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A+ A- Chapter 358: Roll! Titan!

When the colossus came out of the large hole, everyone shivered.

The Mechanical Titan was taller than the Black Dragons by a bit!

Despite its movements being very sluggish, it had a kind of deterrence just from standing there.

The five Black Dragons turned their heads, vigilantly watching the motionless Mechanical Titan!

Little did they know that Marvin was sweating nervously inside the Titan.

Although an unforeseen accident happened in the Astral Sea, buying him a lot of time, the Battle Module had yet to be completely unlocked.

With the Dragons attacking, he could only for force the Mechanical Titan to jump out of the hole!

He needed a lot more access to be able to fight with all the Black Dragons.

But there was nothing Marvin could do to hack it in a short time.

Hope City was on the brink of crisis, so he had to risk it all.

'There isn't much energy left, and other ways of fighting would waste a lot of energy…'

'I can only do it this way.'

Marvin glanced at the unlocked part of the Battle Module and used a bold command!

Lines appeared on the screen:

[Target Locked. Starting Attack Procedure…]

[Attack Procedure Loaded. Transformation Started…]

[Roll Mode Activated!]

As everyone watched, the Mechanical Titan shockingly began to transform.

Its four limbs pulled back and the huge body turned into a triangular shape with curved edges.

Mechanical sounds came out of the Titan as it started rolling forward!

Its movement speed was frighteningly fast, and in a blink, it was approaching the first Black Dragon.

With a bulk the size of a small mountain, the Mechanical Titan rolled frantically. It looked like a huge iron wheel, kicking up dust in its path!

Tlorin was shocked by the Mechanical Titan's quick surprise attack.


Her command wasn't needed, as the Black Dragon in front was terrified of colliding with the Mechanical Titan. He suddenly pulled back and tried to dodge the Mechanical Titan's attack.

But this was futile.

Marvin had already completely locked onto him.

The Mechanical Titan tumbled madly as it corrected its course, veering towards the Black Dragon.

"Roar!" The Black Dragon bellowed.

He suddenly flapped his wings and his forelegs pounced over, trying to suppress the Titan.

The second both sides came in contact, everyone stopped breathing!

Marvin was

sweating. He didn't how strong the Mechanical Titan was after all, so he upped his speed to the maximum!

In an instant, the Mechanical Titan knocked against the Black Dragon's forelegs and abdomen.

The expected equal fight didn't happen. The Black Dragon, whose race was renowned for their melee abilities, was actually… crushed!


The huge Black Dragon couldn't help but be thrown back while the Mechanical Titan kept rolling, crushing the Black Dragon's abdomen!

Despite its formidable Constitution, the Black Dragon could only puke blood from the Mechanical Titan's weight and force of impact.

As for his ribs, who knew how many broke!

Marvin even heard the sound of the Black Dragon's foreleg breaking.

It created a huge commotion!

That piece of metal was actually so powerful!

In the very first confrontation, the terrifying Black Dragon was spitting blood and had a leg snapping.


A purple figure appeared on another Dragon's head.

She looked at the cloud of dust in panic, as the rumbling sound gradually went further away… But it was soon coming back!

"Take off!"

Tlorin shouted in alarm.

The remaining Black Dragons shivered and frantically flapped their wings.

At that time, a great whirlwind filled with dust passed by Hope City. The crushed Black Dragon arduously turned and tried to spread his wings.

He was about to succeed!

But as everyone looked on, a shadow rolled over in the dust with a rumbling noise!

"No!" a Black Dragon roared.

But they couldn't change the result.

Marvin rolled on the Black Dragon's body once again!

This time, the Mechanical Titan had no obstruction to its rolling, and crushed the Black Dragon's neck with its momentum.


The Dragon's neck snapped, leaving it inert on its stomach, looking like a crushed insect!


The Black Dragon let out a pitiful sound. He had just become an Adult and already met such a terrifying enemy.

"Save him!" Tlorin ordered.

But the other four Black Dragons were unconcerned with helping.

They flew in the sky, scared witless as they closely watched that piece of metal circling back, making another pass at the Black Dragon's body.

Whether it was the people watching from the distance, Hope City's inhabitants, or the three sisters who knew a bit more than the others, they were all shocked by this scene.

They couldn't help but

but feel a chill when watching the scene of the Black Dragon strenuously trying to crawl out from the ground before being crushed again.

That was a frigging Black Dragon!

An existence at the top of the food chain! Their bodies had endurance comparable to a small mountain, and their tyrannical physical abilities were at the peak of the Dragon Race!

But this Dragon was now being crushed by a piece of metal.

All those who watched this scene felt like they were going crazy.

The Mechanical Titan kept rolling! It reminded them of a spinning-top, except the way it rotated was different.

Marvin made no fewer than nine passes with the Mechanical Titan!

Up until the Dragon breathed his last breath.

The cold Mechanical Titan then came to a stop.

That Adult Black Dragon had already died, and couldn't die again.

That must have been the most depressing death ever for a Dragon in Feinan.

Being squished to death like this… Regardless of their levels, no Dragon in this world would have imagined that a Black Dragon could get crushed to death like this!

Rocky Mountain's surroundings were quiet.

Even in the sky, the only remaining sounds were those of the Black Dragons breathing heavily as they flapped their wings.

Tlorin was frightened and angry at the same time. She asked with a trembling voice, "You… Who the hell are you?!"

The Mechanical Titan halted and remained motionless.

After a long time, a sentence came from the cockpit in response.

"I am Robin."

Dragon Slayer Robin!

This name appeared once more in Rocky Mountain. No one had expected that he would be killing a Black Dragon yet again when he reappeared.

Did that guy had a grudge against Black Dragons?

Last time he tore a Black Dragon apart with his bare hands. It was even fiercer this time, as he crushed a Black Dragon into mincemeat!

It was really too ruthless. The Dragon's body was practically fused with the earth, and the blood splattered across the entire area.

Hope City group had originally been rather quiet, but soon burst into a noisy ruckus!

"It's Sir Robin!"

"He came back to save us!"

"Heavens! He can actually control this kind of weapon and crush a Black Dragon to death…"

They all exclaimed in admiration.

Even the three sisters

three sisters were shocked by the Mechanical Titan's power.

The Black Dragon wasn't even the Mechanical Titan's match!

The Ancient Gnome technology really couldn't be underestimated.

Tlorin was even more shocked.

The goal behind destroying Rocky Mountain this time was actually to get rid of Robin.

Who would have thought that the hateful Dragon Slayer not only had [Weeping Sky], but also had a Mechanical Titan dug out from a vestige of the Ancient Gnomes!

The remaining four Black Dragons were very scared.

Their morale was very low. If Robin had been alone, they might have already pounced on him to kill him... but he was piloting a Mechanical Titan.

That frightening Mechanical Titan returned to its original shape from the Roll mode.

It seemed like an expressionless machine, but it gave a frightening feeling to the Black Dragons.

It was the aura of a predator.

The Ancient Titans were originally the Dragons' only predator, and the Ancient Gnomes' Mechanical Titan imitated the characteristics of the Ancient Titans. They gathered their strong points in the design to reach the highest level of engineering!

Tlorin paled. The scepter in her hand emitted a red-hot radiance, ruthlessly flying toward the Mechanical Titan's cockpit!

All the onlookers held their breaths.

The Divine Spell of the Black Dragon God's Apostle surely wasn't something easy to handle.

But with the [Divine Restraint] property of the Mechanical Titan, it was useless.

The radiance smashed onto the cockpit and was absorbed by the K metal.

Marvin sarcastically mocked, "I heard you were interested in my head."

"Even though I'm late, I shouldn't be too late."

"Come, let's fight!"

Marvin's words made everyone speechless.

He just crushed a Black Dragon to death. Who would still come to fight him? Wasn't it too shameless to say this?

The four Black Dragons were furious, and crazily fired their Dragon Breath toward Marvin!

But the extreme temperature couldn't do any harm to the Mechanical Titan.

Marvin leisurely waited in the cockpit with the Cooling System activated.

Actually, even though he provoked the Black Dragons and Tlorin, he was also shocked by the Mechanical Titan's power himself.

Just the Roll Mode was enough to casually slay a Dragon.

What if all the other Modules were unlocked… Marvin didn't dare imagine.

With such a powerful Mechanical Titan, he simply didn't need to didn't need to fight!

Only a genuine God might be able to do something. Even Legend Wizards might not be able to handle this Mechanical Titan!

The only issue was the power source!

With the continuous rolling, he went from 29% to 17% energy.

Once he reached 5%, the Mechanical Titan would automatically enter energy saving mode… Marvin wouldn't even have the authority to use the air conditioning then.

And the Mechanical Titan's power source was a type of extremely rare ore that was practically extinct in Feinan.

'I have to deal with everything step by step, dealing with these Black Dragons comes first!"

Marvin had a serious expression on his face, he activated the Roll Mode once again!

The four Black Dragons were frightened and reacted immediately, flying higher. This thing shouldn't be able to roll into the sky, right?

But reality was cruel.

Even if Marvin couldn't fly, there was someone who could!

A seven-colored radiance flashed and Jessica suddenly appeared on top of an Adult Black Dragon's head. Her Fate Power suddenly burst out!

She grabbed the Black Dragon's wings and forcibly threw him to the ground!


Marvin excitedly controlled the Mechanical Titan, and with a rumbling sound, rushed toward the falling Black Dragon!

"Roll! Titan!"


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(written by the author, just slightly edited by the TL to fit international schedule)

Summary of the previous month.

There was a strong start, but it slowly declined.

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Unfortunately, Coconut hasn't done a great job in the past month.

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However, for me, this represents a lot.

It is all I have.

Thank you.

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