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Jessica's attack was extremely fierce. Just as that shadow appeared, she was already slashing down viciously with her right hand shaped into a karate chop!

But the shadow suddenly turned its head behind its back.

Marvin's head tingled. This was a faceless person!

Jessica remained unmoved, continuing her attacks. With the support of her Fate Power, her attack speed was extremely high!

That strange person simply couldn't escape the onslaught of attacks from the Fate Sorceress!


On the ice-cold water, the sturdy boat and the strange person were cut into pieces by the torrent of Fate Power.

Waves formed on the river from the soundwave, and a low cry could faintly be heard in the darkness.

As Jessica and Marvin watched in surprise, the shadow suddenly turned into a multitude of droplets.

Each water drop turned into a silver fish, and they all fell into the water one after the other, swimming toward the depths of the Deep River!

This time, it was Jessica's turn to be stunned.

Although she had been able to the lifeform underneath, she didn't think it would bring about such a strange scene.

This was the first time her Fate Power didn't kill her enemy despite landing such a clean hit!

Her eyes were instantly glued to those fish.

"Not a monster! It's a person."

But while Jessica was hesitating, Marvin reacted.

This was a kind of Divine Spell. It had originated from a God making their own version of Major Shapechanging. Later on, because the effect was too outstanding, many Gods started copying it.

This person was at least at the level of a Divine Servant.

Marvin fiercely jumped out from the darkness, and after somersaulting in the air, a Royal Griffin appeared above the Deep River!

The aura of this powerful Legendary creature blanketed the area.

The Royal Griffin's appearance lit the surrounding waters. Those silver fish had no place to hide now!

Marvin shrieked as he dove for the water's surface, ignoring the other twitchy fish and directly pounced on one of them!


The surface of the water was torn open.

The Royal Griffin's sharp claws grabbed an ice-cold silver fish. It didn't seem any different from the other fish.

But Marvin could see that this was the core of the enemy!

Royal Griffins had extremely powerful eyesight, able to see through many disguises and transformations. Although those clones seemed perfectly identical, it was still inferior to a cheat-level skill like Origami. Marvin only glanced at them and the Doppelgangers became like air to him.

He grabbed that silver fish tightly, but who would have thought that the fish would explode on its own!


Marvin felt a fierce pain in his claws and was almost unable to maintain his form!


Jessica arrived in a flash to help, and Marvin took advantage of that to recover his Human shape.

Jessica grabbed him out of the air.

The two of them looked coldly at the river's surface, but now, the Deep River was quiet once again.

Those silver fish didn't seem ordinary.

His enemy apparently had already fled.

Marvin's legs were still hurting. There were few things in the world that could harm a Legend's body.

"Even the main body was a Doppelganger."

Marvin seemed quite irritated.

Jessica nodded seriously.

Those other silver fish were certainly clones of the main body, but when Marvin grabbed the supposed core, it turned out to be yet another clone.

The real enemy might actually be far away.

This Doppelganger was most likely a [gift] left for them by the enemy!

It was even more probable that the enemy was probing him.

Marvin solemnly remarked, "This was a Divine Spell. That person is at least on the level of Divine Servants."

Jessica nodded as she agreed, "I know, but I can't discern anything, I have no idea where they went."

They checked their surroundings once more, and after making sure that there was truly nothing there, they could only forge ahead.

However, Marvin was already thinking about this mysterious enemy's identity.

'Strange long limbs… Black shadow… Sticking to the boat…'

Twisting pictures appeared before his eyes.

Suddenly, a scene appeared before his eyes.

Black Dragon Clarke was leading the attack on Hope City, while a black-clothed Apostle chanted a spell.


Marvin suddenly remembered her name!

"The Black Dragon God…" Marvin mumbled.

Jessica froze. "The Black Dragon God? Are you sure?"

Marvin pointed at his head, muttering, "Wisdom."

He knew this was only based on intuition and was guess, or perhaps a prediction.

But he chose to believe in his intuition and trust the ability Lorie had given him.

Noticeable surprise appeared in Jessica's eyes. "You can use the power of Wisdom?"

Marvin nodded.

Jessica opened her eyes wide, not saying anything.

Inwardly, she was very shocked!

'Marvin was actually able to master Wisdom?'

Learning the abilities of a Fate Sorceress was no mean feat. Normally, even if someone received Lorie's Fate Power, they would only get some passive effects and the Fate Power's most basic abilities.

An advanced power like Wisdom, how could it manifest in an ordinary person's body?

'If he is telling the truth…'

Jessica looked at Marvin with an increasingly intense stare.

"Oh, right."

Marvin suddenly spoke again. "What you just said to me, it was to make the enemy negligent?"

Marvin was referring to their conversation just before the fighting broke out.

He had been baffled just now. Why would Jessica suddenly start talking about her past? But now that he thought about it, she might have been intentionally trying to create an atmosphere that would grab the attention of the hiding enemy.

What she said before had probably been fabricated.

Jessica clearly told Marvin, "It was in order to trick the enemy."

"But… Those were also facts."

Marvin suddenly felt a chill. He looked Jessica up and down grimly.

Jessica was still calm and collected, not what one would expect of a person who had just admitted to killing her parents.

Marvin probingly asked, "Why?"

Jessica's eyes glistened as many indescribable emotions flashed past. "Want to know?"


"Help me kill that monster in the Eternal Frozen Spring, and I'll let you know."


Marvin remained silent.

Why did Jessica want to keep the suspense?

He thought Jessica was always very straightforward, and that she wouldn't have minded just telling the story.

But it's not like he was dissatisfied.

Now wasn't really the time to listen to a story.

Danger lurked everywhere in the Deep River. They had just been attacked, so they needed to remain alert in case that unknown enemy showed up again.

'The Black Dragon God's Divine Servant…'

'Looks like the Black Dragon God infiltrated the Underdark deeper than I thought.'

'Moveover, there is only one other person who knows about this operation…'

Marvin's face turned cold.

'Dark Elf Raven!'

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