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Divine Aura!

Marvin shivered.

That voice sounded so familiar.

His thoughts raced as he tried to remember who its owner was, before a shadow appeared before him!


The Shadow Prince.

He hadn't died!

The huge crack above Black Dragon Wing had yet to close, and a shadow slowly came out from it.

Somehow, it was obvious that his face was filled with hatred, despite the fact that shadows and darkness were covering his expression.

The Shadow Prince had descended in his true body!

Black Dragon Wing was different from Arborea. The Black Dragon God had gone through great effort to strengthen the plane and ensure that it could accommodate powerful beings like Legends. The Crypt Monster, a descendant of an Ancient Evil God, had already been pushing the plane to its limits, but the added pressure from a True God also entering was unbearable.

Even the Black Dragon God himself protected that world very carefully, afraid that the presence of his own body could damage its foundations.

But in the end, the Shadow Prince had stormed in recklessly.

The Black Dragon God felt a burst of pain in his mind.

A third of Black Dragon Wing instantly collapsed!

The large area of space around him distorted and was pulled in by a black hole that formed below the Shadow Prince's body.

The Crypt Monster roared angrily. In its eyes, the Shadow Prince was yet another person looking for trouble.

Marvin felt that things were far from good at this point.

He'd already had a feeling that it was the case, but the Shadow Prince really didn't die.

But he couldn't understand how Glynos had recovered from the setback so quickly.

And he could never have expected that this guy would suddenly appear in Black Dragon Wing!

Things became complicated once more.

The Shadow Prince was only a Low God before... but this time, he looked different for some reason.

'I guess I'll see how it goes. He might not be able to find my hiding place.'

Although the appearance of a previously defeated enemy shocked Marvin, he didn't let it disturb his plans.

He remained hidden and calmly watched things unfold.

"I know you are there!"

"Ever since you ruined my world, I always felt your existence!"

Glynos glared hatefully at the Crypt Monster. "You won't be able to escape today. You'll be buried together with this world!"

Marvin remained silent, but the Crypt Monster still let out a howl and rushed over to kill Glynos.

Marvin didn't feel good about the odds. The Crypt Monster was definitely powerful, but Marvin had a feeling that it wouldn't be able to beat the current Glynos, especially after the damage it took from the flames.

Even if it went all-out, it would most likely be killed by Glynos.

By now, the Self-Immolation Fire had finally exhausted its energy, and the effects of his Magic Addict Shape had ended.

In a few seconds, his Magic Egg body transformed back into a Human body.

Marvin stretched and instinctively looked at his interface.

'Those Comprehension Points?!'

'I got so much?!'

This was such a happy side effect that for a moment, Marvin even got lax about keeping himself alert!

An astonishing number of Comprehension Points suddenly appeared on his interface.

And he even obtained a point of Divine Source!

Marvin noticed that this point of Divine Source had come from the Black Dragon God.

'If that Divine Source point came from the Black Dragon God, then did those Comprehension Points come from this world?'

Marvin was overjoyed.

Sure enough, one is bound for good fortune after a disaster.

After the issues with the Martyr and the Crypt Monster, Marvin finally had gained some profits from all this!

He already had a faint guess as to where it was coming from.

That Divine Source point and those Comprehension points might have come from all the dying followers in this world!

Marvin's body had been crazily pulling in and absorbing all the energy around it while in the Magic Addict Shape. Chaos Magic Power was only one kind among all of the different types of power.

Although those people were killed by the Crypt Monster, Marvin was the one who benefited, thanks to his Magid Addict Shape and all the essences released from the massacre!

Just from that, he got enough Comprehension Points to level his Ruler of the Night class to level 3!

And he didn't hesitate to do so.

Power filled his entire body once again.

With this level up, his Legendary specialties would definitely get hidden improvements once again.

This growth couldn't be represented on the interface, but it was really important in actual combat.

And with the 3rd level of the Ruler of the Night, Marvin also unlocked his third Legendary ability, [Endless Path]!

He chose this skill after careful deliberation. As a Legend rogue, he had many different short-distance displacement abilities.

But it was far from enough when he needed to cover very long distances quickly.

And among all the abilities of the Ruler of the Night, Marvin felt that Endless Path was the one that could satisfy his needs the best.

Endless Path's activation would consume a lot of his stamina, but it would save a lot of time.

He would be able to travel 500 kilometers in a flash. But this ability didn't work by teleporting him across that distance. It would greatly compress the distance and then blitz him across it while consuming some two to three times the stamina it would usually take to travel through it as fast as he could.

With these usage conditions, Endless Path admittedly was a bit demanding, but Marvin felt that it was worth it.

He not only had his normal stamina, but he also had Divine Power and Fate Power!

These powers were very pure, and it should be possible to use them to activate Endless Path.

After getting everything in order, he immediately decided to leave the Crypt Monster's body.

There was no Divine Fire to stop him anymore, and he didn't want to accompany the Crypt Monster to its death!

He would remain hidden and see how the fight between the Crypt Monster and Glynos went before deciding what he should do.

Activating his new ability, Endless Path, Marvin quietly left the Crypt Monster's body and reached the depths of the central mountain of Black Dragon Wing.

There was something similar to a throbbing heart inside.

Marvin knew that this was the Faith Pool that gathered the Faith from the all the followers in the entire plane.

He glanced into the distance to make sure that Glynos was still preoccupied with fighting the Crypt Monster.

About half the plane had collapsed by now, while the two of them fought furiously, apparently unconcerned with the collateral destruction!

Nobody was left to guard the Faith Pool, and Marvin easily sneaked in.

'Such big rewards!'

Marvin was delighted.

The Faith Pool was used to store unused and unrefined Faith Power.

Not only did the stockpile contain the Faith Power collected from all the believers, but due to the fact that he was the one who interacted with it the most, it also had some of the Black Dragon God's purest Divine Source!

Marvin rushed straight in.

Sodom's Blades cut open the "heart"!

The entire plane shook.

And then, a golden liquid flew out.

Advanced False Divine Vessel!

Marvin immediately activated his advanced False Divine Vessel and began to frantically absorb and plunder as fast as he could, trying not to let any of it go to waste!

And far away in the depths of the Universe, the Black Dragon God looked like he was about to have a breakdown!

All the Faith Power that he had painstakingly collected from that plane was actually being openly consumed by Marvin?

And he couldn't even resist!

'Is there still any justice in this world?!'

'I'm a God!!!'

The Black Dragon God was on the verge of nervous collapse!

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