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The Elven woman's enthusiasm was ignored by Ivan.

Marvin's group left Ruins City and headed south to reach Rocky Mountain.

When the two Ancient Gnomes saw the Mechanical Titan set up outside Rocky Mountain, they almost went crazy.

They ignored everything else and crawled in, starting to toss around blindly.

Marvin didn't care about them, because even if they had a way to activate it, it would still be useless. This thing's energy had already been completely exhausted. Unless they found Purple Fire Crystals, this thing would remain an inert piece of metal.

This trip to Rocky Mountain was mainly to warn the three sisters.

He and Ivan didn't stay long in there and most of the time was spent in secret talks.

The information about the Great Calamity clearly shocked the three sisters.

Rocky Mountain was in a remote region. If not for Marvin giving them information ahead of time, they might not have known about it when the disaster started.

Although Rocky Mountain had many Sorcerers able to communicate with Demons, none of them were at the level of Demon Overlords.

They only knew that a major event was about to happen.

Otherwise, the Source of Fire's Order wouldn't have come down.

Since Marvin told the information to the three sisters, with their intelligence and might, along with the Fortune Fairy's buffs, they should be able to safely survive the early stages of the Great Calamity.

They had the Source of Fire's Order in hand while the Shadow Prince, the only one who could steal them, had been blown up by Marvin, so they should be secure as long as they took proper steps.

But anything could happen during the Chaos Era, which Marvin warned them of repeatedly.

Rocky Mountain and White River Valley also formed an Alliance.

This time, Marvin was in quite a hurry. Lorie's mood clearly showed her reluctance to see him leave, giving Marvin a bit of a headache.

He was very fond of this smart little girl.

But right now, he had someone very important that needed to be saved.

While Ivan and the two Ancient Gnomes were still exploring Hope City, Marvin took a trip further south.

Soon, he arrived at the Pearl Tower of the City of Knowledge.

Mark 47 was surprised to see him pay another visit. After all, how long had it been? And Marvin already found another Memory Chip!

After incorporating this Memory Chip, Mark 47 recalled some more things.

But this time, he didn't have any relevant and useful memories.

This made Marvin feel a bit helpless.

50 000 exp was basically not as valuable for the current Marvin, so he asked whether he could change it for something else.

Mark 47 apologized for holding something back before and gladly agreed to Marvin's request.

Marvin asked, "Is there any Purple Fire Crystal?"

This thing had already vanished from the continent and there was almost no trace of it in the Ancient Gnomes' vestiges.

What he said before was in order to convince the two Ancient Gnomes to come to his territory.

Zac and David were genuine descendants of the Ancient Gnomes. If they agreed to work for him, with those Alchemy books he obtained in Saruha, White River Valley would have the support of the Ancient Gnomes' science and technology.

As for that unreliable Alchemist, Marvin didn't have much hope for him. That guy had wasted such a large amount of resources. It was already very nice of Marvin to not throw him out.

After all, that guy looked very pathetic.

He kept company with Necromancer Fidel and they were considered a pair of weirdos of the territory. They also made people laugh on ordinary days.

But if the territory wanted to develop technologically, it still needed to rely on a professional.

The Dark Iron Dwarves had already disappeared, while the Sha clans mostly just dabbled a bit and were only making firearms that weren't that powerful.

The technology of the Ancient Gnomes was able to found an empire. Even if they couldn't completely develop the territory, if they could make a few constructs to protect the territory, that would be more than enough.

The most important matter was still to tempt these two Gnomes.

Marvin believed that the key to that was the Mechanical Titan.

The Ancient Gnomes' Sanctuary definitely didn't have this kind of weapon. With the Ancient Gnomes' infatuation with machinery, if the Mechanical Titan could be moved to White River Valley, these two would naturally follow.

As for the Sanctuary, it also needed Purple Fire Crystal.

Marvin had already asked and the amount of Purple Fire Crystal required for the Sanctuary and the Mechanical Titan were on two completely different levels.

When the two brothers decided to sneak out, it was only to try their luck.

If one said that the Mechanical Titan needed a Purple Fire Crystal the size of a fist, then the amount of Purple Fire Crystal the Sanctuary needed was the size of a small hill.

In this era, it was almost impossible to find so much.

In other words, the return of the Ancient Gnomes to Feinan was already inevitable.

The two brothers weren't dumb and had realized this, so they merely followed Ivan and Marvin to the western coast of Feinan Continent for the Mechanical Titan.

In the Pearl Tower, Mark 47's answer to the question was outside his expectations:

"Purple Fire Crystal, that thing is very valuable."

"Sometimes I would have one as a snack when I was in a very good mood…"

Marvin almost spat blood.

Purple Fire Crystal, such a valuable thing was actually considered food by this strange construct?

How strong was this guy?

Sure enough, things related to God Lance couldn't be measured with common sense.

The construct hesitated for a while before handing a chunk of Purple Fire Crystal the size of half of a fist to Marvin, while saying with a pained expression, "50 000 isn't worth so much."

Marvin laughed mischievously. "But since I didn't get any information from your memories in this Memory Chip, this should make up for it."

Mark 47 was at a loss. He seemed to be in an ill temper and grumpily sent Marvin away.

Marvin held the Purple Fire Crystal, and although he didn't know what memory put the construct in such a bad mood, he still obediently left the Pearl Tower.

This wasn't a place where he could behave as he wished.

Even after the Great Calamity, the Gods didn't dare to take half a step into the City of Knowledge.

This place was also the first location in Feinan where a Source of Fire's Order was ignited.

This was definitely related to Mark 47.

As for those secrets, if he kept helping him, he would certainly find a way to learn about them.

Marvin immediately left the Pearl Tower and returned to Hope City.

The appearance of the crystal almost made the two Ancient Gnomes go crazy, but when they found out that Marvin's Purple Fire Crystal originated from the Pearl Tower, they were left in shock.

They no longer asked any more questions, making Marvin curious.

After Marvin inquired carefully, the brothers mumbled an answer that unsettled Marvin.

The destruction of the Ancient Gnome Empire that year was apparently related to the City of Knowledge.

They weren't too clear about the specifics, but the elders of the Sanctuary kept warning them that they shouldn't approach that Pearl Tower to the south.

Even for the Purple Fire Crystal, they wouldn't dare to approach Wind Castle.

In the words of those Ancient Gnomes, a frightening Devil resided there.

Marvin didn't believe those tales, but analyzed the information.

The circumstances of the empire's destruction were very strange. When the High Elves arrived there, besides the Ancient Gnomes sealed in the Sanctuary, the others had all been exterminated.

No one knew what had happened.

In this regard, there was no mention from the nearby City of Knowledge. When the people dispatched by the High Elven King paid a visit, they also avoided the question.

The record on the History Calendar was also surprising:

[Eve of the 2nd Era, Ancient Gnome Empire destroyed overnight. Reason unknown.]

Regardless of which kind of Divination spell was used, the results were always useless, making everyone puzzled.

Marvin always thought that there was a big conspiracy behind this, just like the Great Calamity that was about to happen. It felt like there was a hand manipulating everything from behind the scenes.

Was his transmigration a result of someone manipulating the board too?

Thinking of this, Marvin couldn't help but feel a bit bitter.

What he could do was very limited. He could only protect the people near him.

With the help of the Ancient Gnome brothers, Marvin loaded the Purple Fire Crystal in the Mechanical Titan's energy system.

In the operating room, the screen regained its shine after a long time.

Energy Display: 68%. This was considered pretty decent. But with the scarcity of the Purple Fire Crystal nowadays and the consumption of the Titan, Marvin had to save everything he could.

After using his card and locking himself as the one with the highest authority, he magnanimously gave secondary rights to the Gnome brothers.

Zac and David were greatly moved. If not for the race and gender being different, they might have given him their hearts.

The Mechanical Titan was originally designed for Ancient Gnomes and Marvin couldn't sit properly in it, preventing him from controlling it perfectly.

As for the two Gnomes, they almost mastered the Mechanical Titan's controls after some time inside.

They also activated the enlarging and shrinking rune of the Mechanical Titan and reduced it to a tiny Titan that could fit on a palm, suitable to carry around.

With that, Marvin settled everything on the western coast.

After bidding farewell to the three sisters, Marvin and Ivan took the two Gnome brothers to the teleportation array in Ruins City.

The smell of the forest assaulted their senses. This refreshed Marvin, who had been wandering in the Dead Area for a while.

But the news the Elves told him didn't let him relax.

While he had been gone, White River Valley received the highest sanctions of the South Wizard Alliance!

The reason was very "pompous," with the White Elephant Chamber of Commerce appearing personally, testifying that Marvin stole one of their ships.

The South Wizard Alliance was thinking of taking away Marvin's Viscount title and taking White River Valley under their jurisdiction.

Especially in the past week, the wording of the Alliance had become more and more severe.

Needless to say, this was a plot from Dark Phoenix.

Hearing this, Marvin knew that he had to return.

He felt a bit strange though. There should be many Legends supporting his territory. Was the South Wizard Alliance so blind?

Carrying these doubts, he used the Book of Nalu to contact Madeline to come and send him back.

But how could he have expected that after the Teleportation Door opened, she would come out with a very pale face and her white dress covered in blood?!

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