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The gnoll adjutant’s reaction time was faster than an ordinary person’s by a whole level, but Marvin’s was even faster!

After transmigrating, Marvin’s biggest advantage compared to the other class holders was his control over his body!

An extremely tough soul that made him aware of every inch of his body.

He could adjust his body as he wished by quickly exercising control over it. Even though those minute adjustments used up a lot of stamina, and might cause minor injuries to his muscles and bones, there was no time to hesitate in a fight.

He tugged on the wishful rope, leaning his body backward, his legs abruptly coiling around the gnoll adjutant’s left hand.


The dagger fell to the ground, Marvin quickly thrusted his twin daggers in the aardwolf’s back between the ribs!


The aardwolf suddenly let out a painful roar, his whole body violently twitching. The gnoll adjutant turned pale with fright and lost his balance.

Marvin stood on both daggers, his left hand quickly reaching to his waist, drawing the Kingfisher Jade Dagger!


As fast as lightning!


Using cutthroat from the front would definitely lower the success rate of the skill!

The gnoll adjutant tried his best to dodge it. He moved his head, trying to let the small amount of armor on his neck block the blow!

But it was no use!

The Kingfisher Jade Dagger’s armor break skill, with its powerful armor penetration strength, made the dagger directly cut through that small steel section covering his throat.

Blood flew everywhere. The gnoll adjutant’s carotid artery was cut open and much of the blood was sprayed on Marvin.

He looked like a devil, one foot trampling the corpse of the gnoll adjutant and the other on the squirming aardwolf!


An extremely vicious mutated aardwolf was actually whimpering...

It was completely subdued by Marvin’s aura!

For humans with their relatively low perception, aura might be something ethereal. But monsters could distinguish if someone was powerful thanks to their keen instincts.

The aardwolf wasn’t just scared by Marvin’s terrifying strength, he actually laid down on the ground.

Marvin ruthlessly pulled his twin daggers from the aardwolf’s ribs and then put a dagger away.

The body shivered and then twitched to death.

A large empty area appeared around the aardwolf’s dead body.

All the gnolls were retreating. They surrounded Marvin in the center while closely clenching their weapons. But their eyes were filled with fear.

The gnolls’ morale already reached an extremely low point.

And they broke into an uproar; Marvin’s incredible fighting strength made them afraid!

The gnoll adjutant was only second to the gnoll shaman in the gnoll tribe.

His death in battle gave a large blow to the gnolls.

Normally, if something like this happened during a battle, most of the gnolls would flee.

Those fickle things were unreliable!

However, these gnolls didn’t run this time.

Because they had a leader.

The gnoll shaman!

‘White River Valley will be back on foot as long as that gnoll shaman is eliminated.’

‘That gnoll shaman is very sly, but he already used an earth puppet, so this is definitely his real body this time.’

‘Not only do shamans have a much lower mana pool than wizards, but this one trained so many mutated aardwolves. This is definitely some kind of blood magic.’

Marvin grasped his twin daggers, coldly looking at the angry gnoll shaman in the pack of gnolls.

The other side was also staring at him, unwavering.

Eye of Pain, Earth Puppet, Mutated Aardwolf Taming...

This guy shouldn’t have many more powerful skills.

Marvin made a very clear estimation.

According to the results of his Inspect skill, this guy was a level 6 shaman, he had just reached 2nd rank. A gnoll shaman’s charisma shouldn’t be too high. Marvin estimated that his opponent shouldn’t have learnt more than three powerful spells.

As for the basic spells, Marvin wasn’t worried.

After thinking this far, Marvin burst into a sprint, aiming at that gnoll shaman!

The gnoll shaman truly didn’t have more 2nd-circle spells.

As a level 6 shaman he was able to learn 2nd-circle spells, but he learned [Earth Puppet] and [Wild Animal Taming].

These two 2nd-circle spells had no real attacking power, but they were quite good for developing a tribe.

But his fighting strength was actually really bad!

He already began panicking when Marvin charged toward him!

He kept using his Communicator skill to force other gnolls to block the path.

But he decided to flee for a reason.

His stats were really bad and his legs were short; he wouldn’t be able to run away from this killing god!

His only plan was to hide in the crowd and try to use a 1st-circle magic to kill this ranger!

But unfortunately, this plan was doomed to fail.

Because before Joey the archer had fled, he put an eye-catching mark on top of the gnoll shaman!

This mark was stuck on his head, he couldn’t lift it!

Marvin was thankful for this mark or he would have had to go through all those gnolls to find that gnoll shaman.

The shaman was quite short after all. If he crouched… How could he be seen!

But with the mark showing the way, Marvin moved with an imposing God-Slaying Buddha-Slaughtering aura. More than ten gnolls would die in an instant.

Finally, he dashed in front of the gnoll shaman!

There weren’t many gnolls left blocking in front of the shaman now.

Facing Marvin’s frightening killing efficiency, the gnoll troops seemed to fall apart for the first time.

Although the gnoll shaman ordered them using [Communicator], they still remained still!

Because Marvin already caused them to be under [Fear]!

The Gnoll shaman snarled. He suddenly extended his right hand and pointed toward Marvin!

But unexpectedly, Marvin, who had been sprinting all along, suddenly slowed down. He dodged to the side with a roll as if he had already expected the shaman’s move.

A claw of ice shot up from the ground, at Marvin’s original position, hitting nothing.

The shaman’s casting speed was fast!

Especially for a 1st-circle spell.

This hand-shaped ice spike was effective for sneak attacks. Quick and ruthless, and also adding a freeze effect. This was the favorite spell of many casters!

Ordinary people would usually find it difficult to dodge.

But this masked person had managed to!

The gnoll shaman shivered. This human was really too abnormal. The 1st rank estimated by his Inspect was definitely wrong!

That was definitely a 2nd rank powerhouse close to 3rd rank!

But what could he do now... He could only brace himself and keep using his remaining 1st-circle spells.

But in reality, Marvin’s roll was a fluke.

Luckily he had lowered his speed!

Because even though his dexterity was really high, his perception stayed the same so he hadn’t predicted this ice claw!

The reason he slowed down was because he suddenly found out that his twin daggers were bent!

‘Those damned common weapons!’

Feinan didn’t have a durability stats, but weapons and items would progressively wear down due to daily use.

If they weren’t properly maintained, they could turn completely worthless.

Those curved daggers weren’t anything good to begin with, as Marvin had found them barely good enough to cut down people.

But during that charge, Marvin killed a great deal of gnolls. His curved daggers in his hands bent out of shape due to being unable to bear Marvin’s tyrannical moves.

He had planned to slow down and quickly switch weapons.

He unexpectedly sensed something fishy in front of him after slowing down, so he then rolled and avoided the claw shaped spike.

"Lucky, lucky…" Marvin whispered.

Luck was also very important in a fight.

He took advantage of the roll to ruthlessly throw the two bent daggers toward the gnoll shaman!

Marvin didn’t focus on the accuracy, but he scared the gnoll shaman into jumping. He thought it was a [Throwing Knife] technique and actually used a [Leap] to dodge it.

But when he noticed that the two curved daggers were only something Marvin had discarded before taking two spare common curved daggers from his void conch...

He nearly fainted!

Everyone in the camp was speechless.

"Why did he switch daggers?"

The adventurers were hesitating.

Gru used [Sweep] on three harassing gnolls before taking a quick glance and said, unsure, "Maybe… The blades broke?"

They were all doubtful.

An expert like Masked Twin Blades would definitely not use common daggers. How could they have been broken?

But they didn’t have time to find the answer, since Marvin had already arrived less than ten steps away from the shaman.

The gnoll shaman clenched his teeth and took a step forward, spreading both hands!

A big mass of green liquid took shape in the sky!

An [Acid Spray] spell!

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