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A game?

Marvin would never have thought that Feinan's God of Creation and Feinan's Plane Will were having some sort of hidden battle.

The Truth Goddess' words undoubtedly opened a new door for him, opening his eyes to let him glance at the battle at the top.

That's right, this was a game.

Based the Truth Goddess' deduction, the missing Lance actually hadn't left this world.

He should still be hiding somewhere, observing all the changes and events that took place, and secretly giving a little nudge when he felt it necessary.

The Great Calamity had been pushed ahead by Lance himself. The Lance in Marvin's dream seemed to have admitted to it.

This information made Marvin's reverence for the God of Creation drop by quite a bit.

So in order to get away from this world, he was willing to cause the deaths of all of those living in Feinan?

That kind of God... even if he once created this world, even if he once carried great reverence and respect, was he still worthy of Feinan's respect and reverence now?

Marvin didn't doubt the words of the Truth Goddess.

As the wielder of Truth, she couldn't and also didn't need to lie about such things.

And what kinds of benefits would she gain from lying to Marvin?

Anyways, that game should have been ongoing for a very long time.

The Ancient Gods had fallen due to Lance slowly moving his plans forward, and the 3rd Era was the most important node.

The Truth Goddess inferred from a Divination that Lance's closest partner, Eternal Time Dragon Bacon, disappeared in the 3rd Era.

She keenly noticed that there were many anomalies in that time period.

Although these anomalies were seamlessly connected, to a God of her level, they were very obvious.

In other words, time had been tampered with many times starting from the 3rd Era.

In the entire Universe, only Lance could do this with the help of Bacon!

"What do you mean, it happened countless times after that era?"

Marvin was dumbstruck. Somehow, he did not want to believe the conclusions drawn by the Truth Goddess, despite instinctively feeling that they were correct.

"I wouldn't go so far as to say countless, but this definitely wasn't the first time the Universe Magic Pool shattered."

The Truth Goddess looked at back at Marvin and muttered, "Although this is only my deduction, my intuition tells me that I'm not wrong."

Marvin remained silent.

He felt like his head was about to explode.

The Truth Goddess' words completely toppled his worldview. She was telling him that the source of all this disaster, this world's bringer of chaos, the final Boss behind the scenes... it was all actually the one who led him to this world, the one who gave him hope and rebirth, Lance!

At this moment, it seemed to him that he had been manipulated like a chess piece.

He didn't like this feeling at all.

He thought for a bit, before finally nodding. "Your deduction isn't wrong. I already witnessed one shattering of the Universe Magic Pool."

Marvin's words naturally referred to the game, Feinan Continent, from back on Earth!

The game in his previous life had seemed so real, how could it be just a game?

In the game, the players entered Feinan half a year after the Great Calamity. The Gods entered Feinan and fought over its territories, while the players fought for the freedom of mankind.

It could be assumed that the anomalies were due to Lance's attempt to destroy the world.

Although the Universe Magic Pool was shattered, Lance must have failed.

No, he definitely failed, or else Marvin wouldn't have transmigrated!

"As expected."

The Truth Goddess shook her head silently, looking at Marvin with an extremely complicated expression. "In fact, I should kill you."

Marvin was startled.

Even if there was no killing intent in the Truth Goddess' voice, that sentence seemed completely natural coming out of her mouth.

However, he soon relaxed.

"But I won't do that." Molly massaged her temples as she continued, "You are the one Lance chose, but you aren't Lance. It would be meaningless for you to be punished on his behalf. On the contrary, your actions seem very different from Lance's expectations."

"Although I don't know what he is scheming, he definitely wants to destroy this world by introducing this new variable, you."

"But I can see from your eyes that you definitely will not do that… Lance… What are you trying to do?"

There was a bit of confusion in the Truth Goddess' eyes.

It was worse for Marvin. What he learnt today was related to the Universe's deepest secret.

He was just a small Ruler of the Night, he simply couldn't get involved in this.

But he was inextricably linked with all parties of that terrifying game!

From what the Truth Goddess said, the two opposing sides of the game were Feinan's Plane Will and Lance, Feinan's God of Creation.

Lance wanted to destroy this world, and Feinan's Plane Will obviously wouldn't agree.

In fact, as the core of the universe, as the Prime Material Plane, Feinan was the original source of all the planes, including Hell, the Abyss, the Astral Sea, the Negative Energy Plane, the Underworld, as well as a large number of Secondary Planes.

Feinan's Will was the Universe's Will.

For some reason, Lance couldn't directly destroy this world on his own, and thus, he could only foster his own power, targeting the order of the Universe.

The Universe Magic Pool was, in fact, not created by Lance to protect the world as was ubiquitously believe.

On the contrary, it had been a cage designed to sever the connection between the Prime Material Plane and the other planes in order to slow down the Plane Will's growth.

And the reason he decided to break that cage now was that he felt that the best opportunity had come.

How would one destroy a Universe?

He believed that sinking the Universe into endless chaos was the most dependable way.

The established Universe Magic Pool had absorbed a great amount of Chaos Magic.

This time bomb gathered it continuously for more than a millennium and had enough Chaos Magic Power to plunge Feinan into a state of pandemonium.

So time was up.

When the Prime Material Plane sank into chaos, the rest of the planes would definitely grow restless.

Hell and the Abyss bore the brunt of it, and the Negative Energy Plane naturally wouldn't be far behind. Moreover, there were the Wilds outside the places protected by the power of Order, the Beasts that had been suppressed. All of that was enough to have Feinan's inhabitants massacre each other and destroy that world!

This was Lance plan!

Feinan's Plane Will wouldn't just sit still as it all happened.

It started sensing the dangerous thoughts of the Creation God a while ago.

It began looking for some guardians.

And the first Guardians of Feinan… were the Anzed Witches.

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