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Marvin returned to Feinan through the Teleportation Gate opened by Louise.

The Gate led to that cave in the Lumber Woods.

Unsurprisingly, Professor, Kangen and the other Metallic Dragons were all there.

Professor let out a sigh of relief when he saw Marvin appearing.

After being warned by Louise that Marvin had been taken to the Elemental Plane of Water, he had felt rather worried about it.

Let alone a mortal, even a powerful Dragon wouldn't be more than a lizard in front of an Elemental Sovereign.

Although Louise was Kangen's friend, that woman had always been temperamental. Who knew what could happen?

Now that Marvin returned safely, he finally felt relieved.

Due to them arriving relatively late, Kangen and Professor found out that their point of arrival had been shifted when going through the Teleportation Gate.

They didn't appear in the Nightmare Boundary, ending up in another place instead.

Fortunately, these two were unique powerhouses and although interplanar travel wasn't easy for them, it was still within their means.

After returning to Feinan, they received information from Louise.

Combined with what they learnt, this Chromatic Dragon Gathering should have most likely ended up in a total wipeout.

The only one that wasn't accounted for was Ancient Red Dragon Ell.

Of the remaining four Dragons, Ikarina had been killed by Marvin and the other three were reduced to being corrupted Evil Dragons, becoming part of the Evil Dragon Cemetery.

This actually wasn't a good news for the Metallic Dragons.

After discussing for a while, in order to ruin Hartson's plan to use the underground temple as a springboard, they decided to destroy the Teleportation Gate on the 3rd floor.

Destroying a Teleportation Gate made by a God wasn't easy, but fortunately, the Ancient Metallic Dragons had a long-lasting inheritance. They had no lack of artifacts and ancient treasures.

The Metallic Dragons quickly took action.

They split up into two groups: one headed by Professor, in charge of destroying the Teleportation Gate, and one headed by Kangen, planning to travel to the Elemental Plane of Water. He had a good relationship with Louise and was somewhat friendly with the Water Elemental Sovereign, so he could freely enter and exit the Elemental Plane of Water.

When Marvin suggested saving Tidomas' soul, he was told that it was no longer necessary.

It turned out that after Marvin left, Professor and Kangen met the Dragon Soul.

Unlike the others, Professor knew Tidomas!

He had a deep impression of that strange Dragon, and after discussing, they not only released his soul, they also helped him recover his memories.

It was from Tidomas' mouth that they learnt about Dragon God Hartson's plot.

Thus, Marvin's Book of Forgiveness was unnecessary. Tidomas' soul was already resting in peace.

What was worth mentioning was that after Tidomas recovered his memories, he still didn't feel any hatred.

He just left the world serenely, his soul heading for the Underworld.

This was a very rare situation. After all, Dragon God Hartson had stripped his soul and imprisoned him, forcing him to bear torment while taking over his name and making him infamous across the realms.

But in the end, Tidomas unexpectedly had no negative feelings.

The only explanation was that even after death, that loyal Dragon only had one thought: staying faithful toward his Dragon God.

This made them all feel moved.

Especially Marvin, who had learnt of the effect of the Dragon Teeth, which was a very scary Dragon Restraining skill that would absorb a Dragon's hate to increase the user's power.

After Professor took care of removing the Dragon Teeth, he found out that the power was being absorbed by the Evil Dragon Cemetery.

Hartson didn't even let Tidomas off after his death and kept exploiting his soul.

His only miscalculation was that Tidomas himself didn't have much hatred, so he could only absorb a small amount of power.

He killed his most loyal subordinate and still thought of squeezing all he could from him, but that subordinate was too loyal, and thus was unable to give him more power. Putting it that way, this was quite an ironic situation.

In any case, the matters of Lumber Woods could be considered finished.

He shared what he knew with Professor and the others.

Naturally, he didn't mention the matters concerning the Fairy. He believed Louise also wouldn't leak something as important as the Crystal Statue.

The fewer that people knew about it, the better.

Since it was all over, Marvin now had to cross the Millennium Mountain Range to go to the Supreme Jungle.

It just so happened that one of the Metallic Dragons, the Silver Dragon, was going to visit three towns in the North. He would be passing fairly close to the Supreme Jungle and offered to take Marvin on the way.

The flight speed of these Ancient Dragons wasn't something ordinary people could imagine. From Lumber Woods to the south of the Supreme Jungle, the Silver Dragon only took two hours!

After Marvin thanked Stein, he parted ways with him and entered a darker part of the Supreme Jungle.

The Supreme Jungle was located northwest of the various countries of the North.

A part of the jungle relied on the Millennium Mountain Range, and the rest stretched to the Far North with three towns east of it.

The Supreme Jungle was at a certain distance from the Lavis Dukedom, such that it wasn't excessively far, yet it wasn't close enough for them to be in contact.

As for the matters of the Lavis Dukedom, Marvin didn't hear much about it.

On the day of the Great Calamity, Daniela ignited the Source of Fire's Order. This was all he knew.

But shortly after, this Sorcerer country met with a Demon Invasion.

This was very normal as there were many Sorcerers whose powers came from Demonic Contracts. Even though the Lavis Royal Family's bloodline came from the Devils, there were many factions that originated from Demons. And some of the people within were bribed by the Demon Overlord and seemingly took some furtive actions.

In short, it was said that a Gate of the Abyss opened directly over the capital of the Lavis Dukedom.

The situation should be quite desperate.

Marvin wasn't clear about the details. Daniela didn't ask for his help, so it should be fine.

The Ice Empress definitely wasn't undeserving of her reputation. A Demon army shouldn't be able to do anything to her.

By this time, Marvin had already gone deep in the Supreme Jungle.

He was walking very carefully.

He didn't openly use the Long Distance Teleportation because he didn't want the Great Druid, Old Ent, to find him.

This matter concerning Endless Ocean seemed extremely weird to Marvin.

It would be better to sneak in and understand the situation first.

But he hadn't expected to find a familiar aura.

Marvin frowned. 'Hell's Familiar?'

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