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His smile was a bit strange, and Marvin felt deep coldness behind him!

He immediately turned around, only to see an extremely terrifying claw, slowly melting from the glacier!

In the endless cold darkness, some windy sounds could be heard.

But Marvin knew that they didn't come from the wind.

That was the Crypt Monster breathing!


Marvin looked at that man, annoyed.

The Eternal Frozen Spring's bursting was far out of his expectations, according to the current circumstances, the Crypt Monster should be slumbering in ice!

If not for that man, Marvin and Jessica would have easily went through the territory of the Crypt Monster.

He shouldn't be able to wake up from the ice without external help.

But now, that claw had already melted from the glacier.

The glacier's melting speed had sped up!

The Crypt Monster could awaken anytime.

"I don't care who you are."

"Since the Black Dragon God sent you to stop me, you should die."

Marvin's voice was very cold, the Cloud Monk's fall made him very gloomy.

His mind was filled with killing intent.

His sentence didn't even end before he burst out with power, going at an extreme speed!

The Sodom Blades answered to his murderous killing intent and cooperated with him like never before.

He only felt as if that pair of daggers had turned into a part of his body!


Under the shadows of the blade light, the other side simply couldn't retaliate, he had been cut into pieces by Marvin.

The strange thing was that no blood flew from his body.

His head had already been cut into halves by Marvin, but under the effect of a mysterious power, it slowly healed.

His face was twisted, but still with a strange smile, "I'm not afraid of death."

"Or maybe, I already died at birth."

Marvin froze.

This guy seemed familiar.

A name suddenly flashed in his mind!


Marvin looked at the other side in disbelief.

The latter's body pieces were gluing to each other under the effect of a powerful power.

Marvin even saw his Divine Source!

But the other side didn't seem to care about its body, letting those parts messily piece themselves together.

That guy looked like a doll that could be assemble and disassembled at wish!

Ugly, but carrying a power that gave palpitation.

A solemn look appeared on Marvin's face.

"You are knowledgeable."

That man said with a smile still plastered on his face, "In this case, my death isn't unfortunate, you are worth the price of my life."

It was really a Martyr.

Marvin tightly held the Sodom Blades, there was no apparent change, but he quietly moved back a few steps.

"Don't appear!"

Marvin warned Jessica.

After he obtained Fate Sorcerer's abilities, he could use Fate Power to communicate with Jessica temporarily. He wasn't very used to this, and it used a great amount of Fate Power, thus he didn't use it during this trip until now.

But it was very crucial now.

"This is a Martyr… These kind of people are usually lunatic…"

Marvin quickly said, "I don't know what he wants to do, if he wanted to wake the Crypt Monster, he would have already done it."

"The situation is weird. I can handle it, keep your distances for now…"

Jessica didn't even have time to answer before that Martyr already said while laughing, "Warning your companion? That beautiful lady?"


"You must be very curious about what I planned, but it's not as complicated as you think."

"My only mission is to be buried in the darkness with you."

"Fate Sorceress and Ruler of the Night are very troublesome… But you are still humans."

"This is the Underdark, there is no other entrance, I'm curious, what can you do if this space collapse?"

After saying this, the Martyr had a psychotic laughter.

Marvin's heart's tightened before saying, "You can't do that! Even the Crypt Monster can't."

'How could the Underdark collapse so easily?'

'Let alone here, the Deep River. This is the bottom of the plane. Because of the crystal walls, this space had always been very stable.'

Even if he collapsed an area, with the Fate Sorceress and Ruler of the Night's abilities, he should still be able to leave.

But for some reason, he had a worrying feeling he couldn't get rid of!


Marvin clenched his teeth and slashed down!

The Sodom Blades burst out with powerful firepower, but the other side didn't even defend himself, in fact, he just let Marvin cut him.

Marvin's blades were as fast as lightning, in a few seconds, all the flesh had been cut out, the bones were sticking out, even the weird smile on the Martyr's face was cut into pieces!

But he still didn't die!

Divine Servants usually had very frightening rebirth abilities!

When Marvin attacked Dark Phoenix, he killed her a least thirty times. This Martyr wouldn't be so ridiculous, but he might need to be killed over twenty times!

The number wasn't an issue. Marvin had experience killing Gods, he knew how to handle this kind of enemy.

The issue lay in the other side not retaliating!

'What is he thinking in the end?'

Marvin was getting more and more confused, but the only thing he knew was that he had to keep Jessica away.

Regardless what that Martyr had planned, they couldn't both fall into the trap.


A sharp noise echoed from the side as a block of ice collapsed, exposing a claw piercing through the river!

At the same time, the Sodom Blades pierced the Martyr's Divine Source.

At that time, the Martyr let out a shout!

Golden light burst out.

His body instantly recombined. He expression looked fanatical under the light.

Marvin showed no quarter as he was about to keep destroying the Martyr's restructuring body.

But at that time, he suddenly found out that a golden thread was linking him and the Martyr's Divine Source.

The latter looked at Marvin with a pitiful expression, "Enjoy God's judgement… You will feel the pain."

"I'll take the first step, don't worry, you'll soon follow me."

Then, his Divine Source started igniting.

Terrifying Divine Fire came out of nowhere and burnt his body into ashes!


The burning Martyr was like a bomb, exploding there!

A fierce pain filled every corner of Marvin's body, his consciousness and the space around started to blur.

The solid rock wall above his head began disintegrating, slowly falling down, and he could faintly hear the roar of a large creature.

The most terrifying was that Marvin saw the explosion's flames follow the golden thread and spread towards his own body!

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