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"What could I be looking forward to?"

Hathaway's face turned red from anger.

But under Marvin's intense gaze, her voice became quieter and quieter.

It turned into a whisper.

Perhaps she couldn't figure out why she had this kind of feeling.

The Witch Queen should be cold and ruthless. Her mother, a successor of one of the twelve Witches, had kept reminding her that everyone should acknowledge the Witch Queen's might. Those who disrespected her had to be killed.

But when she was about to do it, she shed a tear.

Witches had no tears.

This left her feeling very shocked.

She stopped there to ponder, and some seals in the blank part of her mind apparently started loosening.

Marvin calmly looked at her in silence.

But suddenly, an explosion echoed in the sky, drawing everyone's attention!

In the middle of the clouds, a large hole opened up that seemed to magnify what was on the other side, and through that hole, people could see the fight happening outside the Universe Magic Pool.

The Astral Beast's roar shook Feinan.

But by now, he was already running on fumes.

After breaking away from the Universe Magic Pool's protection, Eric had faced twenty-eight Gods alone. That alone was a huge achievement.

But under the joint attack of the three Great Gods, he was finally pinned to the walls of the Universe Magic Pool.

The golden Judgement Spears were stabbed one after the other into Eric's tough body. A crack even started to form on the 2nd layer of the Universe Magic Pool.


Eric struggled, his body gradually turning transparent as the youth's soul glared savagely at those Gods.

The glare was so ruthless that the Gods couldn't help but shiver.

Especially those Gods who had died a few times to Eric in the earlier chaotic battle... they didn't feel safe at all. At least it didn't seem that he was able to eat their Divine Source.

Fortunately, the three Great Gods managed to use the Judgement Spears to pin him against the Universe Magic Pool.

It shouldn't last much longer.

That was what all the Gods thought.

As for Feinan's inhabitants, they felt a huge sorrow when seeing this scene.

The hero guarding them would eventually be killed by the Gods.

Real life wasn't like those stories with happy endings; real life was far crueler.


A total of 99 Judgement Spears were stabbed into Eric, and his body looked like it was about to collapse.

But at this time, a stifling, mournful howl burst out from the depths of Eric's soul!

The New Gods looked on in surprise as the Astral Beast's body broke apart on its own.

The Judgement Spears were still pinned to the Universe Magic Pool's 2nd layer, but they were unable to hold down Eric as he disintegrated!

These lumps of flesh split into countless smaller Astral Beasts. They looked like fierce tigers with three large pairs of wings on their backs, but they were far more frightening!

They were flying toward the Gods like a meteor shower!

"Dodge, quick!" the three Great Gods shouted as they escaped first.

This was Eric's final counterattack. With his life as the cost, he would deal the strongest blow he could!

Although most Gods managed to dodge it thanks to the warning of the three Great Gods, there were still many of them who were surrounded by these ferocious beasts. Their protective layers of Divine Power were torn apart as if they were paper!


Screams kept echoing out!

The people below watched their suffering with cold gazes.

After everything they had experienced today, they didn't have a hint of respect for the Gods.

Dark Phoenix had been killed by Lord Marvin, and now these so-called Gods were issuing such mournful howls!

Since Gods could be killed like this, why would people believe in them?

In a Secondary Plane in the Universe, the [Lake God]'s Divine Fire suddenly stopped burning.

The High Priest who had been feeling uneasy for the past few days suddenly knelt down.

He looked at the brazier in the main hall in disbelief, but no matter how much he prayed, he didn't get a response.

The Divine Fire was extinguished, and a crack also appeared in the God's Idol.

"Rumble!" The huge stone statue toppled over.

The High Priest's hair whitened. It seemed as if he suddenly aged twenty years!

The whole plane shook.

Similar scenes appeared in many Secondary Planes.

The fall of a God had great impact. They were true Gods after all. They not only had their own Secondary Planes, but each also had a God Realm!

And Eric's final strike took out three Low Gods!

The impact caused in the Astral Sea was unimaginable.

Three God Realms collapsed simultaneously. If not for the few Ancient Gods forcibly stabilizing this part of the Astral Sea, it might have formed a black hole that would bring great harm to the Astral Sea.

Of course, the people in Feinan couldn't see this.

They only saw the struggles of those three Gods before their deaths, which made them seem quite vulnerable like normal people.

As for Eric, after releasing this final attack, his soul was disappearing.

At the last moment, his soul turned and gazed at Feinan, that beautiful land.

"Is it finally over?"

His mumble echoed in all their hearts: "I still miss her…"

In a flash, that girl wearing a shabby dress, that sun rising over the small village, that carriage changing the hero's fate, they appeared in front of everyone.

An unending sorrow emerged in their hearts. They seemed to understand something.

Eric's soul was slowly disintegrating.

He had a peaceful expression on his face.

He had already done all he could for Feinan.

He had already saved this world twice. What else could you ask him to do?

He was only a youth from a mountain village, nothing more.

"Who is he? How could he have such formidable strength?"

Hathaway asked in a daze, "The girl he misses looked very weak. Why would he miss her?"

"Power isn't everything." Marvin said with a sad expression, "Sometimes, even if you attain the peak of strength, there are many things that you can't change."

"For example… Regaining your loved one."

Hathaway remained silent.

She seriously looked Marvin up and down, before suddenly asking, "Loved one… That... Do you love me?"

Marvin choked. After a while, he tilted his head and said, "I… I don't know."

"But if one day I fall asleep like him and wake up after a millennium..."

"I'll also be like him… I'll miss you like he missed her…"

Hathaway nodded thoughtfully.

At this time, a tall figure stepped out of the Universe Magic Pool!

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