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Tall shadows kept gathering in that specific part of the Astral Sea.

The three largest shadows appeared in the center. They looked a bit blurry, but they represented the most powerful New Gods!

They were three very powerful Gods who once explored the Primal Chaos Fringe and sought for proof of the Wizard God's departure.

For this attack on the Universe Magic Pool, 28 of the 37 New Gods chose to participate.

The other New Gods chose not to help.

But 28 Gods was more than enough to conduct the attack.

Although it was true that the Universe Magic Pool was a treasure Lance had set aside for this world, it had been operating for too many years.

When it became the Wizard Era in the most recent millennium, the Universe Magic Pool's load had suddenly increased because of the drastic rise in the number of Wizards and the usage of magic.

A crack had already begun to appear. But if no one added fuel to the fire, it could still last for another millennium.

But the Gods' Judgement Declaration wasn't a joke.

After announcing their intentions, they officially attacked.

All the shadows gathered in a circle and the frightening Divine Power that gathered began to wreak havoc in Feinan's surroundings!

"It's time to destroy the Universe Magic Pool," the central shadow mumbled.

The next second, a berserk Divine Power coursed out!

Heaven fell and the earth was sundered!

At this time, everyone woke up from their dreams.

The dark sky seemed very fierce as a crack flashed across it.

The Gods' Declaration echoed in their ears.

People with weaker wills immediately knelt in fright!

Most people didn't understand what was going on!

Some ran to the main street and saw the sky starting to rupture.

All the shadows were faintly discernible, and each of them carried a great mighty pressure.


The sound echoed in all directions, making their hearts' shiver.

Many people felt pain deep inside as if something important had broken.

Some even began to cry involuntarily.

The disturbance also happened in White River Valley.

But when they rushed out of their residences, they also noticed that person's shadow on the peak above them.

Lord Marvin.

He was standing there, guarding this territory.

As everyone silently gazed at Marvin's silhouette, they began to feel a lot calmer.

Everything in White River Valley settled down after the initial wave of panic. This was partially because Marvin had intentionally spread the news already.

'The 1st layer of the Universe Magic Pool broke.'

Marvin also heard that shattering sound.

The most fragile 1st layer disintegrated, representing the start of the disaster!

Because after the shattering of the 1st layer, a great amount of Chaos Magic Power would come pouring into Feinan within the next minutes!

The Great Calamity had finally begun!

"Breaking the 1st layer was a lot simpler than I thought."

"Yeah, I thought it would take much longer to get through."

"Wizard God Lance left. The Universe Magic Pool is nothing more than a Sanctuary. With our power, we can obviously shatter it easily."

The Gods communicated with each other about their progress.

They didn't stop after shattering the first layer and charged deeper into the underlying layers.

They needed the 4th Fate Tablet, which was hidden in the core of the Universe Magic Pool!

Barely breaking the first layer wasn't much to them.

They wanted to completely destroy the Universe Magic Pool!

This was a huge project and Marvin knew that the Gods previously took no less than a month to completely shatter the Universe Magic Pool.

This month was also the most chaotic month in Feinan.

All kinds of devastation appeared around the world, but in the Gods' eyes, this was something insignificant.

They didn't care about something like the lives of mere ants.

Only with the deaths of the stubborn people could they gain followers from those that remained.

Only when they were driven to desperation and completely helpless could they understand the need to worship.

Mankind was that sort of lowly lifeform.

This was the common understanding of the Gods.

But they seemed to have forgotten that before they ascended, they had been similar. A good number of them were humans.

In any case, the Calamity had already started.

After that shattering sound, the whole continent fell into chaos.

The shattering of the Universe Magic Pool had a great impact. Everyone's eyes were filled with fear.

They didn't know what exactly had happened, but their instincts told them that the future would be very frightening!

The Wizards gathered, still believing that they were the masters of this land.

The Judgement Declaration of the Gods did not affect their wills for the time being, and they gathered to discuss countermeasures.

Similar scenes appeared in each of the main cities across the South.

The city guards were trying their best to maintain law and order. There were frightened men kneeling on the ground and helpless women carrying their children as they ran to the streets. And thieves were brazenly and openly robbing people.

Some of the good and honest wanted to pray, but they didn't know to whom they should pray. The evildoers began acting as they wished everywhere. The people tasked with keeping order were resisting the chaotic interference in their minds as these words kept echoing in their heads:

Final Day. Judgement. Sin.

Over and over.

Many people were optimistic at first.

They believed that someone would stand out and save the world, like a hero of ancient times.

Those high and mighty Legend Wizards would certainly step up and do something.

However, after five minutes, the frightening scene in the sky didn't disappear, becoming more terrifying instead.

Scenes of cities in chaos like theirs were even displayed in the sky!

Soon, the Chaos Magic Power was released from the Universe Magic Pool and completely spread across the land!

From his position on the peak, Marvin noticed it and took a deep breath!

The real trials would start now!

If one looked down at Feinan from above at this moment, they would see a layer of dusky gas shrouding this formerly beautiful world.

Even the rays of the rising sun couldn't pierce through that cloudy layer!

The Chaos Magic Power had been restricted for too long, and finally was able to wreak havoc on the land!

In that split second, the wills of the mortals were attacked.

They began feeling negative, they began despairing, and some of them started to moan in suffering. There were even those that had their eyes go red as they grabbed knives to kill their children.

They started to believe that it truly was the Gods' Judgement.

They had all been condemned by the Gods. The Wizards didn't do anything to help and panic kept spreading!

But what the common folk didn't know was that the Wizards they were relying on had met an even more serious crisis!

Because of the connection between the Wizards and the Universe Magic Pool, 99% of the Chaos Magic Power pouring into the world was directed toward the Wizards!

Since they had always used the Universe Magic Pool as a bridge, this era's Wizards had had little direct contact with Chaos Magic Power, let alone having it invade their minds like it was doing now.

In an instant, most Wizards went out of control!

They left their Wizard Towers and started to cast their spells erratically!

At that time, they completely lost any traces of humanity and became frightening monsters controlled by the Chaos Magic Power. People were being slaughtered by the ones they had viewed as guardians.

And under the baptism of the Chaos Magic Power, the entire world itself began to transform.

But because of the utter bedlam, no one noticed!

Outside Feinan, the Gods continued attacking the Universe Magic Pool.

Meanwhile, they coldly watched everything happening in the mortal world.

"How could these people deserve to rule Feinan?"

"They have such weak willpower. This is just the 1st layer of the Universe Magic Pool. Once more Chaos Magic Power pours into the world, hehe…"

"Slaughter, slaughter as much as you like, the so-called judgement is only to make them feel scared, to make them worship us."

"This way, once we set foot on Feinan once again, the ants will kiss the earth below us!"

The Gods started getting excited.

They began using their Divine Power to influence the world.

As a result, the dusky sky became like a magic mirror.

All the chaos happening in all corners of the world was reflected in the sky and everyone raised their heads, looking at the scenes with despair.

"Heavens! Is this truly Judgement Day?" someone in Bass Harbor howled in grief.

As if in response, a Fireball grimly blew him to pieces!

Blood flew everywhere!

The more Wizards there were in a given place, the more desperate the tumult was!

Even if the guards of some cities could still try to maintain order at the start, with the Wizards now joining the fray, the cities completely crumbled.

The Wizard Era had finally come to an end!

All the non-Legend Wizards suffered the pain of having their wills shattered and they became monsters that went around slaughtering people indiscriminately.

And after changing, their strength sharply increased because of the abundance of Magic Power!

They could use all kinds of spells because the Magic Power was in their bodies and it seemed inexhaustible!

Flames. Ice. Howls. Blood. Slaughter. Craziness...

Everything was mixed up together on the screens in sheer pandemonium!

Innocents thought of every way they could escape, but they were chased after by the Wizard Monsters.

In fact, the countryside villages were much better off.

Many farmers looked at the sky, wondering why this all had happened.

Why did the Wizards protecting them suddenly become monsters?

White River Valley.

Most of the people were watching the scenes in the sky, feeling absolutely stunned.

They saw that this was happening all over Feinan.

Compared to the other places, White River Valley was eerily peaceful.

Occasionally there would be one person here or there who couldn't handle the corrosion of Chaos Magic Power and started going crazy. But these people would be taken away by a silent Dark Knight.

No one saw what happened to them after being taken away, but there was no need for words. Most had some sort of a guess in mind.

The adventurers clearly realized why Marvin had decided to not recruit Wizards.

But some people felt a bit odd about this. Although Marvin didn't agree to recruit Wizards, it didn't mean that there were absolutely no Wizards in White River Valley.

Where did those Wizards go? Why wasn't there any turmoil in White River Valley?

They looked at Marvin's thin silhouette with even more respect.

Marvin stood on the peak feeling the Chaos Magic Power in the wind as he coldly paid attention to the progress of the situation.

But he still felt helplessness and anger spread in his heart.

Although he already knew that all this would happen, actually experiencing it was always different.

Most of the people in this world were innocent.

After being born, they matured, married, had children, and then grew old.

They didn't do anything significant that changed the world, for better or for worse. They were just ordinary people.

But at this moment, the biggest casualties were those ordinary people!

They were innocents.

Unfortunately, Marvin could only protect a small amount of them.

The reason why no rioting happened in White River Valley was simple.

All the Wizards in White River Valley had been gathered by Marvin and on the eve of the Great Calamity, he had them drink a special mixture from the Migratory Bird Council.

This kind of rare medicine could make the Wizards sleep for more than a month.

While unconscious, they wouldn't be influenced by the Chaos Magic Power.

This was the only method Marvin thought of to prevent the collapse of the Universe Magic Pool from affecting Wizards as much. He had previously thought of using it for Wayne as a last resort, but Wayne found his own better path so there was no need for it.

The chaos was still going on.

Howls were resounding here and there and the world was in a pitiful condition.

No one knew where to go. In just moments, this world seemed to have lost all semblance of order!

The entire Universe's powerhouses were looking on coldly.

The Evil Spirits were dancing crazily, the Devils were gathering in Hell, and the Demons were excitedly fighting amongst each other in preparation for what was to come...

Their eyes were all aiming at Feinan.

They all knew that after the collapse of the Universe Magic Pool, the plane's barriers would become extremely frail!

It would be a lot easier for them to march on Feinan!

As for those pathetic mortals, no one pitied them.

In any case, the reproductive ability of mankind was very good. A large number dying off would eventually be balanced out by a large number being born.

A world-shaking roar suddenly came from the Primal Chaos Fringe!

This roar was frightening like a Dragon's and spread through all of Feinan.

People became even more frightened.

Some more knowledgeable people recognized this roar as the sound made by a Savage Beast!

Under the temptation of all the Chaos Magic Power, they were unable to hold back and began rushing toward Feinan from every direction!

This beautiful land had already been fragmented.

At this time, no one expected a miracle to appear anymore.

The Judgement of the Gods, the Wizards becoming monsters, the Savage Beasts rushing to Feinan...

Who could they pray to for help?

But at this time, an orange-yellow light suddenly spread in the sky.

A peaceful aura was coming from the South.

The feeling was so distinct.

It felt like a small flame shining in the night. Even if it was far away, it was still very clear.

Everyone's attention was drawn toward that small flame.

Some people who were still clear-headed realized that the flame had appeared south of the Shrieking Mountain Range!

White River Valley!

Marvin stood on the mountain peak with both hands raised.

The Source of Fire's Order was finally ignited and the indomitable power of Order began to sweep across the land!

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