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On the peak, the small bright flicker gradually grew into raging flames.

Through the effect of the Source of Fire's Order, the power of Order began to spread across White River Valley.

The corrosion of the Chaos power was held back!

Everyone relaxed.

Those feelings of unease, anxiousness, irritability, and fear disappeared!

Marvin stood beside the Source of Fire's Order, carefully protecting it.

The initial ignition was the most crucial time. If someone wanted to sabotage the effect, this would be the best timing.

On another part of the peak nearby, Constantine and other Legends were hiding.

Although on the surface Marvin seemed to be alone, it was actually a trap.

'If Dark Phoenix dares to come…'

Killing intent flashed through Marvin's eyes.

'I will definitely make sure she is unable to leave this place!'

The flames of Order suppressed the negative influence of the Chaos Magic Power, but the range covered by the power of Order was limited, after all.

White River Valley, Sword Harbor, River Shore City, the Sha village, as well as the Adventurer Camp.

These five areas were fully covered by the power of Order. Further out than that, the power gradually weakened, having far less of an effect.

But despite that, the Source of Fire's Order was raising the spirits of all the people across the continent who were fleeing danger!

Although few people had enough knowledge to determine the exact effects of the Source of Fire's Order, they instinctively felt safer the closer they moved toward the flame.

Countless people were heading south.

But most of them wouldn't be able to reach White River Valley, because there were way too many Wizards in the South Wizard Alliance.

They couldn't resist the corrosion from the Magic Power and turned into Monsters, blocking the path and massacring the defenseless people.

There was nothing Marvin could do to prevent that.

He could only stay in White River Valley and cautiously protect the Source of Fire's Order.

For at least three hours, he couldn't move from the mountain peak.

That flame seemed dazzling when looking down on the overcast continent.

The Gods besieging the Universe Magic Pool at that time couldn't help but stop for a moment.

"Someone lit a Source of Fire's Order so quickly?"

"Isn't their reaction quicker than we expected?"

"It's that territory in the South, ehh! I remember, isn't that where Glynos lost Time Molt?"

The Gods discussed it some more.

At the same time, they looked at White River Valley, staring at the youth on that peak.

His gaze was resolute. As if he knew that some people were spying on him, he raised his head to look into the sky.

The Gods were startled.

As they saw it, although Marvin was a Legend, he couldn't compare with Gods. He was only an ant that would be stomped.

But Marvin's sharp Perception surprised them.

"Don't look down on him."

"From what I know, this kid killed Diggles, and Glynos' slumber is also most likely related to him. This time, he took the initiative to ignite the Source of Fire's Order…"

"I have a feeling that the will of Feinan plane is drawing close to him. This isn't good news!" a gloomy voice warned. "We have to speed up!"

The Gods fell silent and continued attacking the Universe Magic Pool.

But at that time, on the dusky continent, a second flame soared high, piercing the fog!

Rocky Mountain!

In that exiled territory, Lorie personally ignited the Source of Fire's Order.

With the support of the three sisters' immense Magic Power, the flame quickly became brighter to the point of being more dazzling than White River Valley's!

White River Valley and Rocky Mountain... these two distant territories in the South seemed to be coordinating as they pierced through the fog despite them being on different sides of the continent.

Rays of hope seemed to have appeared on this continent that was on the brink of collapse.

The eyes of the Gods were immediately drawn to the new light.

In Rocky Mountain, the three sisters were standing alongside each other while Ding was cautiously adding all kinds of Luck buffs to the flame of Order.

Behind them, thousands of people were supporting them. They would follow the flame of Order, they would follow the three sisters' glory! In the nascent moments of a chaotic era, they pledged their lives to defend this long-forgotten territory!

"Three Fate Sorceresses!"

"What's going on in this world!?"

A weak God shouted with envy, "This is unfair!"

Some other Gods had some strange expressions.

If Marvin's senses had made them feel quite surprised, then the appearance of the three sisters made them feel jealous as Gods.

A Fate Sorceress was a great concern by herself. But three… And they were sisters… Their beauty and power were enough to make most of the Goddesses feel inadequate.

Numerous Gods quickly began to speak out.

A plot targeting Rocky Mountain was already in the making.

Feinan Continent.

If Marvin's flame gave them the first ray of hope, then Rocky Mountain's flame inspired people not to give up even in despair.

Mankind's potential was unlimited, especially in desperate situations.

Many intelligent people were able to come up with means to hide themselves. They had to survive the initial crisis and then look for a refuge.

It occurred to them that perhaps White River Valley and Rocky Mountain weren't the only places with the protection of the Source of Fire's Order.

Other forces might have their own methods.

Although the scenes in the sky were still as mournful as before, there were more than two peaceful places.

This gave people hope.

Five minutes later, an ancient Source of Fire released a completely new power.

Many could sense the flame burst in the horizon and the Great Elven King's shadow soared along with it to cover the entire forest.

The shadow of the Great Elven King seemed to be able to support the heavens and the earth. He was protecting the flame of Order with both hands as cautiously as Marvin.

But his way was more tyrannical. He prominently displayed his power in front of the Universe!

"Another one!"

The Gods felt a bit apprehensive!

They already knew that a few months earlier, the Universe Magic Pool had shaken and then a series of Sources of Fire's Order had descended to the human world...

But they thought that there shouldn't be more than a few people able to use the Source of Fire's Order in Feinan!

Most of the Wizards and even Legend Wizards didn't know how to use one of them!

Therefore, they hadn't worried too much about them.

But the results were a bit difficult to accept.

In a short twenty minutes or so, three of these flames had been ignited. Furthermore, all of them had powerful people guarding them.

An uneasy mood spread among the Gods.

It seemed that their plans weren't as perfect as they had thought.

They originally wanted to use the power of the transformed Wizards to wipe out most people before descending, starting their own shrines, and taking in the survivors.

These people would be able to grow under the Gods' glory and their children would be raised with firm beliefs.

But if there were too many people remaining and they hadn't suffered enough, their plans wouldn't come to fruition as easily.

The agitation of the Gods was quickly answered.

On a cold snowy mountain, an Abyss Gate suddenly opened.

A large number of Demons spread their wings and flew out.

A Demon Overlord took advantage of a crack created by the Gods' attack on the Universe Magic Pool to invade Feinan.

As they appeared on the mountain, they saw that there was a magnificent city spread before them!


The Demons rushed over to attack.

Under the effects of the Chaos Magic Power, they felt like fish in water. After all, Demons were monsters that originated from Chaos Magic Power.

They crazily rushed toward the city, while some of the people inside looked at the approaching monsters in fear.

Suddenly, a dazzling flame rose up like the sun.

The 4th Source of Fire's Order had been ignited.

Above Lavis Dukedom, a clear blue Ice Angel supported the flame of Order in her hands with a solemn visage.

"I have to guard the Source of Fire's Order, so I can only rely on you for the rest."

Although unwilling, Daniela knew that in the current circumstances, it was the best choice.

The Source of Fire's Order would bless the civilians, protecting them from the Chaos Magic Power, but it wouldn't be able to block the Demons.

In front of her, a black-winged angel holding two greatswords muttered in a low voice, "Who could have thought that you would sincerely request my help one day?"

"Moreover, I never would have thought that even the Cursed Well would be unable to decide a victor between us. Seems like Fate decided for it to be so."

"For us to be fighting on the same side... truly unexpected," he sighed.

There was no worry on Daniela's face as she dismissed, "You are speaking too much nonsense."

Turalyon smiled, not saying anything else as he dragged his two greatswords with him. The Fallen Angel rushed forth to slaughter the army of Demons!

He was fighting thousands of Demons alone!

The greatswords and inky wings danced chaotically.

Blood rained down!

Across the icy land, everyone watched this scene nervously.

Turalyon was able to personally block the attack of a whole Demon army, giving enough time for the Lavis Dukedom to deploy their own army.

Facing Demons, ordinary soldiers would be useless. Only the Sorcerers had the power to fight.

The Cridland clan's core power quickly gathered.

The Sorcerer army came out and bravely fought the blood-soaked Demons!

Daniela wanted to pitch in when she saw the fighting break out, but the Source of Fire's Order was critical to the survival of the Dukedom, so she could only stay back to guard it.

Even at that time, Turalyon's voice echoed in her ear. "It's off-topic, but when you were 7 years old, the person who poisoned you truly wasn't me."

Daniela looked distracted for a moment.

But Turalyon had already disappeared and the next second, an earth-shattering darkness enveloped the entire Demon Army!

A bloody light began to flicker rapidly in the darkness as the blood-curdling screeches of Demons echoed out!

This was a Fallen Angel trademark ability: Rule of Darkness!

After using it, Turalyon would enter a period of weakness.

Uneasiness suddenly flashed in Daniela's heart.

North, in the Supreme Jungle, another Source of Fire's Order was ignited.

Six Great Druids were waiting in formation, jointly guarding the flame.

At their call, thousands of Druids had rushed over from all over the world, escaping to the Sanctuary opened by the Migratory Bird Council.

The restless jungle once again regained its peace, but the crisis was far from over.

In the northeastern part of the North, a girl carrying three holy swords left a snowy mountain.

Her gaze was full of determination, and following behind her were five masked servants.

They were wearing handcuffs and legcuffs but gave off a dangerous aura.

The girl carrying the holy swords looked at the chaotic village ahead and resolutely said, "Start here."

A servant behind her said in a low voice, "All hear and obey your words."

"The bearer of the holy sword is considered the successor of the Valkyrie. Your decision is definitely not wrong."

The girl turned and rolled her eyes. "Your lines haven't changed. Talking about Destiny all day long, chosen by Fate, inheritor, Valkyrie and so on, it's so cliché."

She grabbed a cyan holy sword and her aura suddenly changed.

With the holy sword in hand, she seemed to have turned into a sharp blade as she charged fearlessly toward her enemy!


A violent Wizard was beheaded!

Blood splashed on the girl's face, but she didn't even blink before attacking her next target.

Cyan lightning flashed through the village and after a short five minutes, the village became strangely peaceful.

Every Wizard was already dead.

There was only a girl wiping her blade.

The five servants followed her closely.

The villagers shuddered while looking at the girl who had just shown off her abilities, before kneeling.

The girl frowned adorably but didn't say anything and just departed.

There were too many similar villages in the North and she had to clear them all out one by one. It was truly troublesome.

As the Gods watched the events progress, everything seemed to be going in the wrong direction.

Flames of Order were ignited one after the other.

Within three hours after the start of the Great Calamity, there were actually twelve locations that had each ignited a Source of Fire's Order!

Apart from the South Wizard Alliance's complete collapse, many small forces in the North actually had the blessing of a Source of Fire's Order.

Although most of those in the North came from the second batch and they were only about a third as effective as the first batch, they were still each able to protect a territory.

This was completely different from their prophecy!

Although most of Feinan was overcast, there were already twelve of these flames burning across the land.

In White River Valley, Marvin had already let go of his Source of Fire's Order!

The most dangerous period of time had passed and the Source of Fire's Order had transformed into a small raging sun.

It would now be very difficult to extinguish this fire.

Marvin didn't know whether to be happy or worried.

Dark Phoenix had yet to act, but this wasn't necessarily good.

She was still waiting, but the question was, what was she waiting for?

As Marvin was filled with doubts, that tall and lofty shadow above Thousand Leaves Forest suddenly left the Source of Fire's Order!

'What is he doing!'

Marvin was startled.

As many watched in shock, the Great Elven King suddenly left Feinan!

He went outside the Universe Magic Pool!

'He wants to stop the Gods from further damaging the Universe Magic Pool?'

Marvin made a wild guess. This was completely different from how it had happened in the game.

The Great Elven King was basically going on a path of no return this time!

Outside the Universe Magic Pool, there were no less than 28 Gods.

Meanwhile, in the extreme north, an old man carrying a small wine jug walked out drunkenly.

He turned to glance at the Legend Barbarian behind him and said, "Look over this place for me."

"Perhaps I can make it back alive."

The Legend Barbarian nodded resolutely but quite unwillingly, as tears were already flowing out.

The old man took a sip of the wine and sang a line from some unknown poem before walking toward the sky!

And the Great Elven King's silhouette stopped for a bit, apparently waiting for him!

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