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Since both sides came to an understanding, the next step was to discuss the terms of the duels.

Marvin was hidden in a corner, coldly watching as they hammered out the details.

This soldier was too soft-hearted... He actually believed the words of a bandit.

That Senma guy wouldn't put away his greed even if he lost.

He was definitely set on getting food and weapons from the Sanctuary.

Then what was the true purpose of this duel?

Marvin frowned as he speculated to himself, 'He wants to probe the strength of the soldiers through a duel.'

'He might also catch the other side unprepared during a duel.'

As expected, when Senma retreated to talk with the bandits, they kept using a codeword.

The bandits definitely had their own words for referring to certain things.

Although Marvin didn't understand the meaning of their codeword, it was definitely nothing good.

It was safe to say that his target was the same as that of the bandits.

But he wouldn't use the same methods as the bandits. He could accept these people in White River Valley, an option that the bandits definitely didn't have.

After all, Morrigan's Heart was a Sanctuary that was stocked with supplies to withstand all sorts of disasters, but who would have imagined that the Universe Magic Pool would collapse one day?

This place, rather than being a Sanctuary, seemed like more of a gold mine.

But not many people knew about it.

They would leave this place sooner or later. An underground living environment was too squalid, and wasn't good for elders and children.

Marvin bided his time, wanting to see what trick Senma had prepared.

'For these bandits to find Morrigan's Heart so early, there are only two possibilities.'

'First, there is a traitor in the group that settled in Morrigan's Heart. But from what I can see, this possibility is unlikely. Soldiers and bandits are mortal enemies, and it's the same for anyone related to military. If there really is a hidden traitor among them, then that person's acting skills must be incredible.'

'Second, that mysterious power from the game might have made a move earlier than before.'

Marvin was more prone to believe the second possibility.

After all, he had already seen made changes in the timeline because of his appearance, with some matters happening ahead of time, like the Calamity itself.

That mysterious power might have wanted to make a move earlier in order to get more resources to have an even bigger advantage after the Gods descended.

Marvin already had a conjecture regarding the bandits' backer. This power was most likely related to the God Realms!

It might be a God's subordinate, an avatar, an Apostle, a Chosen, a Divine Servant, or something like that controlling them from behind.

The Universe was so vast, and although only the Shadow Prince's Time Molt could freely go past the Universe Magic Pool's barrier, there might be something with a similar effect.

This seemed even more likely since two layers had already been shattered. Marvin wouldn't be surprised if some lifeforms of the Astral Sea were able to pass through now.

He wasn't afraid either.

Currently, the worst that could descend would be a Divine Servant, at the level of an Angel. They were just a bit stronger than ordinary Legends. In the eyes of a God Slayer like Marvin, they were nothing.

He had already crushed an ordinary Angel in Arborea as a Fierce Asuran Bear.

The problem was just that the real enemy had yet to show their face, and Marvin didn't want to scare them away, so he kept watching.

But he suddenly saw a familiar-looking face!

'Eh? Him? What is he doing here?'

Marvin froze. He had been focused on the bandits, the civilians, and the two leaders previously, and hadn't been scrutinizing the soldiers much.

It was to the point that even with his formidable Perception, he almost missed the Elven youth because of his guard uniform!

He was wearing a light armor with a very strange hat, but it was very cleverly hiding his conspicuous ears. However, his face was still extremely delicate.

To most others, he still looked like a common human youth.

But Marvin recognized this youth.

When he went to Thousand Leaves Forest to advance to the Night Walker class, he once passed through an Elven village while seeking a page of the Book of Nalu. At the same time, Black Jack just happened to be doing his advancement to become an Outlaw of the Crimson Road, killing a whole village.

Because this Elven youth had followed Marvin out of the village, he ended up being the only survivor.

After the event, Ollie took him to an Elven city. Marvin also gifted him a dagger.

Even back then, Marvin had felt that this quick-witted youth might not be able to continue living a peaceful life with the rest of the Elves.

He just hadn't thought he would meet him once again here.

From his clothes and the way he interacted with the others, he seemed to have adapted to the life in Steel City quite well.

Marvin didn't know what had happened in the previous months, but the improvement in the Elven youth's strength surprised him.

The powerless youth was now a 3rd rank expert.

Marvin wasn't sure which class he had, but it should be a Ranger-like class. However, his aura made Marvin feel a bit strange.

It seemed to be a specialized class.

Marvin took a deep breath, remembering what the Outlaw of the Crimson Road had done to this Elf's relatives.

'Could it be… that class?'

A question appeared in Marvin's mind.

At this time, the first duel started.

A burly guy came out from the bandits' side. As for the people staying in Morrigan's Heart, they discussed for a moment before surprisingly sending the Wood Elf.


'It seems that this kid is responsible for scouting.'

'In a group, only the elite are responsible for scouting. His talent was below average, so he couldn't join the Elven Iron Guard… In this world, there is no power that comes from nowhere.'

Marvin was silently focusing on the youth who left the formation.

With everyone cheering for him, Marvin managed to learn his name.


An ordinary name, which might be his alias. This wasn't important.

But it looked like everyone believed in him.

Perhaps he could find that feeling of home he had been missing since the Elven Village.

The fight quickly started.

The two went to an empty spot.

The burly guy was using an axe glowing with fire.

This guy was a common 3rd rank classholder with a Fighter-type class. His axe was very frightening. It was at least a Magic Weapon.

Every movement would cause wisps of fire to come out. This kind of weapon was troublesome to deal with for rogues.

Because the flames were unpredictable, it was very difficult to avoid them.

And although this wouldn't make distinction between the user and the victim, the Fighter didn't mind too much.

He wasn't afraid of this flame. As a 3rd rank Fighter he definitely had the [Unmovable Mountain], [Steady Strength] and other specialties typical for meat shields. The weapon's magic enchantment was definitely not worth worrying about for him.

Both sides had yet to make a move, but Amo seemed to already be at a disadvantage.

"Kid, just die." The big guy laughed nastily while weighing the axe in his hand with a taunting expression.

Amo was calm and composed and began to walk around the guy.

His footwork was very strange. His speed was definitely not fast, but somehow the pace seemed fast.

The Fighter kept waving his huge axe.

Flames flew in all directions.

It was safe to say that this fire would inevitably give him some small advantages and influence the rest of the fight.

But a strange scene played out.

Amo's body seemed to become snake-like, extremely flexible. He easily dodged every flame.

His expression became exceedingly clear, as his movements were very soft, with each step being nimble.

'The innate gifts of the Wood Elves aren't that powerful…' Marvin's eyes shone.

This evasive ability wasn't as overbearing as Marvin's, but among those below the Legend realm, it could be said to be at the peak.

Especially since Amo's ability was currently restricted by the limited space.

But both sides were still in an unusual stalemate.

The Fighter seemed very vicious, but he had yet to hit Amo. Meanwhile, the latter's exceptionally elusive dodging ability let him sneak attack several times, causing no small threat to the Fighter.

His attacking style was very strange.

It was different from common Assassins, Thieves, or Rangers, he used sudden thrusts.

This rapier would easily break in a real battle, but it could bring a fatal injury in a split second!

Just now, he made two consecutive stabs toward the Fighter's heart, forcing that guy to withdraw.

Surprise flashed through Senma's eyes.

He hadn't noticed Amo's strength.

But as a true expert, he could see that the outcome of this battle might not go as expected. Amo was winning.

The axe's flames might be troublesome, but if it couldn't hit the enemy, how could he have a chance of winning?

It was actually Amo's rapier with its suddenly burst who was the most threatening.

Even if this Fighter was immune to deadly injury, if this rapier pierced him, he would still be seriously injured.

Morrigan's Heart's side was in high spirit.

Amo sidestepped and easily dodged the Fighter's axe, his rapier piercing forward ruthlessly as it was stabbing toward that Fighter's neck!

If this pierced through, the Fighter would definitely be defeated!

The onlookers' hearts stopped beating.

But at this time, the Fighter suddenly bellowed!

A powerful Divine Power burst from his chest. It was coming from a pendant!

The powerful Divine Power burst out and Amo's rapier was shockingly blocked by the Divine Power.


The rapier shattered!

Amo was startled and furious, his weapon actually broke like that.

A layer of Divine Power armor covered the Fighter's body, seemingly unbreakable!

"Drop dead!"

Rage flashed through the Fighter's eyes as his axe was mercilessly slashing over.

Amo dodged with difficulties!


At this time, the leader of the soldiers coldly said, "Stay your hand. This duel is our loss."

He knew that the other side was definitely prepared.

This Divine Power armor was definitely not ordinary, even Amo's thrust couldn't pierce through it.

Thus he made a decision.

Senma stopped the Fighter who wanted to keep going, all smiles, he gently said, "Continue?"

"Next fight." The soldier leader calmly said.

Next second his right foot shook as he thought of walking over.


Unwillingness appeared in Amo's eyes.

The Captain patted Amo's shoulder and comforted him, "You already did your best, rest now."

"It's my turn now!"

But suddenly, an unfamiliar voice echoed from the soldier side:

"There's still me!"

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