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A+ A- Chapter 356: God Realm Collapse!

Even Marvin, who shot the rocket, didn't know about it. This showed how much of a secret the guided missile technology of the Ancient Gnomes was.

Originally, the group that cleared Saruha the first time fired the rocket using the default coordinates, and it destroyed a few Demi-Planes in some distant part of the universe.

The video went viral at the time, but people didn't think too much about the details. Marvin only wanted to give a "gift" to Glynos.

But he didn't know that it would automatically lock onto the God Realm for a perfect hit. How frightening!

A terrifying flame lit every corner of the Shadow Realm.

A disturbance appeared at the center of the explosion, where countless fragments and sparks formed a whirlwind as the Shadow Prince's true body seemed to distort!

It was being crushed.

Not only did his two beauties die violently, but the souls of all his pious followers who lived in the God Realm were also affected. This frightening explosion completely burst all the souls in the God Realm!


Glynos died, but by relying on his God Source, he revived again!

Within his God Realm, he was immortal.

He used all the methods and Divine Skills he could think of to stop the explosion from spreading.

But he couldn't fix his losses. It had happened too suddenly. He was a God from the 3rd Era, but this terrifying weaponry was from the Post-Primal Chaos Era!

He simply had no idea about the kinds of destructive devices that the Ancient Gnomes had created!

The Shadow Realm was still collapsing!

Glynos kept dying and reviving, and lost far too much of his Divine Source and Faith power.

In a short three minutes, half of the Shadow Realm had collapsed.

All the Gods were in an uproar!

The God Realms were located in a mysterious part of the universe, and the entrances to the God Realms were very well-hidden!

But this enormous explosion completely exposed

the Shadow Realm.

Many Gods hurried toward the scene.

What they saw shocked them.

The explosion forcibly opened up the Shadow Realm and even though they stood outside, they were also threatened by the aftermath of the explosion!

Fortunately, the Gods blocked the shockwaves with their formidable Divine Power.

Despite this, the two neighboring God Realms were also shaken!

The terrifying power wreaked havoc at the center of the explosion, and as it subsided, the Shadow Realm became deathly silent!

"Glynos died?"

"What's that thing in the end? Why is there the mark of the Ancient Sun God? Hasn't he already fallen?"

"Wretched Ancient Gnomes, what exactly happened? That dense fog appeared once again, so I couldn't see who did this."

The New Gods kept discussing.

Ultimately, they looked at the Plague God.

This guy could be considered a 3rd Era Ancient God and was one of the few standing on the same side as the New Gods. He knew a lot of things.

The Plague God shook his head. "When I was born, the Ancient Sun God had already fallen."

"I'm also surprised that the Ancient Gnomes created something so frightening. It was enough to destroy a God Realm."

The Gods were worried.

They all tended to be rather full of themselves, only thinking of developing themselves to reach a higher level of existence.

In their eyes, Feinan's lifeforms were only like useful ants.

But they hadn't expected these ants to be able to threaten their lives.

Glynos could be considered one of the weak Gods, but this was the case for many of the New Gods!

At least a third of the New Gods wouldn't dare to say they were stronger than Glynos!

Seeing this scene of destruction, the New Gods were scared witless.

Especially the two Gods with their God Realms neighboring Glynos. They had gone all out to block the shockwaves coming from the Shadow Realm.

"Who attacked Glynos in the end? How could that person get the coordinates of the

the Shadow Realm?" one God asked doubtfully.

No one answered. This question couldn't be answered. Gods wouldn't easily give the coordinates of their God Realms to each other. If not for this explosion creating such a commotion, shocking that entire part of the Universe, they wouldn't have found this location!

"This explosion is almost comparable to that past one," muttered a God with relatively weak Divine Power.

The Gods remained silent. They knew what he was talking about: the explosion of the powerful [Berserk Lord] Angola after reading the Book of Nalu.

Even if this wasn't as big as last time, it had the same impact.

Something like this hadn't happened in the God Realms for a very long time.

This was a provocation from Feinan's people to the Gods!

They were shocked.

Who knew what kind of existence dared to make such a move on a God!

"What about Glynos?" someone asked in a low voice.

The Shadow Realm was still collapsing, and they couldn't clearly see what was happening to Glynos.

Could it be that another God would fall?

This thought lingered in their minds, scaring them.

If Glynos really fell… that meant that there was a weapon on Feinan able to threaten a God!

If that existed, how could they ever have peace of mind?

At that time, a beautiful woman stood at the entrance of the Shadow Realm.

She looked beautiful, but there was a faint layer of mist in front of her face, making people unable to see her clearly.

"Goddess Faniya!"

The Gods were surprised.

They didn't expect that the Moon Goddess Faniya, who didn't even appear at the Gods' Assembly, would be attracted by the explosion.

But they quickly remembered her grievances with Glynos!

"She wouldn't be here to destroy the Shadow Realm, right?" a God wondered quietly.

They hadn't expected that the Moon Goddess would say with a solemn voice, "Dream God, War Lord, and you three, could it be that you don't want to act?"

"If this


"If this keeps going, Glynos will run out of Divine Source and his God Realm will turn into a Black Hole, engulfing the surroundings!"

Many Gods paled in realization.

They hadn't thought that the consequences would be more frightening than the Berserk Lord's!

A small Judgement Day auto-guided missile was able to create such extreme consequences.

Even Marvin couldn't have expected this.

Soon, a few frightening figures gathered and the powerful Gods helped Glynos stabilize his God Realm!

The energy from the explosion was all dissipated.

But half of the Shadow Realm had been destroyed completely.

At the same time, something happened in all the sub-planes belonging to Glynos!

A fear they couldn't describe appeared in the hearts of all the Clerics and pious believers.

"Father God!"

They bowed and prayed to an image of a gentle Glynos in their minds.

How could they have expected that what would appear in response was a sinister face, demanding, "Give me your strength!"

The next second, all the followers began to age rapidly.

The followers in those sub-planes cried out in pain and surprise, but they were unable to stop Glynos from absorbing their power of Order.

Even after the Moon Goddess and the other Gods acted to help stabilize his Shadow Realm, he still needed a large amount of Order power to withstand the explosion's aftermath.

Besides taking it from his followers, he didn't have any other way!

The sub-planes sank into dark times one after the other.

All the followers shriveled into dried corpses!

The more devout one was, the faster they would die.

Only a small number of non-followers witnessed what happened. This greatly frightened them.

The God was actually harvesting the lives of his followers.

Who would believe it?!

In the Astral Sea, the Shadow Realm was gradually stabilizing.

Many Gods couldn't help but wipe their sweat.

Glynos became incredibly weak, almost completely out of Divine Source.

There were some Gods with greedy expressions.

Now that Glynos was at its weakest, if they could get a hold of...

But a hold of...

But a few powerful Gods were there... They helped Glynos stabilize his God Realm and didn't swallow his Divine Source. They clearly wouldn't allow others to do so.

Glynos had a sharp expression on his face


'They all died…'

Under his rule, only a burning half-dead Angel was left. She struggled up and approached Glynos.

She called out in a low voice, "Deity…"

Glynos expressionlessly opened his hand, and a light engulfed her.

The burning Angel was pleasantly surprised.

But that was her last expression in this world. The next second, she transformed in a strand of energy, blending into Glynos' body.


Just as his Realm was about to be destroyed, he clearly saw the culprit.

Even if he was using a Disguise, Glynos saw through it.

'He actually didn't die, and manage to get my God Realm's coordinates…'

He was shocked.

He wanted to rush to Feinan and hack that bastard into pieces!

But he felt the Gods' gazes at that time.

Some were indifferent, some looked at him with pity, and some… had greedy expressions.

He immediately calmed down.

Remembering about the Gods, he gulped.

He blinked, and suddenly, his entire Shadow Realm continued collapsing!

The Gods were startled. Could it be that even with so many powerful Gods making a move, they still couldn't stop the collapse?

A strange expression flashed in Faniya's eyes. "He is sealing the source of his God Realm."

"Smart," a sarcastic voice remarked, "If he doesn't hide, wouldn't he just be waiting to be devoured?"

The Shadow Realm then shrunk and transformed into a strange speck rushing away!

Glynos chose to seal and exile his own Realm!

Only by saving enough power would he be able to awaken again!

In Feinan, the sky split open and a strange scene appeared.

People saw the God Realm collapsing but didn't know it actually meant.

On Black Coral Island, a woman wearing a black dress blinked, seemingly understanding something.

"Marvin… I really underestimated you," she whispered.

She then looked at that woman sealed in ice, chuckling grimly.

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