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The Fairy's words made Marvin's heart beat faster.

It was true that his strength was reaching a bottleneck.

And in the foreseeable future, he would inevitably become stuck in that bottleneck.

Level 30.

30 was a very mysterious number in Feinan. Having thirty points in an attribute was considered the Godly Realm, and past thirty was equivalent to reaching the Gods' Domain. It was very difficult for mortals to reach it.

Naturally, those on the level of Plane Guardians had exceeded that value.

And level 30, that is, level 10 Legend, was a huge bottleneck.

In general, Human Legend classes would have a maximum of 9 levels.

At level 29, there was a huge wall that few people could exceed, even those wise and farsighted Legend Wizards.

Even someone as powerful as the Great Elven King was only a level 28 Wizard. However, he had found a way to have two classes. His Ranger class also reached level 21, thus forcibly breaking through the level 30 restriction.

It was almost impossible for Dual Class Holders to exist within the Human Race. That was something possible only for long-lived races like Elves, but it also took a lot of effort.

Moreover, Marvin didn't know the way to dual class either.

He was now a level 21 Ruler of the Night, and although he was far from the bottleneck, he would face it sooner or later.

Most people chose to ascend.

In this era where ascending was impossible, regardless of how mighty those powerhouses were, they were unable to take another step forward and were stuck as Legends for the rest of their lives.

The realm beyond Legends was an enigma to those people.

It was the same for Marvin.

He had ascended to Godhood in the game, but in this life, he chose to walk another path.

This path was bound to be thorny, and thus he needed to grasp every opportunity to strengthen himself.

Even if that kind of move required him to overcome great difficulties.

'In any case, Tidoma… No, Hartson already hates me to the bone, so there is nothing wrong with adding a bit more enmity there,' Marvin thought.

He accepted the Fairy's request.

The latter's request was very simple: It was for Marvin to take the Crystal Statue away.

Furthermore, he had to swear to never open the seal on the statue. Once opened, the power inside would escape and return to Hartson.

If that happened, the already powerful Evil Spirit Overlord would become even more frightening, and there might be no one in the Universe able to match him.

The Fairy stressed that Marvin couldn't trust anyone with it.

This meant that he had to carry the Crystal Statue himself and also meant that he would become the Dragon God's arch-enemy.

But Marvin had no other choice.

The Fairy's conditions were too attractive.

"I'm happy that you made this choice."

The Fairy calmly handed the Crystal Statue to Marvin. "I hope you can protect it. Then, my mission could be considered accomplished."

Marvin carefully took the Crystal Statue... but why was the Fairy's tone so strange?

These seemed like the words of a dying person.

Sure enough, the small guy continued, "My life is tied to this seal."

"I was born because of this seal, and I'll die when the seal dissipates. Guarding it is my duty."

"Sir Lance took me to this world and I'm already very grateful to him. To be able to do something for him is my honor."

"As for you, if the oath made using the Wizard God's name is violated, then you will experience the frightening Divine Punishing Fire, you won't be able to escape even if you become an Evil Spirit.

"Oh yeah, I'll give you that high level False Divine Vessel!"

The next second, a strange six-pointed translucent item shaped like a star came out from the Fairy's body and rushed into Marvin's forehead.

Marvin was stunned, as he asked, "This Advanced Divine Vessel is your own?"

The Fairy looked at him strangely. "You don't say! How else could I guard this seal?"

"I cultivated this Advanced False Divine Vessel for many years. But you'll have to re-cultivate it."


'A False Divine Vessel can be cultivated?'

Marvin actually didn't know too much about False Divine Vessels.

A few lines were displayed on his interface:

[You received a Light Fairy's gift, (Advanced False Divine Vessel)]

[The Advanced False Divine Vessel has priority and automatically replaced the original Primary False Divine Vessel]

[False Divine Vessel (Advanced): 5/30 (Divinity)]

The benefit of the Advanced False Divine Vessel could easily be seen from its ability to hold more Divinity.

But Marvin only knew a little about the effects of Divinity, so he took advantage of the time left to hurriedly ask the Fairy some necessary questions.

After five minutes, he left the place.

Behind the transparent door, a large army of Evil Spirits had already gathered and was crazily tearing apart the seal on the entrance.

They were headed by the already corrupted Green Dragon Modana.

She couldn't even be described as a Green Dragon anymore. Her scales had fallen out and her body looked like a mass of bones and green gunk. It was very nauseating.

Her mind was also under Hartson's control and she completely had turned into an Evil Dragon.

The Fairy contently returned into the wall.

Besides telling Marvin about the False Divine Vessel, he also told Marvin the way to break through his body's bottleneck.

The method was very demanding, and Marvin couldn't help frowning when he heard about it.

But he knew that it wasn't time to think of this.

Since this matter was a huge conspiracy, the other Chromatic Dragons had most likely suffered from Hartson's vicious plot too.

There might be more Evil Dragons rushing over right now, so he had to get away first.

In the small valley.

The atmosphere had become extremely oppressing.

Painful howls kept echoing in Ell's ears. This was the first time this Ancient Red Dragon who wreaked havoc all across Feinan felt fear.

The middle-aged man before him put too much pressure on him.

Ell's strength was very overbearing, but it was worth nothing when compared to the Dragon God's.

Moreover, although Hartson was deprived of a part of his Divine Source, he still had the strength to get the 2nd Seat among the Evil Spirit Overlords.

Even among the Great Gods of the Astral Sea, few would be his match.

Let alone an Ancient Red Dragon who didn't even reach the level of the Plane Guardians.

He tried to flee.

But he ended up being clawed down to the ground.

Ell was desperate.

This place they were in was clearly an external plane. Thus, this was surely Hartson's main body.

He might have had some hope of fleeing from a doppelganger, but against the main body, he was sure to suffer a miserable fate.

It's just that Red Dragons were very violent.

As a powerhouse, he still had his pride.

Ell crazily roared, "Is this how you treat your offspring?"

"Lies and deception? Making them corrupt? In order to survive, you already went against your Godly code."

"You aren't fit to be called Dragon God!"

Hartson remained unmoved, still chuckling. "Indeed, I am not Dragon God Hartson. I am the Evil Spirit Overlord Tidomas."

Ell roared, displaying his huge body completely.

His huge body shattered the valley's surroundings. Hartson spread his hand and grasped in the air.

The Red Dragon's body instantly shrank, becoming much smaller.

"You pathetic coward!" Ell still roared in anger, "You changed your own name in order to flee the Wizard God's punishment. You have no courage, you don't deserve your strength with such gutlessness!"

Hartson's eyes gradually turned cold, "That's because you didn't experience the strength of the Wizard God, ignorant Wyrmling."

"My patience is limited. The reason I was lenient with you is because you are outstanding, not because I am merciful."

"If you dare disobey me again, I'll make you become like them!"

Ell shrieked, his eyes full of fear.

The deep Draconic voices echoed above the valley!

They were the sounds of the rotten Blue Dragon and White Dragon. There was no emotion in their eyes. While they were flying, rotten flesh kept falling down.

Their bodies contained formidable strength, but that strength actually came from the negative energies that corrupted them!

The Rainbow Spring was actually connected to the Negative Energy Plane's Evil Spirit Sea!

"You two, go get my thing," Hartson said expressionlessly. "You can sense its position. It's somewhere in this world, but I can't get close."

The two Dragons roared and immediately flew up.

Hartson once again turned toward Ell.

He looked a bit impatient.

Ell's bitter struggle had no effect. In the end, he angrily charged toward Hartson!

The latter remained unmoved. The next second, the water in "Rainbow Spring" shot out toward Ell like a fountain.

As the water engulfed the Red Dragon and began turning him into an Evil Dragon, a formidable power suddenly descended.

With the outburst of this power, the spring water froze in mid-air.

It felt as if the sun was rising, illuminating the earth.

This time, even the Evil Dragon God Hartson couldn't help but have a reaction.

He didn't even bother about Ell anymore.

The Ancient Red Dragon took this chance and with a swipe of his tail, forcibly fled.

He managed to escape that deathly situation. Controlled by fear, he quickly began to fly across the plane, scampering like a pitiful dog.

But he didn't know that neither Hartson nor that newly arrived existence paid attention to him at all.

Both of them were only focused on each other.

"Anuba Grant."

Hartson's voice became very deep. "I should have killed you back then."

Shortly after, his tone turned to one of mockery. "Who would have thought that the poor shepherd who couldn't help begging the Devils for aid because of poverty, but coincidentally opened an entrance to the Negative Energy Plane, could grow to become one of the powerful Gods of the Universe?"

That person appearing in the valley was surprisingly a delicate and pretty youth.

His mount was a long-horned goat, and those familiar with him knew that it was a powerful creature that had followed him since the 3rd era.

Grant softly said, "Without you, I might have starved to death."

In the 3rd era, because of the High Elves withdrawing from Feinan, the major forces divided up the territories.

Before Lance created the Universe Magic Pool, Order was drowned out by Chaos. All of Feinan's races were at war and due to the constant disasters, many poor people starved to death.

Grant was a commoner in the 3rd era.

He made a living as a shepherd under a lord, but his ill mother needed treatment, and he ended up spending all his savings to the point of almost starving to death.

By coincidence, he obtained a book that was rumored to be able to link to the Nine Hells.

The pitiful young shepherd was able to recognize some of the letters due to learning with the lord's child.

He tried to use that book to summon a Devil. He didn't have great desires, only wanting to trade his soul for food, or for his mother's recovery.

Afterwards, he opened the gate.

Behind the gate was the frightening Evil Dragon Cemetery.

Hartson, who was playing dead to avoid Lance's monitoring, was slowly developing his power. He gave some food and abilities to that shepherd and cured Grant's mother.

Because of these strange abilities, Grant turned from a young shepherd into an expert the lord could rely on in a single night.

Later on, the territory fell into chaos and the lord died in battle. Grant stepped forward bravely and defeated the enemies while winning the hearts of the people.

What happened next was a crappy hero story.

The young shepherd turned into a rising star in Feinan.

Ultimately, Hartson noticed this and regained a bit of interest in him.

At that time, he didn't turn Grant into an Evil Spirit Envoy because he had other designs for him. Evil Spirits were loathed in Feinan, after all, and having a secret leader in Feinan wouldn't be bad.

Thus, he contacted Grant again.

But he didn't think that Grant would already have the power to decline.

Grant obtained a stone that fell from the sky, as he was touched by luck like the main character from a novel… that stone was known as a Fate Tablet Fragment!

With the help of the Fate Tablet Fragment, Grant broke away from the Evil Spirit's nightmare and ultimately became the powerful [God of Dawn and Protection]!

Grant's refusal angered Hartson, but due to his apprehension toward the Wizard God, he could only endure.

Later on, Grant's power alarmed him and he didn't dare to make another move.

Now, the two were standing face to face again today. This was the first time the two interacted since the young shepherd mistakenly opened a gate to the Negative Energy Plane.

"I owe you a favor, and I'll repay it," Grant said indifferently. "If someone wants to kill you, I'll protect you once."

"But you can't use this world to march on Feinan."

"Someone wants to kill me?" sneered Hartson. "Who? Who dares?"

Grant calmly told him, "God Lance."

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