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These old men already had a foot in the grave.

In fact, if they had even a bit of strength, they wouldn't have stayed in the village.

Everyone able had already moved to Sword Harbor, and besides the Dark Knight guarding the Blood Cross path to prevent a large group of soldier sneak attacking White River Valley from Jewel Bay, White River Valley was indeed nearly empty.

The Black Hand Thieves truly made an accurate judgement.

The elders looked at each other, a cold expression appearing on their faces.

In any case, they were about to die. It wasn't too scary.

One of them said with a quivering voice, "We don't have money."

"Youths, you did so much, but won't get any benefits. Wait until Sir Marvin returns and you'll pay the price of your offense."

Even though the old man's tone was gentle, the content was extremely serious.


That fierce man laughed heartily. "You old farts actually believe in that unreliable Overlord?"

"Let me tell you the truth!"

"The Marvin you are hoping for died long ago. He offended the highest higher-up in the South Wizard Alliance. Even your so-called hero can only end up dying."

The elderly men remained unmoved.

They were long-time inhabitants of White River Valley.

They had experienced the Gnoll Disaster, witnessed Marvin floating down on the golden bulls, heard of the Crimson Patriarch's attack, and also seen Marvin fall down from the World Tree... but he still ended up returning as a king.

[Magical Marvin] might be just a name to outsiders.

But to White River Valley's inhabitants, their Overlord Marvin was truly able to create miracles.

Regardless of how disastrous the calamity was, they believed that their Overlord would lead them to survival.

"He will return."

A stubborn old man resolutely insisted, "It's like this every time, in time of need."

"He'll return."

"Fuck you!" The fierce thief grew angry and kicked that stubborn old man in the stomach.

The old man groaned and almost fainted.

The other elderly men had looks of sorrow. They were extremely angry but lacked the strength to lift a weapon, and even lacked the strength to stand.

A crafty-looking guy pulled the fierce thief and stopped him from doing anything worse. "Let it be, don't bother with these old guys. They only have a few days to live."

"Quickly plundering is the way to go."

The others nodded.

They were thieves, not bandits, so even in this situation, they still didn't dare to go to Marvin's castle.

Because there were certainly still some experts defending that place. Only the defenses under the mountain could be considered weak.

They had to take advantage of this opportunity to take as much as they could.

At that time, that old man who had been kicked down crawled up and pointed angrily at the thieves. "You devils! You are bound to go to Hell!"

"I don't know whether I'll go down to Hell, but I know that you'll definitely die before me!" That sinister robber had reached the limits of his patience. He fished out a knife and walked over menacingly.

The other elders stared at him, anxious about the cruel scene on the verge of happening.

But suddenly, thunder rumbled in the distance!

This thunderous sound, although powerful, didn't affect the old men.

On contrary, those thieves went limp, bleeding from their noses and kneeling on the ground.

The old people were watching in bewilderment.

In the distance, a shadow was quickly approaching!

A few thieves managed to raise their heads, noticing a cold and indifferent face looking down at them.


All the members of the Black Hand Thieves paled in terror!

The Alliance had claimed that Marvin was already dead!

How could he appear here?

But then, they noticed that an even more frightening lifeform had appeared in the sky.

He spiralled in the sky, but didn't come down.

Despite this, that powerful presence made the thieves unable to breathe!

A Black Dragon!


The thieves groaned one after the other.

Not only had Marvin returned... He even brought a Black Dragon back with him!

Such a disaster had actually fallen upon them.

A few of the elderly were crying tears of joy and saluting, "Overlord!"

"Lord Marvin!"

Marvin waved his hand, indicating that it was okay to sit.

He turned his head and gave the thieves a severe look.

The thieves felt extremely guilty. A smart one among them tried to speak. "We only…"


The blade left a shadow.

He'd barely started talking when all the thieves' heads were cut off!

"Sorry, I don't have time for your bullshit."

Although Marvin's expression was very calm, his anger had already reached its peak.

After he had left for just a few days, some lowlives aimed at his territory.

Moreover, from the look of the village, Sword Harbor's side might be in a really desperate situation.

Otherwise, Daniela wouldn't have mustered all the manpower to Sword Harbor.

Her strategy was correct. They absolutely couldn't let the Alliance's people land.

Although there was still the Ogre Mountain as a barrier of defense and they had installed a sentry checkpoint there, defending that place would be very difficult.

Constantine had already blown up a third of the mountain previously and it wasn't as steep as it used to be.

Along with the continuous mining operations, the place wasn't too suitable as a defence point.

They had to defend Sword Harbor and not let them land near the White River's estuary.

Marvin had already dispatched people to survey the other areas and it was fine if they landed in those other places.

If they had enough courage and dared to circumvent them through the southern wilderness, who knew how many monsters they would meet?

Thus, Sword Harbor was facing the brunt of the assault of the Alliance's maritime forces!

After being clear about this point, Marvin hurried and rode the Black Dragon to the east!

The pitiful Black Dragon Izaka had originally been summoned to probe Marvin, but now he was being threatened into becoming Marvin's temporary mount!

The meaning behind the designation "temporary mount" was that Marvin didn't regard the Black Dragon as a suitable mount for him.

Hearing this argument, the Black Dragon felt like crying.

But the other side had the Dragon Slaying Spear in hand. Along with his frightening strength as a Ruler of the Night, it would only take a few moments to slay him.

The situation was beyond his control...

In order for the great Black Dragon race to keep reproducing, Izaka had no choice but to agree to a series of unfair pacts with Marvin.

He could only hope that as Marvin assured, he had no interest in extinguishing the Black Dragon race and had only been forced to act against them before due to the circumstances.

Black clouds surged from the seaside.

The sky had long been completely dark and only two lighthouses on Sword Harbor's sides were shining through this darkness.

Not far on the sea, a fleet was holding its position in an orderly pattern.

They were calling to each other, apparently communicating something.

"They are waiting for the tide," Sword Harbor 1's Captain Roberts explained with a grim expression.

Everyone on the city walls looked serious.

Those garrisoned had long since prepared their weapons. The Shas were also clenching their weapons.

Unless Constantine came back to White River Valley and decided otherwise, they wouldn't abandon it.

Daniela took a deep breath. Her gaze seemed more profound. "Pirate King Pietrus, a total of twelve Black Sails pirate ships, and five of the White Elephant Chamber of Commerce's private military boats."

"Their ships might have cannons. We can't let them approach!"

Seeing her movement, Anna hurriedly pulled her. "You can't go!"

Daniela shook her head, "We have to repel them before the high tide!"

"Sword Harbor was personally established by me. I definitely won't let these pirates destroy it!" Her eyes were bright with determination!

She had known long beforehand.

Back when Marvin put on Ancestor's Mystery, her fate was already tied together with White River Valley.

Because the clan's prophecy said that the clan and Ancestor's Mystery had an unbreakable relationship, to the point that the key to break through to the Legend Realm came from Ancestor's Mystery.

In other words, she was fated to be connected with Marvin.

In her days in White River Valley, she hadn't been considering herself Marvin's fiancée for no reason.

She disregarded Anna's attempts to stop her and directly activated her Ice Angel Shape!

The powerful icy aura filled Sword Harbor as a graceful Ice Angel flapped her wings, flying over the sea.

But then, six rays of light flew out from a pirate ship.

Six Half-Legend Wizards came out on their flying carpets one after the other.

On the biggest ship, a one-eyed fatty sneered, "An Ice Angel fluttering into a trap on her own..."

"I waited for so long."

The six Half-Legend Wizards surrounded Daniela and started casting their spells.

The people on the city wall couldn't help but hold their breaths.

"I'll help her!" a young voice echoed.

"Woosh!" A flying carpet flew over as Wayne rushed into the air like an arrow!

He was resolute. Although he was only at the 3rd rank, he had the confidence to contend against a 4th rank Wizard!

This was the strength of Seers.

Not waiting for him to approach Daniela, two black lights rose up from the White Elephant boats!

They were two more Half-Legends!

Expressions sank as the defenders couldn't help but anxiously cry out, "Young Master Wayne!"

But no matter how much they worried, Wayne and Daniela had both landed in a predicament.

They simply couldn't stop the gathering of the fleet.

At the order of the Pirate King Pietrus, the ships arranged into formation.

Next to the biggest ships, there were six Sea Dragons appearing out of the water from time to time while roaring!

This was the reason the Pirate King was able to move unhindered on the seas!

'Lady Dark Phoenix is making too much of a fuss,' Pietrus thought. 'This territory didn't even have a few Wizards. They even sent a little kid to fight, hehe. How could that threaten me?'

Everyone on the city wall was extremely anxious.

At that time, a man dressed like a peacock suddenly stepped in front of them.

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