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Marvin didn’t answer. He simply went to the plague envoy’s body, gently and cautiously groping the corpse for a moment.

Gordian frowned, obviously annoyed at Marvin’s action.

But since the plague envoy was indeed Marvin’s kill, it was logical that he would look for loot.

Marvin didn’t get a lot of things, just a pouch containing a few wizard gold coins, followed by three powered magic staves.

These were the lowest level of powered magic staves, yet they were still very expensive. Two of them had already been used, but they could still be used again once charged.

The three magic staves all had a 1st-circle spell attached. After examining the runes for a bit, Marvin found that the usable magic staff had a [Freezing Rain] spell attached to it.

A very average Area of Effect (AOE) spell, it would actually be quite useful to scare away large groups of gnolls.

Marvin didn’t dare to take the rest of the stuff.

The plague envoy was a plague god follower. It would be quite sad if he took something he shouldn’t and attracted the plague god’s attention as a result.

Marvin stood up once he was done sorting the loot.

"The words of a shadow spider hitman, do you believe him?"

Gordian took a deep look at Marvin.

Even though his battle with the dark murderer was fierce, he still managed to see Marvin’s astonishing skill.

This was definitely not an ordinary guy. As for famous dagger wielders in River Shore City these days… It seems that there was only Masked Twin Blades.

But he merely shook his head, leaning to the side.

Marvin calmly left.

The Silver Light Knight originally came to arrest or kill the plague envoy. Since he got what he came for, he would naturally not look for additional trouble.

Even if that guy was really Masked Twin Blades… He did save his life. If it wasn’t for Marvin joining the fight, no matter how powerful Gordian was, he would have had a bad end under the joint attack of Black Jack and the plague envoy… Thus, Gordian simply turned a blind eye and let Marvin go.

Even though they got rid of the plague envoy, River Shore City’s dark sweet poison incident wasn’t completely settled.

Because the plague envoy had already spread eggs in some pitiful guys, the dark sweet poison would still be spreading, just on a lesser scale than what had happened in the game. This would certainly affect the course of history as Marvin knew it. He didn’t know what kind of result it would bring.

3000 general exp greatly helped with Marvin’s current crisis.

An advanced class needed a large amount of experience. Even if it was just to get ranger to level 6, it would require as much as 4800 exp. Marvin had already planned his advancement path.

Rangers had a lot of advanced classes, covering all kinds of paths. There were at least 15 advanced classes. It was the most complicated class. Ultimately, it was because ranger was a jack-of-all-trades class.

They were able to shoot from a distance, able to fight in melee range, and also able to tame beasts and connect to nature. That’s why there were all kinds of advancement paths.

But there was only one that could lead to the final advancement Ruler of the Night!

[Night Walker]

A seemingly very average 2nd rank class, it didn’t have the fierceness of [Dark Murderer], nor the cold-blooded feeling of the [Elite Marksman]. This was an advanced class that was usually neglected. All the skills seemed to be relatively mediocre. At least it was so in the game. Very few ranger players had picked the Night Walker class at the start.

Not only did this advanced class have mediocre abilities, but the advancement was also very troublesome. No one likes to do something arduous and thankless.

Until later on, after a Night Walker property was found. That group of weird rangers had unprecedented fighting strength at night time.

It was all because of the existence of the hidden [Nocturnal Kill] specialty in the Night Walker class.

[Nocturnal Kill]:

Level 1: Attack +2 at night.

Special effect: Upon killing at night, you will receive the target’s soul fragment.

Continuously gathering these soul fragments would increase the [Nocturnal Kill] level.

Level 1 Nocturnal Kill only gave a +2 attack.

But it would become very frightening later on. Attack and Attack Speed and even Piercing effect would appear!

During nighttime, a Night Walker with level 3 Nocturnal Kill would be capable of dealing with three experts of the same level.

As a result, the Night Walker class was also known as the [Night Demon]!

At nightfall, they would ready their knives. They were the demons hiding in the darkness of the night.  

Even if this specialty couldn’t completely make up for the mediocrity of its skills, it still created a lot of experts.

It could even be said that this was a very unbalanced class. Weak during the day, extremely powerful during the night.

This kind of imbalance made this class’ stability inferior.


Marvin was an exception!

He wasn’t lacking killing skills. He was proficient in all of the phantom assassin’s skills. He could use the moves in battle and then use battle experience to learn them. He had all the means to make up for [Night Walker]’s shortcomings.

‘Moreover, the fall of the Universe Magic Pool would attract an ancient heavenly beast to Feinan Continent.’

‘Even though the gods worked together to kill that heavenly beast, its dead body still covered a good part of Feinan’s sky, casting a huge shadow.’

‘From that point on, Feinan’s night would last longer than the day. The night would last about 14 hours and the day would last about 10 hours.

This was also one of the reasons Marvin firmly decided to pick the Ruler of the Night advancement path.

Night Walker was definitely one of the most fitting classes for Feinan’s environment!

But, if he wanted to advance to Night Walker, Marvin still needed to find a teacher.

This kind of secret class was not as simple as the ranger class, where one only needed to settle the matter of the recommendation letter.

Night Walkers had an organization with few members. However, to join their organization, one had to pass a strict examination. 

Marvin knew the location of one of the members of the Night Walkers’ organization. He just happened to be in the Three Ring Towers region!

But that guy… Was a bit quirky.

Regardless, after his fight with the dark murderer, Marvin found out he was still lacking!

Even though he leveled up very quickly, it was still not enough. If he was unable to protect himself, what about his loved ones?

The advancement had already been planned. As for enhancing his strength, there were many options.

For example, it was time to get a couple first-rate curved daggers. He knew a place where he might be able to get weapons he wanted.

Maybe he could increase his own dagger mastery level on the way.

Still being at the [Beginner] level for an ex-Ruler of the Night… This wouldn’t do!

However, he still needed to do something before leaving River Shore City.

A shadow was quickly approaching the city gates.

A 2nd rank phantom assassin!

Marvin, hiding behind the city wall, saw him coming and quickly went out.


Kyle Amber noticed Marvin and quickly gave him an elven salute.

As an elf created by the old elven god, Amber couldn’t increase his strength. But Marvin’s subordinate was a 2nd rank assassin, a force to be reckoned with.

In order to kill those two barbarians, Amber and Agate had both used desperate strike. It had been a long time and they were gradually recovering bit by bit.

Their strength was still not at their peak, clearly displaying the ruthlessness of this skill.

It wasn’t only ruthless to others, but also to themselves.

Amber’s presence in River Shore City was naturally planned beforehand by Marvin.

He let the Lynx team safely leave only to follow the trail and catch the one hiding behind.

In fact, when they left, Amber had been secretly following them back to River Shore City.

"Have you found anything?" Marvin asked.

The Lynx team was only a group of adventurers. Marvin didn’t really care about them.

He cared about the one behind them.

"I have," Amber bluntly replied. "I already discovered the one hiring Verne to make troubles."

"His name is Toshiroya, the son of a northern city lord who arrived a while back."

"He is quite wealthy and it is said that he is related to the current city lord’s proxy."

"I eavesdropped on his conversation with Verne. He wants something inside White River Valley. But based on what he said, something happened… And his plan against White River Valley was put on hold."

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