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Monica had expected Marvin to strike at that moment!

In an instant, a pale green light flew out from her body and surrounded Marvin!

"I've been waiting for you for a very long time!" Monica sneered. "There is no Legend class that can contend with Legend Wizards!"

Despite being enveloped by that green light, Marvin just ridiculed with disdain on his face, "Too much nonsense!"

His movements weren't hampered at all and Monica was surprised to see that curved dagger still slashing down!

The Magic Penetration property didn't trigger on the first attack, but Marvin wasn't worried.

Since he was in close range, Monica was already dead.

That green light was a curse that would debuff the target's speed. Yet Marvin had the Curse Agreement specialty, which made him extremely resistant to curses. A curse like Monica's simply had no effect on him.

Before Monica could finish any further spell preparations, the Desperation Style was displayed like a sudden gust of wind!

In an instant, Marvin attacked six times!

Magic Penetration eventually triggered a few times and the [Azure Leaf]s easily shattered the Arcane Barrier and the Distortion Field.

The last attack directly chopped Monica's head!


Marvin swung a reverse slash and Monica's head fell to the ground!

Her eyes were still wide open with disbelief at the events before her death.

A Legend Wizard able to cast earth-shattering spells was killed so effortlessly by Marvin.

This scene was astounding.

Monica died and the Alliance group had completely collapsed.

Faced with the might of the Black Dragon, everyone had dropped their armors and weapons, fleeing in chaos.

Half an hour later, only a pile of dead bodies remained on the battlefield.

At Madeline's direction, River Shore City's soldiers began piling the corpses up to burn them.

She did as Marvin told her and set up a sentry post on the northern part of the main road.

The news of the army returning after suffering a crushing defeat would definitely spread through Jewel Bay in a short amount of time.

As for the news of Marvin surviving and breaking into the Legend Realm, it couldn't be hidden either.

But that was the result Marvin wanted.

With the impending Great Calamity, it would take at least 20 days or so for the Alliance to gather their elites.

And within these 20 days, the world would see a chaotic change.

The Wizard Rule Era would end.

At that time, this conflict would die down because people would be concerned with how to live in this cruel world.

He made Madeline pay attention to the main road just in order to be prepared.

Under the worshipful gazes of River Shore City's inhabitants, Marvin stepped on the Black Dragon and headed east.

Black Coral Islands, in a dark hall. A black-gowned woman suddenly opened her eyes!

"Monica… actually died."

"Who did it? Madeline, that newly advanced Legend, simply doesn't have the capability! Could it be one of the other Legends associated with Marvin?"

After thinking for a bit, she grew agitated.

She then started mumbling something.

The Ancient God Language echoed in the hall and a lifelike scene appeared before her eyes.

In that scene, a man was standing on a Black Dragon and brandishing a spear while looking down on the world.

He had a faint smile on his face, apparently containing the hint of a sneer.



Dark Phoenix's face contorted.

In this world, no one could deceive her perception.

She had already seen him on the brink of death at the hands of the fake Hathaway!

'Could that have been faked?'

Dark Phoenix's heart was beating crazily.

She faintly felt that there was an issue with her plan.

And it was because of this man!

She bit her lip, closed her eyes, and connected to that bit of Divine Source.

But how could she have expected that the Divine Source had already disappeared!

It wasn't hidden, and it wasn't that she just couldn't get in touch with it... it had simply ceased to exist!

Dark Phoenix's expression sank.

'Even my Divine Source has been dealt with… And to be able to show me a fake scene… Only one thing is able to do that.'

Marvin had an Artifact in hand!

Only that Artifact could trick a Half-God's senses.

"The Book of Nalu!"

Rage flashed through Dark Phoenix's eyes.

Her cunning face became somewhat sinister.

'No wonder you would rather pay this price to protect him.'

'What's that kid's origin? How could he grow so fast?'

'But the price to provoke me isn't something you can afford!'

Dark Phoenix suddenly disappeared from the hall.

The next moment, she appeared outside the frozen isle.

"Hathaway, you really think I can't break your Ice Crystal World?"

Cruelty flashed in Dark Phoenix's eyes. A black flame appeared in her hand.

It grew in size and then suddenly flew toward the ice crystals.

Facing such a strange flame, the ice couldn't resist and slowly melted.

Hathaway opened her eyes from within the ice. Her expression was peaceful. Facing the erosion from the black fire, she didn't say a word.

In contrast, Dark Phoenix's expression became increasingly more twisted and sinister.

"Your sweetheart is very troublesome. He not only avoided my chase, but also killed my disciple."

Hathaway's ice was gradually melting, and meanwhile, her body kept changing.

6 years old, 16 years old, 26 years old, the three phases kept cycling.

Her voice came out:

"You lost."

Dark Phoenix showed a vile smile. "Whether I've lost has yet to be known, but today you'll die."

Hathaway remained silent and didn't even try to resist the black fire's power.

There seemed to be some issue with her body. The Legend aura was gradually being extinguished.

Dark Phoenix watched coldly. This kind of flame had the same origin as the Divine Fire that had harmed the Great Elven King. Hathaway certainly wouldn't be able to resist.

In the end, all the ice had melted and the black fire was wrapping around Hathaway.

She frowned in pain.

The black fire seemed like manacles that spread upward from her legs and gradually crushed her body.

In a short dozen seconds, Hathaway was turned into ashes!

Dark Phoenix finally had an air of satisfaction.

But suddenly, in the remains of the Divine Fire, the ashes gathered to form into a 16 year old Hathaway.

Dark Phoenix was stunned but immediately continued burning Hathaway.

Soon, Hathaway's 16 year old shape was burnt, leaving almost nothing behind.

Only ashes.

At that time, Dark Phoenix noticed something wrong.

This Divine Fire was supposed to burn everything. How could it leave ashes behind?

Sure enough, those ashes once again gathered and turned into a 6 year old child.

Her eyes were vacant.

Dark Phoenix was angry and kept burning her furiously.

She once again burned the 6 year old to ashes. From beginning to the end, she only frowned in pain, never letting out any sound.

This time, the ashes didn't recombine.

Dark Phoenix looked at these ashes doubtfully, about to collect them.

But before she approached, the ashes started to flicker with light.

Twelve aged shadows appeared from the light.

They seemed to be mumbling something.

Dark Phoenix was overwhelmed with shock!

Though very few would know of these twelve Witches' origins, Dark Phoenix, as a being from the 3rd Era with extensive knowledge, naturally knew about them.

They were the twelve aged Anzed Witches!

In the Anzed legends, the twelve Witches were the protectors of the Ashes Magic Precept.

Unfortunately, the Anzed had faded from history a long time ago. The twelve Witches were only considered myths and legends.

The twelve Witches mumbled and disappeared.

The ashes disappeared with them.

Dark Phoenix was distraught with anxiety and immediately waved her hand, summoning a fairy.

"Tell that fat pig to attack Sword Harbor immediately!"

"If they haven't seized White River Valley before dawn, he doesn't need to act as the Pirate King anymore!"

What Dark Phoenix didn't know was that the moment the ashes disappeared, a light slowly descended in the middle of Feinan's Millenium Mountain Range.

A 6 year old girl opened her eyes, at a loss.

Standing in front of her was a wrinkled old woman.

The little girl suddenly began to cry bitterly.

The old lady held her softly, her countenance filled with love.

"Don't be afraid, you broke the curse."

"The prophecy said that the person who breaks the curse will inevitably become the new Witch Ruler."

"You will quickly regain the power you lost. You will grow stronger than before, a lot stronger."

The little girl couldn't stop sobbing. "I know, I know…"

"But… I seem to have forgotten many important things."

"And something… Very important."

The old lady was filled with grief. "This is the price of breaking the curse, child."

"Don't worry. Maybe one day, you'll be able to recall them."

"Remember your name. You are called Hathaway."

Hathaway nodded. She wiped her tears and gradually smiled with joy. "I finally get to see you again, Mom…"

The mood in White River Valley was rather subdued.

The adventurers in the Adventurer Camp had long since withdrawn. Facing the Alliance's sanctions, everyone could see that the current White River Valley was on the verge of destruction. They didn't want to be affected.

The Shas didn't leave, though. They believed that their leader Constantine would lead them out of any predicament.

The interior of the castle seemed desolate. The leaders weren't present, as they had gone to Sword Harbor because it was the eastern barrier of White River Valley.

The west had Madeline and River Shore City to defend it, while Sword Harbor's defenses were very weak.

In the desolate White River Valley, only a few old men were sitting on their chairs, looking foolishly at the horizon.

At that time, a few furtive silhouettes appeared in White River Valley.

"Hahahaha, I said to circumvent the Crimson Cross and take the secret path."

"The current White River Valley has no way out and most of their power is focused on defending their sides, so the power in the territory is definitely weak."

"If we don't rob now, where would our reputation as the Black Hand Thieves go?"

A few people laughed wretchedly as they rushed in front of a few old men.

The fiercest of them sinisterly demanded, "Old man, give us everything you have!"

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