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That shadow showed up so suddenly that no matter how good anyone's perception was, nobody had foreseen its appearance.

But in a short time, it attracted everyone's attention!

After all, the lighthouse shone on the boundless layer of ice, which made it very conspicuous for a quickly-moving shadow to suddenly appear there.


Wayne immediately pointed out the shadow's identity as his eyes filled with tears!

These days, he had heard too many rumors, so he could only feel relieved after finally seeing Marvin in person.

The people on Sword Harbor's city wall were all pleasantly surprised.

They were very familiar with Marvin and could see that this was definitely Marvin's back.

It seemed that every time his territory was in a critical situation, he would appear just in time.

And his appearance signaled that the crisis would soon be settled.

Everyone thought like this!

'What is he trying to do on his own!'

Only Daniela was worried. She was different than the others, not having such blind trust in Marvin.

After all, that was the Sea Monster who occupied the Emerald Sea for a millennium, Logenath!

Anna held her breath, closely watching the silhouette that was rushing along the sheet of ice.

This guy really made others worry.

But he finally returned.

Since he returned, everything will be fine, right?

She knew Marvin wouldn't do something he wasn't sure of. Since he rushed to the Sea Monster, he was certain to defeat it.

The White Elephant chamber of commerce and the pirates also grew restless when they noticed Marvin.

Apart from Pirate King Pietrus, they didn't know about Monica's death.

They were only shocked by Marvin's appearance.

But when they saw this so-called Hero charging toward Logenath by himself, they relaxed.

The Alliance's Wizards sneered, "He is courting death! Even a Legend powerhouse wouldn't dare to fight Logenath in the sea."

Someone else agreed, "Of course! Otherwise, the Alliance would have already pacified the seas and wouldn't have let that Pietrus guy move unhindered for so long."

But as he finished his sentence, the man realized something wrong.

At the will of the Alliance, they had allied with Pirate King Pietrus and the White Elephant Chamber of Commerce's private army.

But whatever the case, Marvin's return was outside his expectations.

Pietrus frowned, staring at the shadow on the ice.

'This is the guy you are afraid of?'

'His strength is good... A pity his brain isn't.'

The Pirate King sneered and secretly gave out an order, making Sea Monster Logenath change his target.

Give up on the ice layer, go all out on Marvin!


The voice of the Sea Monster came from the sea.

But suddenly, that shadow rushing across the ice stopped.

Marvin casually tore apart a scroll to amplify sounds and spoke out:

"Those ships over there, listen to this Lord!"

"You already entered White River Valley's private waters. This is part of my territory. You have five minutes to leave these waters."

"Otherwise you'll receive an unimaginable punishment."

These words created a commotion.

Whether it was the Pirate King's group or White River Valley's people, they all felt their heartbeats quicken.

Those from White River Valley were looking at each other in dismay. Fidel couldn't help but say, "Since when did he have such thick skin?"

The others coughed. Even if they didn't say anything, they felt the same.

With the army pressuring the territory, the Overlord had returned and wasn't clear about the situation yet...

And he actually threatened the enemies?

Even if he said something good in this kind of situation, the other side would still not let him off. Wouldn't such a weird declaration only infuriate the enemy even more?

Just as expected...

A chaotic array of scolding echoed from the other side.

The composition of the forces making up the Alliance's forces on the sea was even more complex.

It consisted of the White Elephant Chamber of Commerce's private ships, the South Wizard Alliance's direct subordinates along with some recruited adventurers, and the Pirate King's troops.

They were all working for Dark Phoenix and jointly aimed at White River Valley.

They originally wanted to use their power to grab White River Valley while Monica advanced from the other side, but they didn't expect the issues.

First, they were obstructed by a layer of ice and had to call on Logenath, and now the supposedly "dead" Overlord of the territory had appeared.

Every time that guy appeared in public, he would create a world-shaking event.

Thus, many experts had been cautious and alarmed when he appeared.

But who would have thought that this guy would make such a brainless provocation!

This actually made them more confident.

To think the rumored Marvin only amounted to this much.

The chaotic scolding gradually calmed down, and eventually, the Chamber of Commerce's owner personally made an appearance.

After all, this was a punitive war using the matter of Marvin stealing the Southie as the justification. Having the owner appear personally couldn't be better.

"Mister Marvin, I'm afraid you misunderstand something."

"The Alliance already took back the title they conferred you. This territory and its waters are owned by the South Wizard Alliance. We are under the orders of the Alliance to reclaim this territory for the Alliance."

"This is no longer your private territory. If you are still clear-headed and surrender early, maybe it won't affect the people close to you."

The owner continued pensively, "As for you, you have already committed the following crimes: Stealing a legitimate vessel of the Alliance, murdering a noble of the Alliance, ignoring the Alliance higher-up's rule, colluding with Devils… These charges together are more than enough. Accept the Alliance's punishment."

Marvin stood on the ice and sneered, "The Alliance wants to act against me, so why the need to make those false charges?"

"In any case, I already warned you. Whoever takes a step forward will die!"

Everyone in White River Valley's side was stunned.

Marvin's words filled them with disbelief.

This wasn't just resisting the Alliance, it was simply asking for trouble!

He really planned to go against the South Wizard Alliance?

Worry flashed through their eyes.

And the people on the ship were extremely angry!


Really too arrogant!

He was a madman!

Who did that guy think he was? Even Legends didn't dare to say such things!

A man standing alone on the frozen sea while facing so many ships dared to provoke them?

Many of those on the ships couldn't help but want to ruthlessly rush out to beat up that overly arrogant kid.

But the Pirate King's Sea Monster was ahead so they didn't dare approach, out of fear that they might accidentally get injured by Logenath.

Everyone was waiting for the Pirate King's reaction.

Pietrus squinted, exposing a cold smile. 'Interesting, no wonder he was fearless and rose so suddenly. He became a Legend, and moreover, it seems to be an outstanding Legend class.'

'But since time immemorial, no one was able to prevail over such an army alone. Even Legend Wizards would be unable to.'

'War isn't something you can fight off on your own. Little guy, are you still a bit too naive.'

The next second, the Sea Monster under the ice roared and rushed out!

The frightening sea waves broke into thousands of layers of waves as the Sea Monster crushed the ice. Countless tentacles stretched from his meatball body.

At the back of the tentacles were countless squirming dark holes, with some gloomy green liquid being secreted from inside!

Some dark holes had some bones that were still being digested!

Everyone seeing this scene froze.

All the people looking at this frightening Sea Monster shivered. This kind of lifeform shouldn't exist in this world! It would only create destruction!

The people on White River Valley's side held their breaths.

Marvin stood in front of the huge Sea Monster and quietly spread his hand.

He whispered an incantation while still looking complacent.

'I wanted you to appear!'

If the Sea Monster attacked from the seabed, it would be very troublesome. But Marvin's previous display infuriated Pietrus, so the latter wanted Logenath to kill Marvin. And the result was just as Marvin planned!

The next moment, dark purple gates opened in the sky!

A Dragon's roar came out!

Everyone paled.

A Black Dragon!

Black Dragon Izaka roared and dove down, capturing Logenath with his claws just as the Sea Monster rose out of the water, reaching for Marvin with his tentacles!

"Aooow!" the Sea Monster bellowed painfully!

The Black Dragon vigorously flapped his wings!

This Sea Monster was frighteningly heavy, but Black Dragons were the strongest creatures in the world when it came to physical bodies. He took advantage of the creature being off guard to carry it up!

Pietrus was shocked, but before he could react, the Black Dragon soared over and threw the Sea Monster toward the wilderness south of Sword Harbor!

The frightening Sea Monster took a tumble on the ground. The Black Dragon felt drained and landed on a hill to the side to rest while coldly watching for any abnormal movements from the Sea Monster.

To be honest, he actually wasn't Logenath's match at sea.

If not for Marvin using a perfectly timed [Eternal Night Banish] to seal him in his own space before releasing the Black Dragon, Izaka simply wouldn't have been able to threaten it!

But this scene still brought a lot of shock to everyone present!

Marvin actually had a Black Dragon working for him!

The Sea Monster that the Pirate King was relying on to move unhindered on the seas was thrown ashore by the Black Dragon. This clearly wouldn't be an issue of just fighting strength, but a question of life and death!

If in the sea Logenath was the supreme ruler, once on land, even a pitiful angel wouldn't be worse than him!

A Black Dragon was plenty enough to keep an eye on him.

Marvin was still standing on the shattered ice. When that Sea Monster appeared, he not only loosened the seal on Izaka, but also entered the Shadow Plane.

This let him dodge the Sea Monster's filth sputtering about.

At that time, Marvin returned to normal.

The previous provocative attitude was only to remove the hidden threat of the Sea Monster. Looking brainless really worked quite well.

But in any case, Marvin wasn't worried!

Before the Gods' descent, although he couldn't be considered unrivalled, he would at least be able to fight anyone, and if he couldn't defeat the opponent, he could still run. If even that didn't work out, he could still call on others for help!

Thinking of this, his signature smile appeared on his face. "Well, everyone's time is very valuable."

"If you want to attack Sword Harbor, then attack. I am standing right here, and my words still count."

"Whoever takes a step forward will die. That ugly Sea Monster is a perfect example."

As he talked, he slowly began to release his power.

At this time, he was no longer holding back.

The powerful aura of the Ruler of the Night spread out, along with the aura of the Night Monarch's Soul. It made everyone shudder.

It seemed that in that split second, even the moon and the stars darkened!

The Sea turned completely dark while the lighthouse's light focused on Marvin's body. He looked indomitable with Weeping Sky on his back and two daggers within reach.

Not far away, the Black Dragon's roar and the Sea Monster's shriek could be heard.

Someone with a bullying nature like Izaka naturally wouldn't pass up the chance to trample this powerful Sea Monster.

After recuperating, he even intended to take that Sea Monster's life.

The Sea Monster's shrieks made everyone shiver.

Dragon Might was still in effect and many people even wanted to flee.

Pietrus was startled and furious.

He didn't think that any creature could contend against his Sea Monster in the sea!

How could Marvin have the help of a Black Dragon?

Dark Phoenix hadn't told him anything about that.

He felt anxious but couldn't think of any plan.

The Pirate King was very paranoid. Marvin was standing there, seemingly by himself, but who knew what else that guy had in stock?

Was he luring him over? Like he handled the Sea Monster?

He was hesitating.

The six Sea Dragons growled, feeling quite uncomfortable under the Black Dragon's Dragon Might.

As the Pirate King was wavering, the Wizards were also calculating the chances of success and failure.

The original plan to take advantage of the high tide to attack had already been canceled, and now, even the Pirate King's Sea Monster was suffering. Even if the entire Wizard Regiment attacked, who knew what that Marvin had to use against them?

That Legend aura Marvin just revealed made them very afraid.

What Wizards were most afraid of were Legend rogues.

Because Monica left for the west, the strongest among them were 4th rank Half-Legends.

Killing a Half-Legend Wizard as a Ruler of the Night was as easy as killing a chicken. They didn't dare to rush in.

The only group that wasn't intimidated by Marvin's Legend aura was the White Elephant Chamber of Commerce.

The old man watched Marvin impassively as he softly whispered to a woman with a wild aura wearing very revealing clothes. "You kill him."

That woman licked her scarlet lips and nodded.

Her eyes were filled with the thirst for slaughter!


As the others watched respectfully, she disappeared from the deck.

On the ice sheet, Marvin clearly noticed what happened on that ship.

This was a benefit of being a Night Walker.

'Legend Killer Amazon?'

Marvin narrowed his eyes. 'Interesting.'

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