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The book Marvin handed Jessica was naturally the one about Ghost Barriers that he got from the Snake Witch's library.

That kind of book can only be read by a caster with a large amount of spiritual power.

This ancient book had far more demanding reading conditions than ordinary spell books. It required a high Appraisal skill and proficiency in Ancient Common.

But Jessica was no ordinary caster.

Although she wasn't a Legend Wizard, the kind of caster that the spell was intended for, the Fate Sorceress Halo was too powerful.

In all of Feinan, Fate Power was above everything else. As long as it was a spell book for any sort of caster, she would be able to use it.

Otherwise, Marvin might not have bothered trying to get the book.

Jessica had a serious expression on her face when Marvin handed it to her.

She flipped through the pages and then looked at Marvin strangely. "Where did you find this thing?"

Marvin shrugged noncommittally and didn't explain much. He knew that Jessica wasn't the type of person that would keep pressing if he didn't want to answer, so he didn't need to tell her everything.

Sometimes, it was better to keep a touch of mysteriousness, even if the other person was an ally.

Jessica threw a rare dainty glance at him before starting to study the ancient book.

Marvin spent the next two days resting in the Ruby Stronghold.

Although the Dark Specters were still spreading rabidly, the Rosen Strongholds were temporarily secure because of the good location and the strict supervision.

He moved as little as possible and took some recovery potions, mainly to recover from the Bone Breaking Screech.

After those two days, the remaining effects of the Bone Breaking Screech on his body had mostly disappeared.

Right now, Marvin felt really relaxed.

If that spell had left side effects behind, it would have been terrible.

And after Marvin finished recuperating, the powerful Fate Sorceress declared that she had successfully deciphered the perfect form of the Ghost Barrier. Marvin was very curious, so both of them left the Rosen Strongholds and headed for the hostile western area.

Two shadows casually walked through a dark cave.

A cold wind blew over from the west, coming from the Eternal Frozen Spring.

The coldness was spreading, but what scared the Underdark Races wasn't the temperature change, but rather, the spread of the Dark Specters!

By now, there was no one left alive in the area west of the Great Vortex!

It already turned into a paradise for the Dark Specters.

Jessica had also obtained information from Hope City. Kate was facing more pressure now. The most terrible part was that the monsters possessed by the Dark Specters had started spreading toward the east!

Perhaps a Ghost Mother had noticed that Hope City wasn't an easy target and eventually decided to circumvent it and leave for other parts of Feinan.

They had even started fighting with the Wizard Monsters.

They didn't know whether it was luck or misfortune, but according to Hope City's caster research group, the Dark Specters were unable to possess Wizard Monsters!

There were very few Humans still wandering in the western part of the Saint Desert. Most of them had died or become Wizard Monsters that just roamed around aimlessly, so the Dark Specters didn't make much progress through the area yet.

They were blocked in between Rocky Mountain and the Sage Desert.

But Marvin knew that this wouldn't last long.

This wasn't the main force of the Dark Specters. It was at most one Ghost Mother that was leading the Specters that were heading east.

Their current main goal was still to take over the Great Vortex and add those in the Rosen Strongholds into their ranks. Then, they could gather up all their strength to attack the surface.

This would be a long process, but the rate at which the Dark Specters would grow was enough to terrify anyone.

Marvin knew very clearly that if he couldn't prevent this, even though White River Valley was far away to the east, they would also be unable to avoid this calamity.

Even if he couldn't kill the Final Ghost Mother, sealing her again in the Eternal Frozen Spring would be good enough.

But they had to take this step by step.

Raven had just gained control of the Ruby Stronghold, and thanks to Jessica's outstanding performance, no one there would dare to rebel.

She started trying to get in contact with the higher-ups of the Rosen Strongholds, and she apparently obtained a seat at the Underdark United Council as a secondary member.

The Underdark United Council was the highest authority ruling over the Rosen Strongholds. They consisted of seven top members and fourteen secondary members, for a total of 21 seats.

The seven top members had the highest authority. These seats were split between the three biggest strongholds of the Rosen Strongholds, and one seat was kept for a Legend among the Underdark Races.

As for the fourteen secondary members, there were many among them that had influence among the three biggest strongholds.

In ordinary circumstances, Raven wouldn't have been able to obtain a seat as a secondary member. But in a recent battle, a stronghold's forces had been completely overrun and exterminated by the Dark Specters. And although they gave it their all and managed to annihilate the Dark Specters too, the stronghold was left barren.

A secondary seat became empty.

The upper echelons fought fiercely over who should get the seat, but decided to give a chance to the Ruby Stronghold. After Raven united the Ruby Stronghold's forces with Jessica's help, Raven had two groups of people under her. Whether it was the Underdark Humans who just acknowledged her or her group of Drows, they were both prominent forces in the Underdark.

It was under such circumstances that she had gotten the opportunity to become a member of the council.

After hearing about the Underdark United Council's actions for the past few days, she understood that the plan to send Legends to the Eternal Frozen Spring was already in motion, and since Marvin was ready, she helped accelerate the operation.

"A truly disgusting lifeform."

Not far away, a withered Duergar staggered closer.

Jessica's face could hardly conceal her loathing.

She disliked the Underdark Races, but she still acknowledged their right to live.

But the monstrous Dark Specters were the enemies of all life.

This kind of locust-like monster caused fear and anger.

She unhesitantly cast the Ghost Barrier that she had just mastered at that Duergar!

In an instant, a bright blue light filled the entire area.

Bathed by the rays of the bright blue light, the Duergar started shivering. His withered skin began squirming before some paste-like worms crawled out of his body!

That sinister sight was too frightening.

But once these worms left the host, they lost their resistance to the blue light and quickly melted into pus.

It smelled terrible.

"Seems like it's pretty decent." Jessica turned and asked Marvin, "Do you plan to learn it?"

Marvin froze. "I can also learn it?"

Jessica seemed annoyed at his answer and coldly said, "You have Fate Power, so of course you can learn it!"

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