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A dense fog had appeared around Butterfly and Marvin without them noticing.

This layer of fog wrapped around them, but wasn't threatening, it was actually very comfortable.

At that instant, Marvin was greatly surprised!

That was another Dragon!

But this time, the Dragon appearing in front of him was an elegant and noble Silver Dragon.

The Metallic Dragons were different from the evil Chromatic Dragons. They were mostly kindhearted, and Silver Dragons were a perfect example.

They lived in cold mountains, liked to control clouds and fogs and would never rashly injure anyone.

The Silver Dragon's beautiful eyes were staring at Marvin, "I heard of you, little guy."

"You have a weapon that could pose a huge threat to the Dragon Race, but it's clearly not enough in front of these five crafty Ancient Dragons."

"Take advantage of my fog tricking their sight to safely leave."

Marvin didn't have the time to say anything before a wide-eyed Butterfly asked, "You are a Silver Dragon, right?"

The Silver Dragon gently answered, "Of course."

"I heard the Chromatic Dragons and the Metallic Dragons are mortal enemies. You came for them?" Butterfly asked.

The Silver Dragon nodded.

And Marvin on the side didn't even need to check the other side's scales to guess that this was also an Ancient Dragon!

The Lumber Woods would be lively today, there was such a large group of Ancient Dragons.

Normally, these lifeforms would spend their time hibernating.

But today they actually gathered at the edges of these ruins.

A single Silver Dragon definitely wasn't the match for a group of Chromatic Dragons.

Marvin thought of something, "You have other friends, right?"


A familiar voice came out of the fog as a few shadows came over.

"I truly didn't expect to meet you here."

A man wearing a copper colored armor smiled while looking at Marvin.

"Professor?" Marvin asked probingly.

The latter nodded.

As expected, the Chromatic Dragons weren't the only one who gathered, the Metallic Dragons did so too.

The Metallic Dragons shapeshifted into humans in order to shrink their sizes and avoid being found.

Marvin quickly counted. Including the Silver Dragon, who kept his original form, and Professor there were altogether only four Metallic Dragons.

Based on their clothes' colors, they were easily distinguishable. The group consisted of a Silver Dragon, a Copper Dragon, a Brass Dragon, and a Gold Dragon.

'They look no different than humans right now.'

'This is a 7th-circle Shapeshift skill at the very least… Sure enough, all of them should be Ancient Dragons?'

Marvin bitterly smiled.

Four Metallic Dragons, five Chromatic Dragons.

These individuals purposely gathered here and definitely weren't just passing by.

Is the Dragon God's Wrath really happening early?

Marvin couldn't rule out this possibility.

Because of his own arrival, this world's history changed way too much.

Saruha, Secret Garden, and other instances were appearing in advance. For the Dragon God's Wrath to happen earlier wasn't out of the question.

But he felt unsure this time.

He had the game experience as a foundation before, but already in the Secret Garden he had came across the feeling of not being in control.

If not for meeting his grandfather, he might have tumbled in that space crack.

And this time, he completely lacked understanding of that Dragon God's Wrath part.

Without his prophetic abilities, Marvin was no different from others.

Unfortunately, he would only lose his grasp on it more in the upcoming days.

After all, the future was changing.

Marvin took a deep breath. Thankfully, he already prepared himself mentally for this.

He asked in a low voice, "What's the situation?"

The Copper Dragon looked at the others, then at the five Chromatic Dragons around the altar before saying, "Let's find a place to talk."

North of the ruins, in a hidden cave.

A deep blue Dragon Eye was floating in the air, taking in what was happening in the ruins with a single glance.

Under Professor's introduction, Marvin got to know the other three Metallic Dragons.

Silver Dragon Stein, Gold Dragon Modique, as well as Brass Dragon Cromwell.

They were like Professor, Ancient Dragons. They were powerful and wouldn't appear in front of mortals.

"Seems like you gathering here has something to do with the Chromatic Dragon's Dragon God?"

Marvin inquired while looking at the scene happening in the Dragon Eye. The Chromatic Dragons in their human shapes were discussing something.

In any case, since it was already happening, it was better to hear about the details.

As for Butterfly, she was all the while earnestly pleading for a Silver Dragon's Scale… The reason was that it looked beautiful, which made the Silver Dragon Stein both amused and embarrassed.

Dragon Scales were very precious to Dragons, they couldn't simply give them away. But Butterfly's clear eyes and earnest pleading made it hard for him to refuse.

Marvin was disinclined to take care of that Wood Elf, in fact, he probably wouldn't be able to.

Professor mumbled, "Since you followed Green Dragon Modana and accidentally run into this matter, I won't hide anything from you."

"In fact, this matter is quite simple: The Chromatic Dragons want to open the [Nightmare Boundary]. We had foreseen this and want to prevent it."

"It's just that there was a bit of an issue when gathering our forces…"

From Professor's story, Marvin was able to understand the ins and outs of the matter.

The Dragon God's Wrath expansion in the game would unfold many years after the Great Calamity.

The key to this was the [Hartson Temple].

Hartson once was the Chromatic Dragon God and was also one of the Evil Gods.

In ancient times, he lived in the Lumber Woods, ruling over his kingdom there.

At that time, the Chromatic Dragons had yet to split up, they were gathered as subordinates by Hartson and revered him as a God.

At that time, the Chromatic Dragons were far different from now, they were very weak and only had the instincts to fly and use Dragon Breath.

Moreover, they were also dumb, not much more threatening than a Wyvern. The Evil Dragon God Hartson granted them wisdom and magic while also granting them different properties based on their subraces.

Thus, clans appeared within the Chromatic Dragon race.

Hartson's original goal was to make his people develop on their own, but a split ultimately happened. After obtaining power, they started a power struggle and fought over territories.

And some of the Chromatic Dragons even started feeling uncomfortable living in the forest due to the attributes given by Hartson, such as Blue Dragon who liked to live in the desert.

They began revolting.

Facing such an annoying event, the Dragon God Hartson opened a Demi-Plane within the Lumber Woods.

His Demi-Plane had all kinds of environments, deserts to suit the Blue Dragons, mountains for the Red Dragons, swamps for the Black Dragons...

That plane was vast enough to fit them all and they also didn't need to fight over territory.

Perhaps Hartson originally thought of calming down his people.

It was said that he had an agreement with the Wizard God Lance. If too many Chromatic Dragons appeared in Feinan, then Lance would take action to restrain those deemed chaotic and evil.

In short, after the Demi-Plane was created, Hartson stuffed all his people in.

He originally thought that there would be no animosity that way.

But he miscalculated.

The name of that Demi-Plane could no longer be found and was now simply called [Nightmare Boundary] by the Chromatic Dragons.

The reason why it was called Nightmare Boundary was because the Chromatic Dragons were originally very dissatisfied by this Demi-Plane, they felt like they were captives.

After obtaining power and crafty wisdom, many Chromatic Dragons stealthily used all kinds of methods to take advantage of Hartson's Slumber to leave the Nightmare Boundary.

The most excessive ones were from the Black Dragon Clan.

After being defeated in their first war against the Red Dragons, they felt humiliated.

They were angrily complaining at the stingy Hartson for not granting them magical abilities while making their breeding abilities so low. Thus, after losing the war, the whole Black Dragon Clan defected the Nightmare Boundary.

This was a huge matter.

The Red Dragons became the Nightmare Boundary's masters and unrestrainedly celebrated, rousing up the slumbering Hartson I the process.

Seeing the chaos of his Nightmare Boundary, Hartson was thoroughly angered.

He expelled all the Chromatic Dragons from the Nightmare Boundary and sealed it.

He sealed some of the abilities of the Chromatic Dragons and set the Lumber Woods as a forbidden ground for four clans, only leaving the Green Dragon Clan, who knew their place, and granting the key to opening the Demi-Plane to their leader while leaving behind a prophecy.

This prophecy was related to the return of the Chromatic Dragons to the Nightmare Boundary.

Even Professor wasn't too clear about the details.

In short, after this, the Chromatic Dragons began to act unrestrained on the continent.

At that time, there were countless casualties among the Humans, Elves, Dwarves, and others races.

Their cities fell, their wealth mercilessly plundered.

The Chromatic Dragons were enjoying their final glory.

In fact, Feinan's most famous three Dragon Slaying Weapons were also created at that time.

And what happened next was within Hartson's expectations: The Wizard God who had given a warning long ago had ruthlessly made a move.

He slayed more or less 70% of the Chromatic Dragons and scared the rest of the Chromatic Dragons back to their nests.

At that time, they started to miss the magnificent Nightmare Boundary.

But the Nightmare Boundary was already closed.

And the Dragon God Hartson also fell for some particular reasons.

His temple became ruins, and he was buried under the temple, constantly guarded by a loyal guardian.

That guardian's name was [Tidomas].

Years passed.

The Great Calamity approached and the Black Dragon Clan was almost extinguished by Marvin. The Chromatic Dragons suddenly realized there was an excellent opportunity.

Because the content of the prophecy already happened, it was time to open the Nightmare Boundary!

It was time to retrieve the power Hartson took away from them.

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