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A+ A- Chapter 348: Slaughterer

When he thought about it, it wasn't that surprising for the Wolf Spider mercenaries to appear here so soon.

After all, Saruha was shaped like a circle. He had spent a lot of time in the Arsenal, and this was enough time for the Pale Hand to take the other way around.

After they got rid of the Evil Spirits in the Desolate Ancient Altar area, they probably didn't get much profit. The most important parts of Saruha were the weapons-related areas and the Control Room.

They came from the Armory, but the treasures in the Armory were protected by powerful armed constructs.

Without the correct password they couldn't get access to anything and could only be mercilessly slaughtered.

As he remained hidden, Marvin counted the number of people in the Wolf Spider mercenaries and felt cold.

'Two thirds are missing.'

'They were almost wiped out. Did they fight the big guy in the Armory?'

Marvin knew what must have happened. Even with Sky leading them, it would be very difficult for these ordinary people to prevail.

Maybe if it was another Legend, such as a Legend Monk, or a Legend Barbarian.

A rogue, even one like Sky who was extremely proficient in attacking, wouldn't have it easy fighting against pieces of metal.

It was just like using a dagger against a tortoise shell. However you tried to poke it, you wouldn't be able to break it.

They definitely arrived here after a fight.

Marvin could see that besides Sky, the others were wounded, some lightly and some more heavily.

It wasn't that Marvin was treacherous, but he hadn't been too sure about this Saruha exploration in the first place. Since those mercenaries chose to stand with Sky, he wouldn't bother telling them about any secrets. He was better off hiding himself and seeing whether he could get any benefits.

'They must know that they need the password to get the treasures in the Armory.'

'The password is in the Control Room... are they planning to attack it?'

Marvin was fine with letting them do so. This way he could have the chance to take advantage of their efforts.

Just as Marvin expected, after observing the cave from above for a while, Sky imperiously gave them an order.

They didn't follow the path down, instead using a rope to descend from their vantage point and arrive at the Control Room.

This way they wouldn't meet as many constructs.

While remaining in Stealth, Marvin quickly moved behind a pillar near the Control Room's entrance.

He could tell that all the remaining adventurers were experts.

Although they didn't have rogue classes, all of them were pretty nimble and noiselessly climbed down the rope.

This naturally included the Wolf Spider leader, Rem. He still had influence among the adventurers and could speak to the Legend on behalf of the others.

"Sir Sky, are we really going to attack the Control Room from the front?"

Rem looked at the army of constructs ahead and couldn't help but feel fearful.

Even if these constructs were different from the combat-focused constructs that they met in the Armory, the amount was still too shocking.

The dozen people he brought were simply not enough.

Marvin understood their situation after listening from his hiding spot.

Marvin had actually guessed incorrectly. How could the experienced mercenary team lose so many people like that?

They did meet a few constructs in the Armory, but with their team cooperation and Sky's strength, they still managed to deal with them.

Rem had arranged his manpower in three groups. The weakest would stay in the Desolate Ancient Altar, gathering some minor treasures left behind by the Ancient Gnomes.

The other group would stay in the Armory, as support.

Even though the Armory had a lot of fighting constructs, they generally wouldn't move unless someone approached to take away the treasure.

Thus, this was a relatively safe area.

The last group followed Sky to attack the Control Room and consisted of elites.

They heard more about Saruha from the Evil Spirit Envoy.

And there were now discussing how to attack this seemingly calm building.

'Damn, it was really the Wolf Spider's mercenaries who freed the Pale Hand.'

'Even with the Evil Spirit Envoys acting, wouldn't it be difficult to trap Sky?'

Marvin caught some clues from the discussion between both sides.

If not for the Wolf Spider mercenaries, Sky might still be waiting in the Desolate Ancient Altar.

'Even Tidomas made a move?'

'Sure enough, I have a [Kill on sight] aura for Evil Spirits,' Marvin thought sarcastically.

He wasn't generally worried about the Evil Spirit Planes' hostility toward him in Feinan, but he had to be careful in Evil Spirits' areas.

He hid behind the pillar, casually listening to everyone's whispers.

This building didn't look sturdy, but it was basically indestructible. It was rumored that the walls themselves were made of K metals and even the spells of Legend Wizards might not be able to break them.

You could only go in through the entrance.

Sky and the few Wolf Spider mercenaries discussed for a bit more before ultimately deciding to go through the main entrance.

They were prepared to trigger the alarm, and with a few 4th rank powerhouses taking the lead, they rushed from the front.

On another side, they deployed some people to resist the constructs that would be alerted.

They only needed to get through the main entrance, and then everyone could retreat inside. After entering, defending should be much easier.

'These adventurers are actually even greedier than me!'

'They actually want to control all the constructs and loot everything in Saruha.'

'I only want that one…'

Marvin sneered inwardly while listening to their plan.

In Rem and Sky's plan, the adventurers used to block the constructs were clearly discarded pawns.

With so many constructs on standby, when all of them came up, how could a few adventurers block them?

Only a Legend Wizard or Cleric could take care of such an army of constructs. Others would be in for a bad time!

Let alone a few ordinary mercenaries.

Rem promised these pitiful mercenaries that they would have priority on the loot once they returned, but they didn't know that they would be dying soon.

After all, those constructs over there were in a half-asleep mode.

But Marvin knew that if they triggered the alarm, all the constructs would awaken!

At that time, few people would be able to escape.

Of course, Sky would be able to get away.

Marvin was waiting very patiently while they prepared. He continued to carefully hide his own aura.

Although his Stealth was already at 200 points and he could even hide from Heavenly Observers, Sky was a Legend after all, so he still had to be cautious not to make a mistake.

He was hiding to the side and soon, a mercenary from Rem's group moved forward, trying to open the building's entrance.

That mercenary was rather carefree. It seemed like he was usually treated well by his leader. It was a pity that in this place, his character would lead him to a disaster!

Marvin coldly watched him fumbling about, trying to open the door.

In the distance, Rem and Sky had pondering expressions on their faces.

They were clearly throwing away his life.

But to their surprise, after this mercenary fumbled around for a while and pressed the buttons, not only did he not trigger the mechanism, he actually successfully opened the entrance!

As everyone gazed on in shock, the metallic doors slowly parted and light suddenly appeared from the darkness!


"Boss Rem, I already told you that I had the potential to be a Thief. It's a pity that you made me pick up swordsmanship. What Gnome mechanisms, it's all so simple."

They all remained speechless.

And Marvin was even more shocked.

This guy's luck was simply inconceivable.

This building's entrance had a total of eight buttons, and one had to input the correct code to open the door, or else the alarm would be triggered and all kinds of constructs would come attack.

'Just like that?'

Marvin looked at this burly guy with a whole new level of respect. But who would have thought that the next second, a red light would shine from the depths of the building...

'No good!' Marvin, still hidden in the darkness, rolled to hide away from the building.

Unfortunately, that man didn't notice it and was still laughing his head off, loudly calling the others to quickly come over.


A network of red lasers silently shot out and wrapped around that man!

"Ahhh!" A mournful yell came from the pitiful mercenary.

Red lasers radiated around him, even sweeping by the location where Marvin was hiding earlier!

In the blink of an eye, the boasting mercenary was roasted into a burnt corpse!

All those who saw the scene felt a chill!

A place where treasures were buried? This was clearly a tomb!

"Spread out!"

Rem promptly reacted and made the others spread out.

And following that, the lasers quickly rushed over in succession.

These came from a frightening construct, slowly walking out from the depths of the 1st floor!

It stepped on that dead body and crushed it into fine powder.


Marvin's eyelids twitched.

This wasn't the 2nd floor! Why would it randomly be in the mood to take a stroll to the 1st floor?

"Kill it!" Sky roared as he directly escaped to the Shadow Plane, trying to look for a weak point in the construct.

The rest of the mercenaries also scattered, their gazes filled with fear. These lasers were really too frightening!

The power was comparable to a Legendary Disintegrate!

"Intruders… Eliminate!"

Slaughterer was huge, but wasn't slow. Six black gun barrels suddenly came out of its body!

'Exactly like a transforming robot.'

Marvin on the side also felt worried.

Slaughterer was in slaughter mode. Its transformation was incredible and its firepower was simply heaven-defying.

"Bang! Bang! Bang!"

Countless bullets shot out of the gun barrels and a mercenary who failed to dodge fell to the ground!

These weren't Sha firearms, they were Ancient Gnome firearms.

What made the mercenaries feel even more despair was that when Slaughterer appeared, those constructs at the bottom of the slope awakened.

At the crucial moment, Marvin used Night Boundary and passed Slaughterer's body to rush into the Control Room's hall!

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