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[Divine Spell – Divine Gift]: Strength +2 for 6 minutes.

This divine spell was quite good for Marvin.

His strength had always been his weak point. When he fought the with dark murderer earlier, it was because of his strength that he was completely suppressed.

His mission was to kill the plague envoy; the rest could be dealt with later.

It only took a few steps before he arrived in front of the plague envoy.

This time, the plague envoy couldn’t use a divine spell like putrefaction whirlpool.

Because he already used it before Gordian’s arrival and it was one of the very few interrupting divine spells.

Facing the charging Marvin, the plague envoy gloomily cursed. He unexpectedly put his hand behind his back and grabbed a large two-handed sword!

Marvin was startled and dodged in a hurry!


‘This guy is actually a fighter!’

This gave Marvin a headache!

He hadn’t expected that this plague envoy wasn’t a priest but a fighter.

Where did the plague god find this freak? Although this kind of strange advancement wasn’t impossible… Advancing from a fighter to plague envoy would make his ability to use divine spells worse than the average plague envoy’s by half!

No wonder Marvin felt that this guy was overly cautious when using divine spells.

‘As it turns out, the fucker is a fighter!’

Marvin hadn’t used inspect because he was afraid that the other would detect him when he was getting ready to sneak attack.

This time, he hurriedly used inspect after dodging the two handed sword.

Marvin didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when he saw the results. The other side had the following classes:

[Fighter lvl5 – Plague Envoy lvl2]

‘Please! If he was a fighter, shouldn’t the advanced class [Plague Knight] be a better pick?’

Marvin sneered. After the initial surprise, he started to relax quite a bit.

Because this plague envoy turned out to be a lot easier to deal with.

What Marvin feared the most was that the other side would continuously throw curses. If he was hit, even if he killed the plague envoy, he would also be in trouble.

But the other side was a fighter, which basically meant that his divine spells were already used up!

He was swinging the two-handed sword skillfully, but...

Marvin was someone who reached the 20 dexterity threshold, and rangers originally restrained fighters!

His footwork became ghost-like, suddenly taking advantage of the plague envoy’s swing. A small body sneaked under the plague envoy’s arm!

[Shadow Steps]!

He was as fast as lightning! The plague envoy couldn’t do anything about it!

Marvin’s curved daggers were raised horizontally, skillfully linking to the next skill, [Cutthroat]!

[You used cutthroat (46) on your target…]

[Skill failed…]


A weird sound echoed, cutthroat was unsuccessful!

Because the plague envoy used his last life saving divine spell at the critical moment, [Locust Division]!

The plague god’s favorite animal was the locust.

The moment that divine spell was launched, the plague envoy completely turned into locusts, flying with a buzzing noise.

Marvin’s cutthroat only hit one or two.

The rest all flew out in panic.

"Locust division? You want to flee?"

Gordian, suppressing the dark murderer on the other side, loudly shouted. He immediately took out a huge pouch!

This pouch looked like it was made from linen, but nevertheless, it was a real magic item!

‘Worthy of being a silver church kight; he actually is quite well-off. He is a 2nd rank knight with two magic items!’

Marvin watched with envy!

As a transmigrator, how many uncommon items did he get? Even his twin daggers were both common weapons. How could it be!

Marvin recognized this pouch, it was an exorcism pouch made by a high level silver church priest.

This pouch was like the wishful rope, having many different uses. It was quite helpful and very much worth it.

He watched as Gordian opened the pouch. A gust of wind blew out from inside and the majority of the locusts fell down on the ground!

The plague envoy wanted to flee, but Gordian had been prepared for it!

The wind blowing out from the pouch had the special effect of scattering divine power, though its efficacy was rather light. It would have no effect on real divine spells.

But locust division’s nature was a divine power split into countless small parts that would escape by themselves. Even though it was convenient for escape, they would be unable to withstand this peculiar wind.

Locusts fell on the ground, one after the other!

Once they fell, they could only crawl.

The plan was successful. The plague envoy couldn’t escape!

Gordian displayed a proud smile.

But at this time, Black Jack suddenly launched a reverse slash, not taking advantage of the situation to escape… But counterattacking instead!

[Blade Skill – Abyss Phantom]!

His body warped into a black mist, throwing himself toward Gordian!

Gordian’s expression changed!

This was a high level blade technique, not something like the common Rushing Thunder Slash blade technique. ‘Where did that guy learn that?’

If he kept using the exorcism’s bag, he would be cut into pieces by the abyss phantom!

But there were still a few locusts trying to fly away!

"Damn it!"

The silver light knight angrily stomped his feet, put away the pouch and raised his sword to meet Black Jack’s trump card!

The wind scattered in the dark basement.

There were still three locusts doing their best to fly upward. There was an air duct above; they apparently wanted to escape through there.

They were already quite high, and Marvin couldn’t reach them with a jump!

But it’s not like he didn’t have a solution.

‘Can only rely on luck!’

Marvin put away his curved daggers and grabbed two darts from a pouch tied to his belt.

[Hidden Weapon – Darts (24) launched!]

"Woosh! Woosh!"

Darts flew out one by one

The sixth dart hit managed to hit a locust, nailing it to the ceiling!

The thirteenth also hit the second locust.

But the third locust was approaching that tiny air vent.

As long as a single locust escaped, the plague envoy would escape.

All of Marvin’s and Gordian’s efforts would go down the drain!

Marvin had time to throw two more darts before the last locust escaped.

But his accuracy was quite low.

‘It’s a gamble!’

In an instant, Marvin made a decision.

He grabbed five darts in each hand. If his accuracy was no good, he might as well use coverage!

Anyways, that air vent was so small!

Marvin put power in his throw, and the ten darts flew together in a messy formation, all flying toward that small air vent!

The locust’s body was quite small, but when the small swarm of darts flew toward it, it flapped its wings faster. It was quite difficult to avoid that swarm.


A clear sound could be heard. One of the darts pierced the body of the locust.

At that instant, the small body grew larger, turning into the plague envoy and falling to the ground.

Already dead.

Marvin took a long breath. He had been quite lucky; it was a blind throw.

It was also thanks to Gordian releasing the wind of the exorcism’s pouch, weakening the locusts.

Otherwise, with the locusts’ nimbleness, Marvin wouldn’t have been able to hit!

After killing the plague envoy, Marvin’s quest was also completed.

[Plague Purge] (Completed).

Quest reward obtained: 3000 general exp.

As for the regional myth, it still didn’t appear. Marvin guessed it should appear tonight, once the story of what happened there spread.

The plague envoy’s kill exp wasn’t too bad either, giving 560 battle exp.

Marvin was already quite satisfied by this.

On the other side, Gordian saw Marvin successfully killing the plague envoy and was immediately overjoyed.

When he freed his hands to face Black Jack, the latter wasn’t offering much resistance any more!

Those two assassins who had failed their desperate strikes had moved cleverly and slipped away at some point.

Marvin felt some regret for letting those two experience packs go free because he had urgently needed to take care of the plague envoy.

"Since my employer is dead, I don’t have any reason to keep fighting!"

Black Jack suddenly retreated, gloomily looking at Gordian, "Silver light, I’ll remember you."

"But do you know who that masked man at your side is? I can tell you, he is the one making noise in the troubled River Shore City, Masked Twin Blades!"

"Maybe you should catch him now!"

His voice faded and he suddenly disappeared!

[Secret Skill – Vanish]!

Marvin’s heart sunk. This guy’s strength was quite amazing, yet he would still use this kind of method. No wonder he had felt perfectly safe.

But it was bad now, as only Marvin and Gordian were left in the basement.

The silver light knight slowly turned and looked at Marvin solemnly:

"You are Masked Twin Blades?"

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