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The Nameless Alchemist!

The people present were from White River Valley, so that guy appearing didn't do much for their confidence.

Only Anna was familiar with him and blocked his path. "What do you think you are doing? Leave quickly! You have no fighting ability, and this place is very dangerous!"

The Alchemist laughed and suddenly took out a delicate instrument.

"They want to use the high tide to attack the harbor. Making the tide unable to rise shouldn't be too bad."

After saying this, he threw that small instrument into the sea.

Everyone froze as they looked at his action. This unreliable guy had stayed in White River Valley for a very long time.

Although he often claimed to be the Greatest Alchemist in All History, they didn't see any real results from him.

What would be the effects of the small instrument?

Most people thought he was only making a scene so they still solemnly watched the battle in the sky.

Because of Marvin's order, Wizards were scarce in White River Valley.

But in this era, Wizards could greatly influence the outcome of a battle!

In the entire White River Valley, the only casters left were Sorceress Daniela and Proxy Overlord Wayne.

The Three Ring Towers' Wizards and River Shore City's Wizards had already returned. White River Valley didn't have their own force of Wizards.

Many people couldn't understand this matter.

But Marvin had stressed time and time again not to recruit Wizards, so they could only carry out his orders.

The current situation was far from ideal.

Although Wayne and Daniela were outstanding and had exceeded the standard of ordinary people, they were still at an absolute disadvantage against such numbers. It would be very difficult to break out of the encirclement.

And the number of Wizards that the invaders had was definitely not only limited to this.

Sure enough, when Pirate King Pietrus saw that the battle was unlikely to end in a short time, he impatiently made someone raise a flag.

Rays of light once against burst out as flying carpets flew up.

At least ten more Wizards were dispatched to surround Wayne and Daniela!

"No good, they are in danger!"

Roberts was filled with worry. "We have neither ballistas nor Wizards, and even the archers are few in number. How can we keep the city?!"

Although they didn't want to acknowledge Roberts' analysis, the others were forced to admit that he was correct!

Sword Harbor had been built quite recently, so how could they have the time to prepare those things?

Who would have expected that the Alliance would suddenly come to suppress them?

This simply was a disaster!

"Young Master Wayne, hurry back!" Anna shouted in worry.

But at that time, the sound of a world-shaking explosion came from the seafloor!

The waters didn't shake at all after the sound. Instead, it began to freeze at a visible speed!

The waters around Sword Harbor turned into a field of ice!

At least the surface was like that.

The cold air could be felt on one's face. Everyone was looking at the Alchemist in shock.

The latter gloated complacently, "Now they can't take advantage of the high tide to come over. The sea has already been frozen!"

"Moreover, this layer of ice isn't very deep, so if they try to go on foot… Haha, I can shatter it anytime, leaving their corpses to rest on the seafloor!"

The defenders looked at the delicate tool in his hand and they were startled, yet delighted.

At such a crucial time, they hadn't expected that unreliable Alchemist to finally play such a big role!

The tide had been rising, but who would have expected the Alchemist to manage to stop it with a magical trick.

Cheers appeared on the city wall.

The two people bitterly fighting in the sky saw this scene and relaxed. They immediately used escaping skills and took advantage of the fact that the second batch of Wizards had not completely surrounded them yet to hurriedly withdraw to the city wall.

Wayne and Daniela were pale.

Especially Daniela. Although she had activated Ice Angel Shape, fighting 1 versus 6 was extremely strenuous.

Also, even though the Alchemist had frozen the sea, it would only postpone the fight for some time.

The next attack would come sooner or later.

"Don't relax!"

"Remain prepared for battle!" Anna shouted sternly.

On the sea, Pietrus squinted while having an expression of amazement.

He didn't know which spells could freeze such a large area of water into ice, but it would have to be at least a Legendary Spell.

Even though Daniela was a peak 4th rank Ice Angel and was innately gifted in Ice magic, she still couldn't do this.

Because she wasn't a Legend.

This was a limitation from the Laws.

'Could White River Valley still be hiding a Legend Wizard?'

He felt a bit hesitant.

A Legend Wizard was very likely to have a huge impact on the battle.

But he thought it through carefully. Usually, Legend Wizards were registered with the Alliance, and it was unlikely for a Legend to come out of White River Valley unnoticed.

Moreover, the report came back from the Wizards that the ice didn't seem to have been frozen by magic.

And as a subordinate of Dark Phoenix, even if Pietrus had a fighting class, he also had very sharp perception.

He immediately raised his huge hand and sneered, "Summon Logenath!"

On the pirate ship, six sturdy pirates strenuously brought a huge bugle horn.

The Pirate King personally blew on the horn!

A huge whirlpool appeared in the depths of the sea!

A single horn stretched forward from the seabed, and those six Sea Dragons couldn't help but withdraw!

The horn seemed far yet close, as a roar seemed to come from the distance.

A frightening Sea Monster gradually emerged on the surface. His head was full of roots, and his body was plump, round like a meatball.

There was only one horn on his head, and it was exceptionally sharp!

"The Sea Monster of Emerald Sea, Logenath!"

"Why would he answer the Pirate King's summons?"

Roberts was knowledgeable and quickly noticed Logenath's body.

They paled.

This Legendary Sea Monster was listening to Dark Phoenix's order to help Pietrus rule the sea.

His horn could pierce volcanoes at the seabed, let alone this small layer of ice!

"Break the ice for me!" shouted the Pirate King.

As Logenath advanced, a crack appeared at the edge of the layer of ice.

Although the Sea Monster's body wasn't particularly huge, he could still crush that layer of ice!

White River Valley's side was extremely anxious.

In that situation, they looked back at that Alchemist once again with some hope.

The latter clenched his teeth and fished out two things from his pockets.

Shortly after, he stared at them with disappointment. "Hmmm… These are useless items. I can only open three of these pockets a day…"

Everyone froze, not understanding the meaning of his sentence.

At that time, a shadow suddenly appeared on the sheet of ice!


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