin guessed that the red copper dragon wouldn’t shamelessly go all-out, instead using roughly a tenth of its battle consciousness to control this mirror image, but that was already enough for Marvin to eat the dust!

Mirror image 2 was very clever and very vicious.

He understood his own difference in strength with Marvin. He didn’t need to stealth and would engage in a direct battle!

This made Marvin quite uncomfortable!

He had to keep dodging to avoid the opponent’s fierce attacks.

It looked like his fight with Black Jack in the basement.

But this time, Marvin’s suppression wasn’t as powerful. He could still occasionally strike back, just not often.

The speed of the other side’s dagger was faster than his own.

This made Marvin very gloomy.

Meeting an expert with dexterity that reached the threshold was what he was most afraid of. Not someone with impenetrable defenses, because even if he was facing a Shieldbearer with unrivaled defenses, he could still rely on his high dexterity to escape unscathed. But when facing someone with a higher dexterity...

When Marvin killed, he relied on speed to win. So facing someone faster than him was very troublesome.

Because his biggest advantage had already been suppressed, and instead turned into the enemy’s advantage!

"Clang! Clang!"

Both sides’ curved daggers kept meeting each other. In addition, Marvin kept using every kind of skill to try to pry the daggers out of the mirror image’s hands. But every time, the mirror image would slyly dodge!

This was completely due to suppression.

An on top of that was the ancient dragon’s tenth of battle consciousness. Even if it was far from equal to Marvin’s, because both sides were limited to a lower level body, the former was still dominating!

‘Too depressing!’

Marvin rolled, increasing the distance between both of them.

He understood mirror image 2 a bit after the previous exchanges.

That guy was a bit troublesome.

The main reason was the red copper dragon’s battle consciousness, or else, even with the attribute suppression, Marvin had all kinds of methods to exterminate it.

In the game, when players went through tempering in the mirror world, it was purely magic intelligence. At most it would be a high level magic intelligence. When did this ancient dragon personally control it?

That completely shameless piece of leather!

Marvin was originally ready to reach master level dagger mastery in one breath in the mirror world.

His original plan was even to pass three levels!

But it seemed like it wouldn’t work now.

His strongest skill was originally set aside for mirror image 3, but he probably had to use it now.

Or he would be unable to defeat mirror image 2.

After using this skill, the red copper dragon would definitely notice it. Thus, mirror image 3 would also possess Marvin’s skill...

Then he would be unable to do anything about it.

It was bringing his own destruction.

"Two floors, just two floors. In the end there are still some variables."

Marvin wasn’t one to hesitate, and he immediately made a decision.

Mirror image 2 on the other side didn’t want to let him off, and overbearingly rushed over.

Marvin took a deep breath, having already used a lot of stamina. He undoubtedly was the one that lost the exchanges.

’Let’s do it!

The curved dagger in Marvin’s hand suddenly revolved in a circle. This small pattern didn’t attract mirror image 2’s attention. A ruthless slash made its way to Marvin.

[Shadow Step]!

Using the move, Marvin forcefully moved half his body to the right!

Mirror image 2 sneered, suddenly coming close!

It was the same [Shadow Step]!

With two people having the same shadow step skill, the first one to use it would definitely land in big trouble!

"Indeed, he’s still a young guy. What a pity."

The red copper dragon outside the mirror world talked to himself. "Seems like it’s finished. It’s close to bedtime."

After mirror image 2 used shadow step, its dagger nearly pierced the back of Marvin’s head!

Even if the red copper dragon was kindhearted and would normally not injure a living being, the inside of the mirror world was an exception!

Only in the border between life and death could one truly understand the real meaning of fighting skills.

Thus, the challenger had high chances of dying.

Each person who entered knew this part.

Marvin naturally also knew. He dared to enter, dared to challenge. It proved that he was completely certain.

After all, this wasn’t the game; it was reality!

Death, was really death, there was no cure for it!

In an instant, his foot touched the ground. His ankle almost turned 90 degrees!

All the power focused on his right leg and burst out once again!

He copied shadow step!

In an instant, both sides’ positions were changed, and Mavin ended up behind mirror 2.


Target eliminated!

"Bang! Bang!"

Mirror image 2 also turned into quicksand and splattered on the ground!

The red copper dragon outside the mirror world shivered!

"How could that be? This wasn’t a skill?"

"Wow, shadow step, this ingenious step, this guy can actually use it with both feet?"

"Highly interesting indeed! Hehe, I must add this feature to mirror image 3. I’d like to see how many cards you hold!?"

But surprisingly at this time, Marvin suddenly said from inside the mirror world, "Respected Red Copper Dragon, I choose to end my challenge."

"It was very hard for me to reach the second floor, this victory was a fluke."

"And I also think I might have wounded myself."

He pointed to his right foot.

Indeed, continuous use of shadow step followed by the imitated shadow step in 24 hours brought great pressure to Marvin’s leg.

His ankle ached.

This was the problem of his low constitution. He relied on his strong willpower to use his strength. It also was a huge burden on himself!

The red copper dragon on the mountainous area seemed somewhat spirited.

"You’re really clever. I like clever people."

"Not continuing the challenge is a very sensible thing because you would surely die in the third floor."

His mood wasn’t bad and he unexpectedly used a Treat Illness on Marvin.

Dragon spells were different from common spells. They formed a system that didn’t use the universe magic pool to cast spells. Thus, after the universe magic pool’s collapse, dragons weren’t really affected.

Treat Illness had a really strong effect. Marvin felt that more than half of his stamina recovered. The right leg sprain also seemed good, very good.

"Thank you," Marvin genuinely said.

There are very few legends that are this approachable.

The red copper dragon professor was a very rare one.

In the game, players had always loved this kindhearted red copper dragon.

It was a pity that after the professor and the nearby ancient red dragon broke out in an intense conflict, both sides suffered and were then attacked by the sneak attack of a god. It was indeed that shadow prince. This guy roamed around and very often came out during the era of turmoil. He was at least among the top three most shameless gods. He frequently used his godly identity to mount a sneak attack on a legend, killing them or inflicting heavy losses. The amount of legends he attacked could be counted on two hands, including East coast’s legend wizard, Anthony, three ring towers’ legend wizard, Hathaway, and others. After that, the red copper dragons disappeared from people’s sight.

Up till Marvin transmigrated, he never heard news of the Professor. Maybe it really died from the shadow prince’s sneak attack.

After defeating mirror image 2, Marvin successfully leveled up his dagger mastery to [Expert].

Even if it wasn’t the [Master] level he wanted, Marvin was still satisfied with this outcome.

In addition, the red copper dragon’s reward was very good.

It was a pair of curved daggers.

Marvin just happened to be short a pair of curved daggers.

These curved daggers were named [Fang]


Quality: Uncommon.

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