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The Crypt Monster!

With the thunderous rumbles caused by the flames and explosions, that slumbering monster finally awakened.

It had countless frightening pairs of eyes that could emit powerful and destructive rays.

Flames, acid, disintegration, ice… Rays of all attributes, so that it could adapt to any situation.

If this kind of monster appeared in a Human city, the city would definitely be destroyed.

Under normal circumstances, a large team of Legend Wizards would be needed to deal with such a frightening monster, and that was if they made proper preparations.

Although Marvin and Jessica were powerful, if they really fought the Crypt Monster head-on, it would have been quite difficult to prevail over such a foe.

If not for that Martyr's appearance, Marvin would have spent some time to make ample preparations before fighting that slumbering monster.

But there wasn't enough time now.

The Divine Fire was already burning.

He had been forced into a dead end. He could only desperately struggle.

'Black Dragon God's Martyr, those are flames from the 3rd Fate Tablet.'

'As a descendant of an Ancient Evil God, the Crypt Monster has a natural hatred for flames like these… This is the only way.'

Marvin had thought up an idea after telling Jessica to leave.

He then hurriedly drew out some Divine Power from the advanced False Divine Vessel.

The Shadow Domain covered the entire space, completely shrouding the Crypt Monster, which was still half stuck in the ice.

Marvin instantly disappeared in the darkness.

"The Self-Immolation Fire already locked onto its target."

"And now there's the Crypt Monster on top of that."

"This time, he will definitely die."

In the sky, even though another battle was imminent, the Black Dragon God still checked on the situation below once more.

Only when he noticed that Marvin was facing a desperate situation did he focus back on the Astral Beast.

That Goddess called Emile was still standing at his side. She had drifted apart from most of the rest of the Gods over time. Most referred to her by her previous name: The Queen of Spiders.

The Black Dragon God and the Queen of Spiders were the Underdark's main Gods. Most of the Underdark Races believed in one or the other, or perhaps even both. Before the Great Calamity, they had made great progress spreading their influence throughout the Underdark.

It was said that the two were originally competitive with each other, but they were now standing together harmoniously, while still maintaining the past facade when around other Gods.

But no one noticed their abnormal behavior at the moment.

After the Universe Magic Pool shattered, a frightening spatial distortion was created. The shattering of the pool caused the space around Feinan to weaken, and if any God approached that space before it stabilized, it might lead to the collapse of Feinan!

They wanted to set up a new order, not to destroy that world.

At the call of the Three Great Gods, they all urgently convened a Gods' Assembly.

This time, the New Gods weren't the only one in attendance. Most of the Ancient Gods were there too!

Because the gathering was not only about how Feinan would be handled now that the Universe Magic Pool had been destroyed. The first priority was the safety of the plane.

An Astral Beast had been roused by the shockwave from the collapse of the Universe Magic Pool, and it was now eyeing that fertile territory.

It viewed Feinan was a delicacy.

As the Prime Material Plane, Feinan's importance was unquestionable. If Feinan was eaten by that Astral Beast, all the Secondary Planes would also face the risk of collapse.

They understood where their interests lay. That Astral Beast came from the Void, and it was most likely one of the hegemons of the Universe, able to move unhindered.

This was practically the most dangerous situations possible.

If they couldn't find a way to hide the plane from that beast or drive it away, then the entire world might be swallowed by that Astral Beast.

Even Moon Goddess Faniya, who always refused to participate in these kinds of matters, was present. It could be seen how grave the circumstances were.

Among the Ancient Gods, only two didn't appear.

The first was the recently resurrected Goddess of Truth.

There was no doubt about the resurrection of the Goddess of Truth because it had been sensed by all the powerhouses of the Universe, taking place in the Crimson Wasteland. But that Goddess' level of strength was a mystery. Few of the current Gods had ever interacted with her, and in the eyes of the others, almost everything about her was an enigma. It didn't seem to strange that she decided not to come.

But the Gods were actually puzzled about the other Ancient God that didn't attend.

Although the Ancient Nature God had fallen into a deep slumber, the threat of an Astral Beast from the Void should definitely have woken up that God who had always taken it upon himself to protect Feinan.

Since he didn't show up despite Feinan's dire situation, they all had the same conjecture... The Ancient Nature God might have already fallen?

The subject of the Gods' Assembly was very simple: How would they handle this approaching Astral Beast?

They discussed ideas very efficiently. Moon Goddess Faniya took out an Artifact that had been left behind by the Wizard God, and after checking its effects and comparing them to those of other Artifacts, the Gods unanimously agreed with Faniya's proposal.

That Artifact should be able to kill the monster coming from the Void, but it would require all the Gods there to work together.

But before doing that, the Gods scattered and lay low in the area around Feinan, which is to say, in the outer area of the former Universe Magic Pool. They waited calmly for the optimal timing to act.

They didn't want to put the enemy on alert. If they alarmed the Astral Beast before setting the plan in motion, there would be almost no hope.

Thus, despite many Gods having their own thoughts about the rest, they put all their problems aside to take down this all-encompassing threat.

Even Hell and the Abyss, which were always at odds with the Gods, knew not to act out. Although it would be too difficult for them to ever coordinate with the Gods, they promised not to take advantage of the situation to cause trouble.

"Truly boring… Do you think that monster has its own thoughts? Or is it only instinct?"

The Black Dragon God looked dully at the edge of the Void. The large monster was unhurriedly moving closer to Feinan.

It seemed very slow and rather clumsy, but that aura of danger wasn't fake.

This definitely was an Astral Beast that could destroy an entire Universe.

The Queen of Spiders sneered, "It only moves on instinct, yet it can swallow a Universe. Even though it is very clumsy, aren't we even more lamentable?"

The Black Dragon God remained silent.

The so-called Gods also had griefs that mortals didn't know.

The more powerful one was, the smaller one felt.

Because the world really was too big. People didn't know that this entire vast world was just a grain of sand in the eyes of the most powerful ones.

As the Black Dragon God kept his attention focused on the Astral Beast, his heart slowly tightened!

It felt as if someone had used a dagger to stab him.

'How could it be…'

A fierce scene suddenly appeared in his eyes.

He stood there, stunned.

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