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The icy canyon was filled with a dense fog, and the flurries of snow were suddenly cut off as they entered.

That strangely quiet atmosphere was enough to drive an ordinary person crazy. Fortunately, those Legends all had steady minds and were able to stay calm.

They stood in front of the huge statue.

That Dark Knight was clearly some four or five times taller than an ordinary person. He must have been using an unusual secret technique.

He was now still watching over this place even after his death.

Because of the unique characteristics of the Dark Knight's body, Marvin wasn't worried that it would be possessed by a Dark Specter.

But when he looked at the Dark Knight's bare skin, his mind couldn't help trembling a bit.

He knew that this feeling came from the remains of the Night Monarch's spirits. There were still many Dark Knights working for him in his own territory so Marvin couldn't help feeling moved.

"This should be the entrance of the Ice Jade Palace."

"If it's really as you said and there are a total of ten Dragons inside, we have to make a plan first," the Fiendish Swordsman calmly said. "Even if we can't just circumvent them, we can always use some tricks."

Marvin spread his hands out as he explained, "If they were just Jade Dragons, we definitely would be able to use some means to deal with the problem more easily. But unfortunately, only their bodies remain, they are Dark Specters in essence."

"You should have experience with Dark Specters by now? Once we make a move, if we alert a single Jade Dragon and give it too much time, it will send out the news and the Final Ghost Mother will know of our arrival."

"In other words, if you need a plan, it should be to kill all the Jade Dragons as fast as possible!"

The Fiendish Swordsman frowned. But he knew that Marvin's words were right.

If the Jade Dragons really had been controlled by the Dark Specters, then it would be really difficult to conceal their group's whereabouts.

"Do you have a specific plan already?" the Fiendish Swordsman inquired.

In his eyes, Marvin's origins were fishy, but there was one thing that was certain. That guy really did come to help deal with the Final Ghost Mother.

As long as he was sure of this point, the rest was easy to deal with.

Whatever these mysterious helpers were trying to do, they had to kill the Underdark's enemy first.

Marvin shrugged. "Divide and conquer, storming our way through them."

The Ice Jade palace's structure was very simple. It had two straight ravines, and each side had a Dragon standing guard.

Because of the characteristics of the Ice Jade Palace and its defenses, even Marvin didn't dare guarantee that his Stealth wouldn't be noticed by any Dark Specters.

Since that was the case, instead of hiding, why not killing his way in?

"Kill your way in?" Freyr, the Cleric that had yet to say anything in the discussions, couldn't help but mockingly point out, "That's a Dragon!"

"Do you have another way?" Marvin sneered.

Freyr was at a loss.

He knew nothing about the Ice Jade Palace. The only information about it had come from Marvin, and who knew whether that guy was actually speaking the truth? How could he have another way?!

"Even if these Dark Specters already adapted to the Jade Dragons' bodies, they still aren't natural Dragons. They can't use the magic that Jade Dragons excelled at."

"In a melee battle, I think everyone shouldn't fear them, right?"

Marvin glanced across everyone in the group.

When that statement came out, the rest of them couldn't keep silent.

This was related to their honor as Legends.

"Let's storm them."

"We have to face it anyways. We went through a lot to reach this place, did we just come to look?"

"We'll be attacking for sure, but how do you plan on dividing the groups?"

The last sentence came from the Duergar Sealer.

As a Legend Sealer, his class was quite special. He was actually the weakest in a fight, so this was what he was most concerned about.

"The two of us will form a group," Marvin said, indicating Jessica.

He quite naturally wanted to pair up with just Jessica. If the two of them joined hands, even the Jade Dragon King would easily be dealt with.

But the Fiendish Swordsman didn't let him have his way.

He stiffly added Kui to Marvin and Jessica's group.

He claimed that it would be safer with three people, but that was just a façade. The real purpose was to gain information on them.

But Marvin didn't really care about that.

As long as he could clear out the Jade Dragons in the two ravines and open that copper gate, he was confident that he could eliminate the Final Ghost Mother.

This was Marvin's self-confidence.

Level 4 Ruler of the Night, advanced False Divine Vessel, Fate Power… These extra things gave him power close to that of a Plane Guardian.

With all this, he felt at least 80% sure that he would be able to kill the Final Ghost Mother!

Trudging through the endless snow, the group split in two, entering the two ravines on the sides.

The appearance of a fork showed that Marvin's information was correct thus far.

The Ice Jade Palace only had two paths. Only by killing the Dragons on both sides could they open the copper gate at the end.

As for how many Jade Dragons each side would encounter and which side Dragon King Aiken was on, Marvin didn't know.

To some extent, they would have to rely on luck.

The group of three were heading down their ravine when Kui suddenly asked in a cold voice, "You two, who are you in the end?"

Marvin smiled cryptically. "Is this important?"

"I don't fight alongside people I don't trust," Kui insisted.

"At least we have a common enemy," Marvin assured.

Kui frowned for a moment and suddenly sniffed a few times before she muttered in shock, "Surface people?"

Marvin and Jessica were startled.

While completely flabbergasted, Kui went on, "You have the smell of the surface… Why didn't I notice it before?"

Marvin awkwardly scratched his head.

Their disguises had been created using Fate power.

But Marvin's Fate Power was a bit lacking at the moment, so in order to conserve it, he had silently slightly decreased the stream of Fate Power maintaining his disguise after the group split.

He was careless, and Kui found out.

The Dark Elf suddenly was on guard against them. "What are you planning?"

In the minds of the Underdark's inhabitants, those from the surface were natural enemies!

And now there were two people from the surface beguiling their way into a group of the Underdark's Legends. What were they planning?

The first thought that came in Kui's mind was that the other side was trying to wreak havoc on their operation.

But suddenly, Marvin turned to look into the distance, just before a Dragon's groan echoed down the ice-cold ravine!

Marvin wasn't able to explain much so he only said one sentence: "Can't people from the surface also want to kill the Final Ghost Mother?"

Shortly after, a Jade Dragon appeared out of nowhere, fiercely diving down at them!

Kui clenched her teeth and resisted the urge to attack Marvin.

At that time, Marvin and Jessica took the initiative to attack the Jade Dragon!

Post-Godly Dexterity!

Fate Power!

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