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Mutated aardwolves were the strongest in the gnoll pack.

Even the Bramble team didn’t dare to look down on them.

The two captains came closer, surrounded by their team members. The solo adventurers also approached.

"According to our information, the gnolls set up a sentry post here. Tomorrow evening we have to surprise attack that place. We can’t let any aardwolf or gnoll escape."

"There are two fighter gnolls, and two archer gnolls. Those aren’t an issue. But those six mutated aardwolves are the most troublesome."

Anna took out an old fashioned map and wrote down the situation in the corner.

Her writing was very organized, with just a few sentences clearly describing the situation.

Even the two experienced captains couldn’t help but be awed. This half-elf was really talented.

"There are sentries on both side of the forest. It’s a natural cover, but these mutated aardwolves dexterity is also impressive. Do you have any ideas?" Anna looked at the two team captains.

Marvin obviously already had a plan. But he let Anna ask the adventurers first.

He wanted to see if there were a few talented adventurers in that group.

Cat stayed silent. His subordinate just got defeated by Masked Twin Blades, putting him in a very bad mood.

Based on the current situation, wanting to wreck this mission would be very troublesome because they couldn’t make it too obvious.

He could only pray that they would make a mistake in the battle, and then leave defeated.

That way they could get the money and save their reputation at the same time.

Unfortunately, the other captain had different thoughts.

As the captain of the Bramble team, Gru had a lot of experience. He mumbled for a bit before saying, "Maybe we could use a few traps. These mutated aardwolves are hard to deal with, so attacking them from the front is definitely not a good idea. However, we could lure them to a trap."

"Gnoll fighters are level 2 on average, and those aardwolves are definitely higher than theirs. This means that the sentries there aren’t controlling the aardwolves. Maybe we could make something here."

A smile could be seen on Anna’s face. Bramble’s people were quite reliable.

"Mister Gru and I had the same thoughts. My plan was also like that. We will draw those six mutated aardwolves to a trap on the side of the forest and then use a kind of method to kill them thought up by our lord."

"As for the specifics, we can talk about them later. Mister Verne, since those six mutated aardwolves are handed to our garrison and Mister Gru’s Bramble team, your Lynx team will be in charge of those four gnolls, is that fine?"

Anna smiled at Cat.

The latter felt helpless.

Could he still say anything about this kind of plan?

Their great Lynx team wouldn’t be unable to deal with four gnolls, right?

If they really ruined the mission that way, his team wouldn’t be very respected in River Shore City.

As for those three solo adventurers, they didn’t need to do anything in that first battle. They only needed to stand on the side and cheer.

"Well, it’s late. Mister Vern and Lynx members, you can go back to your rooms to rest."

Anna told them to leave in a not too soft, nor too hard way.

What she meant was quite obvious. The garrison and the bramble team would work together to eliminate the six aardwolves, which certainly needed a few tactics.

However, she didn’t want to let the Lynx members hear those.

Verne turned green, but Masked Twin Blades suddenly got up and went to the 2nd floor.

The other three solo adventurers also returned to their own rooms.

The humiliated Lynx members could only leave the living room.

Only Anna and Gru were left to discuss tomorrow’s tactics.


The second floor restroom seemed a bit dirty. The old crippled clearly didn’t really clean it well because no customers had visited in a long time.

A Lynx member returned to his room, leaving the depressed Cat going to the restroom by himself.

"Damnit! That supposedly easy money is not that easy to get."

He gloomily went in.

But out of nowhere, a dagger was put on his neck, soundlessly.

A person was hidden in the shadows of the restroom!

Masked Twin Blades!

"You… What do you want?" Cat was startled.

He was well aware of the rangers hiding skills as he was also a ranger.

But he didn’t expect this Masked Twin Blades to actually hide in the restroom to sneak attack him!

‘What is that guy thinking? He isn’t really thinking of killing me, right?’

Thinking of this, he started sweating profusely.

"Don’t do anything foolish." Marvin coldly said.

"What are you talking about?" Cat turned stiff. His sneaky movement toward his own dagger was clearly noticed by Marvin.

"The struggle between the upper forces of River Shore City is not something that you, a small trash, can participate in," said Marvin emotionlessly. "I know about the big shot behind you… He thinks that baron Marvin is only a young noble, but in fact, is everything really as simple as it looks?"

"I only reminded you out of kindness, don’t do anything foolish. If you make an unforgivable mistake leading to White River Valley being unable to be recaptured, making me unable to accomplish my mission… Then you’ll never be able to get the reward that big shot promised you anyways."

"Trust me, It won’t be a problem. As far as I’m concerned, killing is an easy thing."


Marvin pushed Cat aside, put away his dagger, and left the restroom.

Cat was sweating all over, Marvin’s few sentences repeating in his mind!

He was a very suspicious person.

Masked Twin Blades made him very perplexed.

That guy known as baron Marvin was only a noble in dire straits, so how could he hire such a powerful expert?

Could it be that he had someone backing him?

Thinking this far, he couldn’t help but start shivering.

The conflicts of the upper layer big shots were definitely not something that they, a small hired team, could participate in. If not careful, they would just be sacrificed.

‘Masked Twin Blades talked about a mission... Could it be that someone is ordering him to help with the recovery of White River Valley? And that person is definitely not that young boy Marvin.’

‘To be able to send this kind of expert, the person behind definitely has power. Masked Twin Blades made such a ruckus in the city, yet wasn’t even caught…’

‘Don’t tell me... !?’

Cat suddenly thought of something! And it frightened him to death!


After Miller’s case, the omnipotent wizards unexpectedly announced that they were unable to find any trace of the killer. This was absurd.

After the wizards started ruling this world’s era, everyone believed that the wizards were able to do anything.

‘Not being able to find a killer, this really was too fake, right?’

Unless, Masked Twin Blades worked for the chief of the wizard regiment!

This would explain everything!

Cat’s lateral thinking was really formidable. In a short time, he had already thought far ahead.

‘Oh heavens, putting it this way, Masked Twin Blades is actually someone from the City Lord’s side?’

‘The city hall is only a dog sitting below the City Lord! I almost became crazy and went against the City Lord!"

‘Oh heavens, oh heavens… That’s what happened, that’s what happened…’

Cat foolishly stood in the restroom doorway for no less than 10 minutes, slowly recovering.

At that time, Gru arrived from the lower floor and gave Cat a weird look.

Verne suddenly became aware that he wasn’t behaving properly. He wordlessly went back to his room, not knowing what to think.


Gru returned to his own room. Just as he pushed open his door, his eyes narrowed and he grabbed his big sword from his back.

There was something amiss!

Someone else was in his room.

"Don’t be nervous." A candle was lit in the room. Marvin was calmly sitting there, looking at Gru. "I only want to talk about some things with you."

Gru didn’t lower his guard. Who would dare to relax when facing Masked Twin Blades?

His hands were still holding onto the heavy sword, ready to attack at any time.

"What discussion? We are complete strangers." Gru said.

"Let’s have a chat about your daughter. I want to know her condition," Marvin said seriously.

Gru stared blankly.

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