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Chapter 417: Black Coral Island

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Above the Remains Island sea, a frightening Dragon head was overlooking all living things, his shocking power suppressing the Legends and making them unable to breathe for a moment!

This was Tidomas' true power.

He was a lot stronger than Diggles, and even though it was only a head that couldn't manifest for a long period of time, it still exerted a frightening pressure on the Legends.

They were some of the most powerful people of the world below, but before the Universe's real powerhouses, they seemed insignificant.


Sky Fury triggered his Bronze Dragon transformation, but the originally huge Bronze Dragon seemed small in front of the huge Dragon head.

Black Dragon Izaka also waved his tail in worry.

Although he was also a mighty Ancient Dragon, he was in front of Tidomas, an ancestor of Dragons.

Although he became corrupt from the temptation of the Evil Spirit Sea's power, he was far beyond what Feinan's Dragons could contend against.

"Insignificant mortal…" Tidomas said disdainfully, "I was disturbed by a fool last time, but this time I'll personally kill you!"

His eyes focused on Marvin with a thick killing intent.

Marvin naturally knew that during his trip in Saruha, if it hadn't been for the Pale Hand foolishly helping him out, he would most likely have encountered Tidomas' projection.

But despite the situation, he was worried about Dark Phoenix's plan!

That woman was up to something.

Summoning Tidomas was only to delay them, preventing them from pursuing.

'She is definitely doing something very important because otherwise, she wouldn't have let go of such an opportunity to kill me.'

Marvin thought hard and suddenly looked at the people at his sides.

The others naturally were no fools, and were also able to realize this.

Marvin was hesitating when O'Brien suddenly fiercely punched Tidomas' head!

"Marvin! Owl! You two go first!" he called out. Without any further words, he continued to fight Tidomas!

Inheim and Sky Fury also pounced over.

Stalling Tidomas while Marvin and Owl tracked Dark Phoenix was the best choice since Tidomas wouldn't stay for long. It was clear that dealing with her conspiracy was most important.

Actually, Marvin had already realized this, but he felt it would be a bit embarrassing to be the one to say that he should leave.

The others naturally wouldn't mind if it came from O'Brien.

Although they felt some fear when facing that Dragon Might, that didn't mean they didn't dare to fight!

After all, they were this world's most powerful people.

If they didn't dare to take up the challenge, who could face this world's upcoming disaster?

They had to fight!

Black Dragon Izaka roared. Under Marvin's orders, he had to brace himself and fight.

In an instant, everyone surrounded the Dragon head.

Marvin took a deep breath, taking advantage of this opportunity to flee to the Shadow Plane.

On the other side, Owl was even more slippery and had already disappeared.

Tidomas was furious.

"Come back!" he roared.

His roar was filled with the power of Dragon Might. It not only stunned the Legends but even affected those in the Shadow Plane.

Sure enough, a silhouette awkwardly appeared and fell down from the sky!

Shadow Thief Owl fell on a reef, and Tidomas grinned evilly as he aimed mouthful of Dragon Breath at him.

The green flames burnt Owl to ashes...

But the figure struggling in the middle of the ashes turned out to be a paper clone!

The real Shadow Thief Owl already took advantage of the situation to escape through the Shadow Plane.

And there was no need to speak about Marvin because when he prepared to escape, he had taken out Weeping Sky.

By holding it, Tidomas' Dragon Might simply couldn't hinder his movements anymore, let alone in the Shadow Plane!

In the black night, the two twisting shadows kept flying above the sea.

They were appearing and disappearing from time to time, their speed incomparable.

"Maintaining this kind of speed is truly too strenuous," Marvin complained. He was using the Shadow Plane's vortexes as springboards to travel back and forth between the Prime Material Plane and the Shadow Plane.

Relying on this, he could cover large distances very rapidly.

Little did he know that his performance greatly startled Shadow Thief Owl.

If not for him knowing that Marvin had just become a Legend, he might have believed that this guy had been in the Legend realm for many years.

He seemed to know the Shadow Plane like the back of his hand.

Only a handful of Legend rogues could use the Shadow Vortexes to this extent in all of Feinan.

And one considered the best among them was Owl.

After all, Shadow Thief was one of the classes most familiar with the Shadow Plane!

Noticing Owl looking at him as if he were a monster, Marvin laughed gently and explained, "My Domain is [Shadow]."

Owl was at a loss for a moment before shaking his head.

Even if the Shadow Domain would increase one's understanding of the Shadow Plane, to be so familiar with it, one had to train for a long time.

Everyone had their own secrets. In his eyes, Marvin had too many secrets and things he was holding back.

The two remained silent for most of their trip across the sea.

This method of travel used a lot of stamina, but the speed was extremely fast.

A red line was visible in Marvin's field of view, and its path was extremely clear.

This was the guidance from Night Tracking.

The effects of that skill had improved after advancing to Legend. Although Marvin didn't obtain any item that belonged to Dark Phoenix, with her hanging around and talking so much, he was able to lock onto her aura and characteristics.

Thus, after she disappeared, he used Night Tracking and could clearly follow her path.

This path was perfectly straight, going northwest the whole time.

After some time, they went into a boundless fog.

The waters ahead were extremely dark.

They weren't dark because it was night, but because these waters were full of black corals and black algae.

'She really returned to the Black Coral Islands!'

'She might have only gone to Remains Island to kill, and then taken the opportunity to give us some trouble when we happened to arrive.'

Marvin thought hard.

Tidomas' appearance might have been something Dark Phoenix thought of later when she realized that the group of Legends had come. Her real goal in Remains Island was to kill Pietrus.

That pitiful Pirate King had originally been Dark Phoenix's doppelganger and would often do some despicable stuff for her since she couldn't appear.

But now that she had decided to stop acting behind the scenes, the Pirate King's value to her had plummeted.

Because he could leak some of her weak points or maybe other secrets.

Thus, she had to kill him before her enemies caught him.

She had succeeded, and Marvin couldn't do anything about this.

'I hope there is nothing wrong with Hathaway.'

The closer they got to the Black Coral Islands, the more nervous Marvin was.

At that time, Owl suddenly rushed out of the Shadow Plane and stopped on a coral.

Marvin also stopped, looking at the island in front of them.

Black Coral Island.

Its other isles were surrounding it, and the isle in the east wasn't very visible. That was where Hathaway should be frozen.

Marvin felt anxious.

"Let's check the east side first," Owl said gently.

Marvin nodded in agreement, and the two sped over to the eastern isle.

When they saw it clearly, Marvin's body froze!

There was nothing on the isle besides crushed rocks!

That angelic ice sculpture… had already disappeared.

"How… How could this be?"

"Did we go to the wrong place?"

Shadow Thief Owl's expression also changed.

Marvin's heart beat madly, but he still forced himself to remain calm.

He quickly got closer and found some fragments of ice crystals on the island!

These ice crystals were special. They would forever remain the same, never disappearing.

'No bloodstains…'

'She didn't send a signal for help…'

'Dark Phoenix's strength shouldn't have reached this level.'

Marvin's thoughts were in disorder, but his mind could still be considered clear-headed.

Dark Phoenix couldn't have killed Hathaway without the latter being able to communicate!

She was a Seer!

'Could Dark Phoenix have taken her away?'

As Marvin was thinking, a thin shadow flew from the main island!

He was sitting on a purple flying carpet, approaching at an incredible speed.

Owl disappeared from his spot in silence.

Marvin coldly watched that man draw near.

The latter stopped the flying carpet and looked at Marvin in a condescending manner. "You are the one who wants to stop Teacher's great plan?"

"A waste unable to protect his own woman actually dares to set foot on the site of the Black Coral Islands?"

Marvin forcibly repressed his urge to draw his daggers. "What happened to Hathaway?"

"She died," he sneered.

"Wrong." Marvin's hands were already on the handles of his daggers. "I'll give you another chance."

"Dead is dead!" The man howled with laughter as he boasted, "No one can stop Teacher's plan! She will rule this Universe. What are Seers? How could they not turn to ashes in front of Teacher's Divine Fire?"

"I believe your name is Marvin, right? Teacher was too careful in the past. She had planned to keep enduring. Thanks to your appearance, Teacher shifted her plan. I have to thank you for that."

"The few of us have already been restrained for too long and can finally let everyone see our strength!"

Marvin looked at him with pity. "You aren't the first disciple of Dark Phoenix that will die to my weapons."

"I'm not a waste like Monica who only knows how to show off and flirt!" Chains of lightning suddenly burst from the man on the flying carpet, surrounding Marvin.

"Remember the name of the one who killed you!"

"I am Wilhelm, a future Vassal God affiliated to the God of Magic!"

"I am the embodiment of Thunder and Lightning!"

Wilhelm's shouts actually transmitted through the booming thunder!

The next second, the lightning fell. Marvin's expression sank as he unsheathed his pair of [Azure Leaf]s.

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