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Facing the two newly advanced Legends, the crowd, which had just rushed back into the hall, went silent.

They were Sorcerers of the Numan bloodline, so they naturally could feel Daniela and Turalyon's power.

The process of advancement for Sorcerers might not be too complicated, but the outcome was extremely simple.

At least it wouldn't use too much time.

People with discerning eyes could notice that both of them advanced to the Legend realm!

Daniela in her Ice Angel shape seemed even more prideful and threatening. As for Turalyon in his Fallen Angel shape, he was a lot more somber and made those that looked upon him even more frightened.

The two newly advanced Legends were glaring at each other. If not for the Great Duke standing in the middle, a violent struggle might have broken out.

After absorbing the Divine Source and obtaining unimaginable power, it was normal for them to want to vent.

Marvin wasn't surprised by this outcome.

Daniela was bound to become a Legend Ice Angel, while Turalyon also had great skill and exceptional talent.

He had been suppressed by Daniela in the game's timeline, but he had an opportunity this time.

This was due to Marvin.

The world had already changed.

Marvin took a deep breath and looked at the Great Duke, wondering how he would handle it.

The others were also looking at this elder who had defended the Dukedom for dozens of years.

The old man with one foot in the grave slowly stood up from his chair and looked toward the two heirs of the Dukedom. "Follow me to the [Cursed Well]."

These words caused a commotion.

No one expected the Great Duke to make such a decision.

But with his power and prestige, no one dared to question it.

Daniela nodded at Marvin and followed the Great Duke. Turalyon hesitated slightly, and then also followed.

After the three people left the hall, the entire hall burst into an uproar.

Marvin was originally confused, but after others explained, he understood their reactions.

The Cursed Well was the Dukedom's most dangerous location.

It was rumored that even Legend realm experts could fall inside.

In short, it was a fierce place like the Secret Garden.

Apparently, only the Cridland's leader could control the Cursed Well.

There was only one end for any others that attempted it.

As for what was there, no one in this hall was clear about it.

They only knew that in the past few centuries, there had been various powerhouses who wanted to enter the Cursed Well, but in the end, there was no news about it.

Now that the Great Duke and the two Legend candidates entered the Cursed Well, could it be that he wanted to use the situation in the Cursed Well to find out who was the stronger of the two?

Wasn't this a bit too decisive?

Marvin was actually looking forward to this, though the information about the Cursed Well from the people in the hall wasn't too reliable.

And the Great Duke didn't mention how long it would take before leaving, which made Marvin a bit regretful.

Because he had to immediately leave the Lavis Dukedom.

Before the banquet, Shadow Thief Owl had already brought some news to him: The Legends invited by Marvin had already gathered in White River Valley.

Marvin had originally planned to depart after seeing Daniela becoming Lavis' new leader.

But it seemed that this wouldn't do now.

Shadow Thief Owl left first, and Marvin had no choice but to leave Lavis Dukedom.

He hoped to get good news from Daniela after he was done with everything that he needed to handle before the Great Calamity.

Daniela did help him a lot after all.

Marvin returned to River Shore City through the long distance Teleportation Array at the top of the snowy mountain, and from there he headed to White River Valley.

There was nothing he could do about that.

White River Valley didn't have a Wizard Tower. Even if Marvin made Madeline start building a long distance Teleportation Array that could assimilate plane marks in White River Valley, this wasn't a thing that could be settled in a day or two.

The Craftsman Wizards from the Craftsman Tower were already working extra hours on it. After the start of the war with the Alliance, they almost wanted to leave, but Madeline made them stay for Marvin.

And the result of the war made the Craftsman Wizards shut their mouths. No one knew White River Valley's might better than them.

They could only helplessly keep working.

Marvin didn't want to force them, but they did have a deal, and without the long distance Teleportation Array, he wouldn't let them go.

He flew from River Shore City to White River Valley. Marvin made a quick circle around the area under his rule.

He was sitting on Madeline's flying carpet and soon finished looking over his land.

As expected, with the Golems' assistance, the defenses around the perimeter of White River Valley perimeter were built quickly.

In a bit less than a day, a small fort had been built on the road from the Alliance to River Shore City.

And on each side were the Despair Hills and the Deathly Silent Hills. These two areas were very ominous places. Even the Alliance's main forces wouldn't dare approach those areas lightly.

Marvin was even more focused on the other side.

The Alliance's army shouldn't be able to gather before the Great Calamity.

And once the Great Calamity started, the Chaos Magic Power would make the world return to Primal Chaos in a short time. The monsters in the wilderness would become more violent and rampage due to the Chaos Magic Power.

Thus he had to establish walls stable enough at the southern side of White River Valley.

He would rely on the Adventurer Camp, Sha Village, and Sword Harbor to build an unstoppable defensive line.

Once Marvin gave his order, his subordinates would implement it very precisely.

This was an advantage of dictatorship. The efficiency was a lot better.

With the physical defenses, as well as the preparations Marvin made for a Sanctuary and the Source of Fire's Order, White River Valley would be able to smoothly make it through the period of the Great Calamity.

He took a long break after his inspection.

"Let's go, let's not make them wait too long," Marvin told Madeline.

The latter nodded. She had been a Half-Demon Legend powerhouse, but was now reduced to being Marvin's driver. This was a rather pitiful sight.

But this was the reality. Madeline wasn't able to resist the Book of Nalu's temptation. Otherwise, with time, she would definitely have become one of the most successful Legend Wizards.

When Marvin returned to the castle, the air in the living room was a bit oppressive.

Wayne and Anna had been taking care of these guests, and although the two could be considered the leaders of this place, they weren't Legends so they were unable to say much.

Fortunately, these Legends were familiar with each other and freely chatted in groups of two or three.

And the instant Marvin entered the living room, the atmosphere immediately changed.

Marvin's gaze swept across everyone, nodding gratefully at each of them.

The first time, he had only been a small character who had put forward a plan to many Legends.

Despite him displaying heaven-defying power many times, to these Legends, he had only been a young man with potential that was worth befriending.

But now, this potential had become strength!

Ruler of the Night!

A very powerful Legendary class appeared in front of them. They had heard of the deaths of Monica and the Killer Amazon.

Just from this feat, no one dared to underestimate Marvin.

Moreover, this guy had always been very crafty.

They all smiled at Marvin one after the other. The current Marvin could stand on an equal footing with them.

After Marvin took his seat and chatted a bit with the Legends, he went to the main issue!

This time, he invited everyone not only to save Hathaway, but also to carefully discuss the alliance between their powers after the Great Calamity.

But that matter could be put off until later.

The most important thing right now was to take advantage of the time before the Great Calamity and the recent defeat of Dark Phoenix's forces to attack the Black Coral Islands and save Hathaway.

Moreover, Marvin also decided to make Dark Phoenix's identity public at this time.


"First of all, I am very grateful to everyone for taking some time to come and help me."

"You might have thought that this was a simple rescue operation."

"But in fact, it isn't."

Next, Marvin shocked everyone with his calm declaration.

"We have to kill Dark Phoenix."

The hall was silent after these words were uttered.

The expressions of the Legends looking at Marvin were all different. Whether these people had a deep relationship with Marvin or not, they had at least interacted with him a few times. They knew Marvin wasn't one to speak without reason.

There were numerous Legends present. Almost all the Legends Marvin could look for were gathered together.

Legend Monk Inheim had just arrived at White River Valley and he was the first to propose a plan to rescue Hathaway. He had a decent relationship with her. He, Hathaway, and Owl had been the ones to handle the Shadow Prince that time.

White Deer Holy Spirit Lorant and Great Druid Sky Fury were also there. The Heavenly Deer's strength was also very formidable. This time, Marvin's information let him go back to the Sage Desert to warn the Bai clans, and for the favor of saving his children, he straightforwardly came to help.

As for Sky Fury, he had also fought together with Marvin in the Decaying Plateau. He ultimately transformed into a Bronze Dragon, leaving a strong impression on everyone.

And besides Sky Fury, another Great Druid had appeared in White River Valley. But to Marvin's surprise, this wasn't Endless Ocean, even though he had asked Constantine to invite her. It was actually Mother of Creation who turned up uninvited.

She had spoken first. "The Migratory Bird Council is very grateful for your reminder. Most of the Druids in the North's forests began to move to a Sanctuary. Lady Endless Ocean has her own arrangements, and thus is unable to come help."

She glanced at Constantine when she said those words, and Marvin noticed Constantine having a very forced smile.

He knew that there was something going on between Endless Ocean and Constantine, so what had happened here?

Did the two have a falling-out?

But whatever the case, Marvin had no energy to get to the bottom of this.

Mother of Creation was a Great Druid just like Sky Fury and Endless Ocean. In fact, she was very proficient in healing and recovery. She had saved Marvin and Inheim's lives.

Marvin expressed his gratitude for her appearance and thanked the Migratory Bird Council.

Whether it was Endless Ocean or the Mother of Creation, his plan didn't involve them following along to deal with Dark Phoenix.

Besides the Great Druid, there were two Night Walkers. In fact, eighteen of the nineteen members of the Night Walker organization had already arrived at White River Valley.

Anna helped them settle near the former leader, Old Sean. These people were elites and followed O'Brien's commands.

As for Constantine, he was here as an invited guest. He was the chief of the Shas, after all.

There was still a Legend powerhouse missing from the Night Walkers, but unfortunately, when O'Brien contacted her, she was still busy with a group of Demons in the Abyss and shouldn't be able to come back on time.

Regardless, with the addition of the Night Walkers, White River Valley was even more secure. O'Brien had once probed whether Marvin was interested in taking the leadership of the Night Walkers, but Marvin replied that this matter should be kept for later. He had too many things to focus on at the moment.

He had to save Hathaway and survive the Great Calamity.

And the first matter was clearly the most important part of tonight's gathering.

He had to persuade these Legend powerhouses, because he wouldn't be able to kill Dark Phoenix with his own strength.

"I don't understand."

Owl raised a concern. "Dark Phoenix saved your life. Even if she captured Hathaway and pressured White River Valley... even if like you said last time, she might be related to a God, I don't think it's worth going all out against her."

The other Legends also thought like this.

If it was just a rescue, as long as some of them could hold back Dark Phoenix, the others could save Hathaway.

That kind of mission would be far simpler than killing Dark Phoenix.

Most people weren't prepared for a decisive battle.

But Marvin's next words completely shattered their hesitation. "She is a God."


Everyone was astonished!

Even the experienced and knowledgeable Inheim and Owl were also startled.

"Impossible!" Inheim said decisively, "I fought Glynos many times, and I know how to differentiate a God's aura."

"I fought with Dark Phoenix several times, her body doesn't have a God's strength."

"That is because she is a God, yet not a God. At best, she could only be considered a Half-God. But her power is already very frightening," Marvin clarified.

"This is also the reason I sought everyone."

Marvin slowly asked, "In fact, does anyone know what era Dark Phoenix is from?"

Everyone froze, not understanding Marvin's meaning.

Sky Fury looked toward Lorant. The latter hesitated before shaking his head.

"See, even the oldest doesn't know of Dark Phoenix's origins," Marvin said solemnly. "You might think I have a grudge toward Dark Phoenix and thus want to kill her."

"But in fact, before Hathaway froze herself, she sent a piece of information to me."

"The content of the information could shake the entire South."

After saying this, the living room was completely silent.

Marvin faintly tapped his finger before continuing, "Dark Phoenix is someone from the 3rd Era. She had a fragment of Fate Tablet."

"And actually more than just one!"

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