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Chapter 415: Miserable Condition

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"Sir Marvin, Remains Island is in sight!" the Captain warned. The captured pirate had been considered Pirate King Pietrus' trusted aide.

Don't count on pirates' loyalty; with some coercion and temptation, the location of Remains Island was disclosed.

And that sinister outline ahead of them was a strange sea canyon. 

It was said that this had formed due to the corpse of an Ancient Rock Dragon.

The ship was sailing calmly through the entrance of the passage, which strikingly resembled a bloody mouth.

But what made Marvin uneasy was that the Hellhound had noticed an aura of death!

Something flashed in his mind.

"Stop the ship!" he ordered loudly.

The captain was somewhat stunned, but he immediately carried out Marvin's order.

The Wind Fairy stopped propelling the wind and the ship slowly came to a stop outside the canyon.

A dense fog was blocking their line of sight.

By that time, it wasn't only the Hellhound, which was very sensitive toward souls, that had noticed something wrong. The Legends also felt something disturbing!

"It's the aura of souls, the aura of numerous people that died!"

Sky Fury, as a Great Druid, was most sensitive to spirits and suddenly had that feeling.

He waved his hand and a light green Nature spell instantly took shape.

[Piercing Eye]!

A large green ball condensed at the front of the ship and shone like a lighthouse, piercing through the entire sea canyon.

Green mist then condensed and formed several images.

These images showed what was on the other side.

As everyone looked at those scenes, their expressions changed drastically!

Even that pirate, who had been here many times, was greatly frightened!

How was that Remains Island? It clearly was the Nine Hells!

Marvin took a deep breath.

An island shaped like a crescent moon could be seen on the images displayed by the Piercing Eye.

These islands had uncanny cliffs and were surrounded by reefs. They looked like they would be rather easy to defend.

No wonder the Pirate King chose this place as his headquarters.

All of Remains Island only had one road.

But at this moment, the images showed the sight of a purgatory!

Corpses were scattered across the island: on the docks, on floating planks, stuck in ropes, and even on the reefs.

None of the corpses were intact, and all of them had suffered terrible deaths.

Some had their chests opened up, while others had holes in their necks.

In short, every pirate there had died a tragic death.

It was clear that they were the pirates who had been following Pirate King Pietrus.

There were more than two thousand people there!

Yet these thousands were now all corpses. This made everyone feel even colder.

The pirate who was leading the way trembled and fell to the ground.

"How could this be?"

The pirate muttered under his breath, "When we left for battle, the island was still fine…"

He suddenly rejoiced in his heart when seeing the corpses of some of the pirates who escaped.

He was still alive because he had been captured.

And those who escaped to Remains Island had already died unfathomable deaths!

He lowered his head, not daring to look again. This scene was a complete nightmare!

On the deck, the Legends wore unsightly expressions.

Sky Fury maintained his Piercing Eye, sweeping around all of Remains Island.

In the end, they found Pirate King Pietrus' corpse on the dock.

After the Mechanical Titan sank the Pirate King's ship, he didn't know what to do in the end.

Still, with his ability, escaping to Remains Island wasn't an issue. Marvin had decided that they should come straight to Remains Island to look for him.

But now that they found him, this guy was already dead.

He had a spear stabbed through his heart, firmly nailing him on a pillar at the dock.

They could even see the consternation in his eyes as the image shown by Piercing Eye focused.

What did he encounter that made him so shocked?

The atmosphere on the deck was very grave.

Marvin shook his head and said two words: "Dark Phoenix."

This was the only explanation.

The others might not believe it, but Marvin was already quite certain that this matter was Dark Phoenix's work.

But for what purpose?

Marvin suddenly had a bad feeling.

He had provoked Dark Phoenix in the open because Hathaway had told him that Dark Phoenix couldn't harm her life. But it was very unlikely for Hathaway to be able to escape on her own, so she needed Marvin.

But Dark Phoenix's crazy move here made Marvin worry about Hathaway's safety.

"Go to Black Coral Islands now!" Marvin ordered.

But before he could say more, a black-gowned silhouette quickly flashed on the Piercing Eye's image!

"There is someone!" Sky Fury shouted.

That black-gowned figure seemed to sense something. It turned around, but the face couldn't be seen under a wretched white mask!

The figure waved a hand and a purple lightning instantly destroyed the Piercing Eye!

Only a thick fog remained in front of everyone.

"Damn! This is definitely Dark Phoenix."

Marvin lost his calm.

Dark Phoenix rarely took action, but when she did, it would always be a huge move.

Killing so many people here definitely wasn't just to vent!

"Wait here, I'll go take a look first!"

The next second, Black Dragon Izaka unwillingly flew out at Marvin's command.

Marvin jumped on the Dragon's back, and even the Hellhound hopped on. This made Izaka extremely angry, but he had signed a contract with Marvin, so he could only restrain himself.

The Black Dragon immediately spread his wings and broke through the dense fog, flying toward Remains Island!

The other Legends hesitated but decided to follow.

Sky Fury summoned a flock of Great Eagles to carry the Legends who couldn't fly and they followed Marvin as they charged to Remains Island!

The bloody smell on Remains Island was very thick.

The black-gowned person was hovering in the sky, looking coldly at the fog in the distance while muttering, "Found out so quickly? I truly underestimated you, Marvin…"

"That's fine. These wastes will be taken care of while also giving you a huge gift!"

"I can't delay my plans because of these guys."

She began chanting an incantation.

A sickly green radiance appeared on the corpses across Remains Island.

Countless carved runes floated up and ultimately formed a deep green skeletal Dragon head!


The sound of a Dragon's roar that seemed to have crossed through countless worlds echoed out.

The black-gowned person smiled. "Long time no see, Tidomas…"

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