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The Martyr's actions had triggered an unprecedented collapse in the Underdark. Jessica had escaped toward the eastern side of the Great Vortex.

By the time Ding arrived by following her summons and called for Marvin, they were much further away from their destination, the Andes Snow Mountain Range.

But this wasn't a problem now.

After the battle at Black Dragon Wing, Marvin became a level 4 Ruler of the Night and obtained Endless Path, an incredibly powerful long-distance displacement ability.

With the help of the False Divine Vessel, he could reach any shadowy area of Feinan by activating his perfect Shadow Domain.

Bringing two others with him wouldn't be too difficult. At worst, he would just have to use up some Divine Power or Fate Power.

His body now had the Fate Power Imprint, so he didn't need to be as careful about conserving his power.

As his Ruler of the Night class kept leveling up, Marvin would come to truly possess the overpowering abilities of a Ruler of the Night!

[Shadow Domain released!]

[Wisdom ability active!]

Suddenly, Marvin's gaze seemed to pierce directly through all the barriers of the Underdark. In a glance, he saw the frightening darkness in the Eternal Frozen Spring.

But he only took a glance, not wanting to look too much.

The Final Ghost Mother had very keen perception. In any case, Marvin used his powerful consciousness to lock onto his destination and set it as the target for Endless Path.

If he was discovered by the Final Ghost Mother while using the skill, Marvin wouldn't be able to handle her mental attack.

After all, he would be vulnerable at that moment. Even the Wisdom Chapter's runes would be unable to protect him!

Thus, he decided to take care of it quickly, activating Endless Path in an instant and locking onto the mountain pass in front of the Andes Snow Mountains.

That was the only path leading to the Eternal Frozen Spring!

Fate Power surged from his body.

Jessica stared in surprise as Marvin gently held her hand and told her, "Follow me."

Afterwards, he casually grabbed Ding and the three of them suddenly disappeared further into the depths of the Underdark!

In the Underdark's Far West, three silhouettes suddenly staggered in front of a tall snowy mountain.

Marvin was a bit pale. It turned out that taking two people with him while using Endless Path was a bit taxing.

He felt a bit dizzy, and his legs felt a bit weak, almost making him slip on the ground.

Fortunately, Jessica quickly noticed Marvin's situation, and after a slight hesitation, decided not to let go of Marvin's hand. She tightened her grip instead and sent some Fate Power through their Fate Power Imprints.

Fate Power originated from Feinan's Plane Will. As a child of the Plane, his body naturally wouldn't reject Jessica's power.

After a moment, he regained his footing.

"I really didn't expect that it would use so much power…"

Marvin slowly sat on the ground, smiling bitterly.

He began recovering his strength. A Ruler of the Night had strong recuperative abilities.

Controlling Endless Path across such a long distance and with additional passengers was hard the first time. It used too much power.

But thankfully, his aim was accurate, and the three of them appeared where they were supposed to, in the mountain pass through the snowy mountains.

Winds whistled around the summits of the mountains, and they were covered in a thick layer of ice and snow.

Aside from the climate, they could only feel deathly stillness in this place.

There were no traces of life!

These were the frightening surroundings of the Eternal Frozen Spring.

They still had yet to enter the Eternal Frozen Spring, but they could already feel that shockingly low temperature.

It was rumored that the Eternal Frozen Spring originally was a precious treasure of the Elemental Plane of Water. It was unknown how it started flowing and then took root in Feinan. It was later used by the Night Monarch and the others as a container to seal away the Dark Specters.

But based on Marvin's assessment, the core of the Eternal Frozen Spring was definitely the same as the Earth Crystal. It would be enough to establish a powerful Sanctuary.

Otherwise, the Eternal Frozen Spring wouldn't be so powerful.

However, as the seal loosened day by day, the Dark Specters sealed inside started becoming active and gradually grasped the power of the Eternal Frozen Spring.

If the Final Ghost Mother learned to harness the power of the spring, the situation would be very dire.

He thought over these problems for a while, but soon, these worries were thrown to the back of his mind.

Even if it controlled the Eternal Frozen Spring, so what?

He was now a level 4 Ruler of the Night!

With his False Divine Vessel, he had the courage to face any Mid God… or even a High God.

With his Shadow Domain activated, he was almost invincible in Feinan. Even a super powerful Fate Sorceress like Jessica might not be his match now.

Moreover, he still had the natural predator of the Final Ghost Mother in his hands!

Thinking of this, his mind became a lot calmer.

He glanced at Jessica resting on the side.

She had actually been observing Marvin. Although she had been very careful with her actions, her looks still didn't escape Marvin's eyes.

Marvin sighed again, recalling that discussion in the Truth Goddess' Realm.

His mood was a bit heavy.

He knew that Jessica was curious about what he had encountered but that she didn't want to ask Marvin if he wasn't willing to tell her on his own initiative.

And Marvin wasn't ready to tell Jessica about everything that had happened.

He thought for a bit and then began recounting what had happened in Black Dragon Wing.

Manipulating the Crypt Monster to destroy Black Dragon Wing, killing Glynos with the help of the Goddess of Truth… These matters couldn't be hidden for long anyways, and there was no point in hiding them.

As for that secret discussion with the Goddess of Truth... he chose to keep it to himself for now.

He knew that anyone who heard about those things would suffer a big blow.

He didn't want these girls to have to suffer such distress. The feeling of being toyed with by fate was something hard to accept for people that always strove to do their best.

Especially Jessica and Eve, these girls with unyielding temper.

"I never would have thought that you went through so much in a matter of minutes."

Jessica was in disbelief after hearing Marvin's story. "You even have some sort of friendship with the Goddess of Truth?"

As an answer, Marvin just smiled.

He originally only went to the Crimson Wasteland to get some Origin Leaves and earn some profits, but he never expected that he would meet and then befriend the Truth Goddess.

And from another point of view, if Marvin hadn't gone to the Crimson Wasteland, the Truth Goddess might have continued her cycle of dying and reincarnating.

The Truth Goddess' resurrection truly was related to Marvin.

The two could be considered to have a close friendship. Moreover, the sincerity that she had displayed during the discussion in the Truth God Realm showed that she thought highly of him.

Marvin was moved by this kind of trust.

As he thought of this, Marvin suddenly asked, "If… I mean hypothetically, if Rocky Mountain meets another wave of trouble after the Final Ghost Mother is dealt with, what would you do?"

"You should know that for many people, your identity is an issue."

Marvin could only presume that the next event would follow soon after.

He wanted to know how Jessica would face it.

The pretty girl simply sat there, her expression not changing a bit after hearing Marvin's words. She simply answered, "Come one, kill one."

"Nothing else."

"This is my fate."

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