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A+ A- Chapter 373: Legend!

On the screen, that figure flew down from the mountain peak and instantly brought the old Monk away, not only making the spears of the Black Knights hit empty air, but also slightly pushing them back!

All the spears started shaking.

The next moment, these frightening lethal weapons seemed to lose their aura in front of that person as they shattered!

Despite Marvin's many adventures, it was the first time he saw a Cloud Monk's fierceness!

That class was one of the Monk Legend advancements and was practically the most powerful.

Because in addition to possessing formidable power, that class also had a property that the others didn't have: Longevity!

In Feinan, it was very difficult to reach immortality. Besides ascending to Godhood, very few class holders could become immortal.

Even the most powerful class holders would eventually lose their strength due to the passage of time.

Very few classes had the ability to attain immortality. Becoming a Lich was one way, and there were a few other classes that had a skill like Longevity.

And Cloud Monk was one of them.

As they cultivated and increased in level, not only would Cloud Monks be able to tread across mountains as if they were level land, but they would also gain the ability to travel through the clouds, walk on snow without leaving a trace, and increase their lifespan.

After reaching level 9, they were almost immortal. That's why Cloud Monk was considered a very powerful class. Who knew how many years this Cloud Monk had lived?

Most of the time, their strength and age were proportional.

The old Monk was startled by that split-second clash. The newly arriving figure unhurriedly turned around and faced the six Black Knights alone.

Marvin could clearly see that the person on the screen of mist wasn't much different from a twelve year old youth!

He had fair skin and looked like a young master of a respectable house who was dressed in Monk clothes, perhaps paying respect to a monastery.

But in fact, his strength was unfathomable!

'A character on the same level as the Great Elven King… The Dead Area is truly filled with hidden dragons and crouching tigers. No

wonder the impact of the Great Calamity on the Dead Area was minimal.'

Marvin sighed.

He didn't know the Cloud Monk's name because in the game, no one ever saw him fight.

The attacks on Xunshan Monastery had always been taken care of by Blade Technique Master Kangen when they could hold out no longer.

Today just happened to be a day when Kangen was away teaching Marvin Desperation, so he had to make a move himself.

His movements were extremely graceful, to the point that he looked like a celestial being, just as the rumors said.

'Handsome indeed. Cloud Monk truly deserves to be known as one of the most dashing classes in Feinan...'

Marvin looked at him with envy. The sight of him flying down from the clouds was unforgettable.

Although Wizards could do something similar with the help of a flying carpet, there was no way for them to look so graceful and relaxed as if they were doing it completely effortlessly.

And this Cloud Monk was only relying on his physical body and his ability to connect to heaven and earth to move like this.

But Marvin knew that the Cloud Monk class was very demanding on one's comprehension. Even in the game, he hadn't heard of any powerful Monks that successfully advanced to it. In the entire history of Feinan, there couldn't have been more than a few famous Cloud Monks. They were almost as rare as Fate Sorceresses. So there was no point in being envious.

Since that person took action, Xunshan Monastery would be taken care of.

Sure enough, after the appearance of the Cloud Monk, he glanced at a Black Knight and a young Monk's body, and then struck without saying anything.

He only used two moves to kill the other five Black Knights!

As for Sangore, even as a Legend, he wasn't able to last more than five moves against the Cloud Monk!

Marvin was astonished.

'Wasn't Sangore a Legend powerhouse? How could he suffer so badly?'

At that time, the mist screen in Blade Master Kangen's hands suddenly dissipated.

Marvin scratched his head, puzzled.

Kangen sighed, looking at Marvin with a strange expression. "He didn't come looking for trouble with Xunshan

Xunshan Monastery."

Marvin remained silent for a while, before finally nodding.

Kangen didn't say anything more about that and only shook his head. "He is still soft-hearted. If it were me, that Black Knight wouldn't have escaped."

Since Marvin wasn't able to see the later part of the fight, he could only ask Master Kangen.

Kangen didn't hide it from him.

Just as Marvin expected, the Cloud Monk had eradicated the Black Knights.

Sangore suffered heavy injuries but because he was sharp-witted, he didn't hesitate to use an item to escape from Xunshan Monastery.

According to Kangen, the Cloud Monk didn't chase him down, or else he could have easily killed Sangore.

But Marvin knew that Sangore definitely wouldn't give up.

Being repelled by the Cloud Monk this time didn't mean that he could resist the attraction of the Book of Nalu.

Despite establishing it, he wasn't the most powerful being in the Black Knight Monastery. He would definitely look for another powerful Legend after his recent failure.

From what Marvin knew, behind the Black Knight Monastery was the shadow of Hell.

Things weren't that simple.

Sooner or later, Sangore would look for him to settle this matter. Xunshan Monastery and the Cloud Monk blocked for him this time, but it wouldn't be like that next time.

'Power! Strength!'

Marvin took a deep breath.

In the end, it was still a matter of strength. If he were as powerful as the Cloud Monk, he could easily get rid of Sangore and get that 2nd page of the Book of Nalu.

With the 1st page hidden in the treasury of the Night Walkers, his own 6th page, and Hathaway's 3rd page in the Ashes Tower… Half of the pages were more or less in his possession.

He always felt that the Book of Nalu might play a critical part in the future confrontation with the Gods.

That was because it could swallow Divine Source.

Too many truths were hidden in that Artifact. The God of Deception wrote it using his Divine Power and his life, only to leave behind a disaster? That couldn't be it.

In any case, Sangore retreated and Marvin was safe for the time being. Thinking too much about it wouldn't do

wouldn't do him any good.

He still had to find a way to pass the test in the Ice Monster cave.

Although these Ice Monsters were repulsive, the experience they gave wasn't insignificant. On average, each Ice Monster so far gave Marvin several hundred exp.

If he weren't using wooden daggers, and if the number of Ice Monsters kept increasing, this would be a good place to farm experience.

Unfortunately, Kangen was very strict in order to properly temper Marvin's Blade Technique Style.

He had to use the wooden daggers.

Thus, after resting for a bit, Marvin's challenge continued.

This time, he advanced a few more steps and a considerable group of Ice Monsters appeared in front of him!

The corner of Marvin's mouth twitched.

This was indeed a wave of sixteen Ice Monsters!

Each time, the number of Ice Monsters doubled.

In an instant, the pressure on Marvin increased. He raised his daggers and once again rushed forward.

In the Ice Monster cave, a shadow carrying wooden daggers flickered and a chaotic battle started once again.

In the end, Marvin took no less than three and a half days before walking out of the Ice Monster cave.

This time was rather shorter than he had expected.

As he left the icy cave and walked on a part of the mountain path, the sun shone through the never-scattering fog of the Dead Area, slightly blinding him.

The Blade Technique Master stood in the shadow of the cave, looking at Marvin with a smile.

It was clear that it was a bit outside his expectations for Marvin to successfully level Desperation Style to Master so quickly.

He was very pleased with Marvin's performance.

"Go." Kangen smiled. "You can leave."

Marvin looked at Kangen gratefully, wanting to say something but hesitating.

Kangen reassured, "Don't worry. I know what you want to ask. We will meet again. Maybe very soon."

Marvin nodded, and after thanking Master Kangen for his instruction, he left the Xunshan area.

He had wanted to ask about the contents of Professor's letter. Professor making a move away from Feinan this time was a bit strange.

From Kangen's reaction, Marvin faintly understood that if the Copper Dragon met with some trouble, he would need powerhouses on the level on the level of Kangen to help.

Marvin naturally wanted to know what was happening.

But since Kangen wasn't willing to disclose it, he couldn't force the issue.

After leaving the area, Marvin changed his Disguise and returned to Xunshan Town.

His previously released quest had already been accepted by some people.

Although the Dead Area was vast, there were few places where people gathered and information networks were decently developed.

The Elven Prince was a prominent character. He had arrived at the Dead Area a while ago and crossed paths with many experts, so it wasn't as if there weren't any signs of his movements.

It turned out that there were many forces buying information about his whereabouts and Marvin wasn't the only one tracking him.

Soon, he obtained exact news about Ivan, and there was even a location!

After Marvin finished listening to the information, he was left with a strange expression. 'Seems like Ivan is really worried this time.'

'He actually came here in such a high-profile manner.'

'The Secret Garden is opening? Another instance opening early? What's going on?'

He thought for a while before quickly leaving Xunshan Town, going straight for the Secret Garden instance location on the map.

That was in the west of the Dead Area, a place filled with dangers.

The Secret Garden's opening was different from Saruha's. Only the Wolf Spider mercenary group had been aware of Saruha's entrance, but this time, the opening of the Secret Garden had gathered many powerhouses because of Ivan.

Marvin went as fast as possible, hoping he could get there in time.

The Dead Area was a very frightening place. Even the Elven War Saint could suffer a loss if he wasn't careful.

Marvin had promised the Great Elven King that he would get Ivan back, and had also promised to create an opportunity for the Sea Elven Queen.

Most importantly, Ivan was Marvin's important friend.

He needed to help Ivan get what he wanted.

Moreover, he was now powerful enough!

Thinking of this, Marvin glanced at the 150000 exp on his interface and unhesitantly chose to spend 144000 exp to level Night Walker!

Marvin's Night Walker class reached level 9!

In an instant, his total level reached 21, advancing to Legend!

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