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They hadn't expected Owl to react so vehemently.

This guy had no limits, as evident from his display of thievery on the Shadow Prince, but cursing like that in front of everyone was a first.

"What's going on with Marvin?" asked Constantine in agitation.

Wayne and Daniela were even more nervous. The former was genuinely worried about Marvin's safety, while the latter felt a bit complicated. Her feelings toward Marvin weren't particularly deep in that way, but there was still her oath about Ancestor's Mystery. If Marvin died, Ancestor's Mystery would be lost in the Dead Area Continent and she would never be able to return to the North.

Shadow Thief Owl shook his head, handing over a green note.

They checked it one by one, their expressions changing.

After a few minutes, everyone had seen the contents of the note and the atmosphere became very depressing.

"Is the information reliable?" Breaking the silence, Inheim spoke out in a heavy voice.

Owl thought about it for a moment. "Even if that kid Marvin is irresponsible and likes to run all over the place, he certainly wouldn't lie about this."

"He said the information came from Hell, and it should be 100% true."

"Hell?" Doubt and suspicion flashed in Inheim's eyes. "It's not easy to interact with those Devils. They are good at playing with people's hearts."

Clearly, he was worried Marvin had been deceived.


At that time, Wayne suddenly spoke up. "What my older brother said is true."

They all looked at Wayne in surprise, as he calmly continued, "Before Lady Hathaway left, she left me a training manual."

"On it, there is a prophecy saying that one day the Gods would go crazy and shatter the Universe Magic Pool."

"She said it was a disaster that couldn't be stopped."

"I finally understand why my brother was worrying that much…"

His tone was filled with regret. If he had known earlier that something like this would happen, he would have worked harder and not let so many of the matters of White River Valley fall on Marvin's shoulders.

He was carrying too many responsibilities.

"A Seer's prophecy…"

This time, Inheim had no choice but to truly consider the matter. He wasn't suspicious of Marvin, but his strength was too low after all and he might be deceived by others.

But Hathaway was different.

A Legend Wizard Seer. The things she saw would surely be very accurate.

They looked at each other in dismay. Though they might have felt that some frightening things were about to happen, and that those things might be related to those guys above...

They hadn't thought that it would be a plan so insane!

Directly attacking the Universe Magic Pool!

"Aren't they afraid of angering the Wizard God by doing this?" Daniela was puzzled.

"Who knows, maybe they think they can deceive the Wizard God," Heavenly Deer Lorant sneered. "I have dealt with some of these New Gods and they don't feel like Gods at all. They are filled with the greed and insanity of Feinan's races."

"I don't think it's strange for them to attack the Universe Magic Pool."

Everyone turned silent after Lorant's words.

Their first reaction had unconsciously been to hope that the information was fake.

Because if it was real, a great disaster was soon to happen.

In their minds, the destruction of the Universe Magic Pool would certainly change this world, but they hadn't considered what exactly this world would look like in the aftermath.

The atmosphere became somewhat stifling after a while.

"What about Hathaway's matter?" Endless Ocean asked softly.

Owl shook his head. "Marvin said to be careful of Dark Phoenix."

He hesitated for a bit before looking at everyone and clenching his teeth. "He told me two additional pieces of information. One of them relates to Dark Phoenix… I don't know whether I should tell everyone…"

"Say it," Inheim encouraged calmly.

Owl was silent for a moment, looking across everyone. These people should all be on the same side.

At that time he finally revealed, "That kid said that after an exhausting investigation regarding Dark Phoenix, he came to a conclusion…"

"She is one of them," he concluded, pointing up with a finger.

Everyone went silent.

Leymann objected in dissatisfaction. "How could Marvin say this, Lady Dark Phoenix is one of the founders of our South Wizard Alliance! She has lived for who knows how many years. And although she is a bit eccentric, she…"

Reaching this point, he suddenly realized something and hesitated.

"...The other four founders of the South Wizard Alliance already died of old age. She doesn't have the aura of someone who broke through the Extreme Bottleneck, and also didn't seem to have mastered any Longevity skill."

Constantine finished his words, "But she is still alive. And she took advantage of this opportunity to take Hathaway away."

Leymann was unwilling to believe it. "But she has always taken good care of us."

"Sealing a very promising Legend Wizard Seer on Black Coral Island isn't taking good care of someone." O'Brien, who rarely spoke, interrupted them. "While I was passing by Bass Harbor, I wanted to check there but was pushed back by a formidable power. It was most likely Dark Phoenix."

Their hearts sank.

As the leader of the Night Walkers, O'Brien's words held a lot of weight.

Moreover, his strength was very frightening. He twisted the Molten Overlord's head off. Seven of the the Azure Matriarch's heads ended up exploding. His strength was extremely tyrannical and had reached the peak of the world.

To be able to make him retreat, there was no one else in the Bass Harbor's surroundings.

"Let's suppose this is true… What should we do about our plan?" Leymann asked with difficulty.

He wasn't the particularly inflexible kind of Wizard and had a very good impression of Marvin. He knew that although that kid could cause lots of trouble, he would never lie about this.

There had to be a reason that Marvin could have so many Legends gather in White River Valley.

Marvin had a certain amount of charisma, for so many powerhouses to meet here while he wasn't even present.

"There is another piece of information."

Shadow Thief Owl frowned. "Marvin gave us some things to do."

"We may have to leave White River Valley for a while until we get our stuff done."

"As for Hathaway… He wants to save her himself."

That's right, Marvin wanted to save Hathaway himself.

No one knew of Dark Phoenix's means except him. Even a Legend powerhouse would easily suffer a loss.

He didn't want what happened last time in the Decaying Plateau to happen again.

The Great Elven King was seriously injured. This time, no one would be able to step forward and take over.

In fact, because Dark Phoenix waited patiently for so many years without creating a religion to gather faith, she had sacrificed a large part of her development potential.

She used a mortal shape to stay in the mortal world and was bound to have mortals' weaknesses.

In Marvin's eyes, if he wanted to get a Divine Vessel, Dark Phoenix was the best target.

As a last resort, he would even unleash the Scarlet Monastery's power!

Whether it was the Heavenly Sword Saint taking care of his little brother, or the dormant Lich himself, they would be interested in Dark Phoenix's Divine Vessel and Divine Source.

As for now, he had to clear the Secret Garden and quickly find Ivan before returning to White River Valley!

He had to get Hathaway back before the Great Calamity. Although she was a Legend, who knew what Dark Phoenix would do to her?

She was still holding back before the Great Calamity, but once the disaster's changes were irreversible, Dark Phoenix would lose her restraints.

But if she could hide, she was still willing to do so.

After all, after hiding for so long already, she would be ready to keep enduring further in order to accomplish her plot.

This was the reason this woman was so terrifying.

Marvin knew that he had to find the most suitable timing to expose her.


Marvin closed his eyes and took an item from his chest pocket, one that Ivan used in the past and held his aura. He obtained it from the Thousand Leaves Forest.

The next second, he activated [Night Tracking].

A faint red line appeared before his eyes and seemed to extend far into the distance.

Marvin estimated that Ivan had already crossed the Lost Villa and the Desolate Tower Ruins, and was approaching the Secret Garden's 4th area, the [Mills Garden].

Mills Garden was the most frightening area of the Secret Garden.

That place was where most of the Magic Medicines were planted, but the majority of them had already been swallowed by Eric, leaving only countless traps, fake shells and the Magic Medicine King's plot.

"No good, I have to find him immediately!"

After finding out the Gods' plan, Marvin became extremely anxious.

In the night, his fighting strength soared. He had to settle everything here tonight.

Thinking of this, he sped up, preparing to cross the Lost Villa!

In any case, there wasn't anything valuable left here.

But as he hurried through the Lost Villa, he was attacked with an [Earth Swamp] spell!

The effect was very simple. The ground would transform into sludge, causing people to sink in.

Unfortunately for the caster, Marvin was very skillful and relied on his Godly Dexterity to leap away from this swamp that appeared out of nowhere.

Before he could even confront his opponent about why he had attacked, an Ice Bolt, a Lightning Ball, and an Acid Spray were cast one after the other.

The other party's casting speed was very fast. He stood still, raining down spells like a machine gun, bursting with powerful arcane energy!

He used powerful low level spells, cast quickly and effectively.

He was a Half-Legend of Blackfire Lava!

Marvin noticed a faint green mist behind him.

'These Wizards have such shitty willpower!'

He dodged while sneering at their ineptitude. 'He was actually controlled by the Magic Medicine King so quickly.'

He showed no mercy, relying on his sharp movements to avoid the shower of spells.


Just as the spells flew past, Marvin dashed directly at the Wizard.

The latter seemed startled but quickly regained his fierce expression.

Marvin saw what was happening and hurriedly tried to use Shadow Escape to avoid him!

But he was too late to escape this time and heard an explosion as the Wizard detonated himself!

A great amount of Arcane Energy burst against Marvin's body!

"Fuck… Came across a nutcase…" Marvin cursed.

But unexpectedly, he saw the Blackfire Lava Wizard appear from another alley still unharmed, watching Marvin coldly.

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