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Rem let those words slip.

Gwyn looked at him full of killing intent. "You knew his goal?"

One of the Wolf Spiders sneered, "So what if we knew Sir Sky's goal?"

"There are so many of us, and Sir Sky might come anytime. Do you still believe you can escape Saruha?"

"Yeah, you'll die soon. You offended a Legend and still think you can leave alive?"

This group appearing near the steel gate consisted of the elites of the Wolf Spider mercenaries and a few hired experts.

A Legend, especially a Legend Assassin, was enough to make them cower quite a bit.

In this situation, they didn't need to think too much about what to do.

Marvin noticed out of the corner of his eyes that a few impulsive adventurers were already pulling out their weapons. They apparently intended to stop Gwyn!

Even if Rem didn't say anything, his gaze gradually sharpened.

Gwyn was strong, but he had advanced to the 4th rank not long ago. Their side had so many people, countless experts. If they could arrest him, they could gain favor with a Legend. This was a good deal with no loss for them!

A rare trace of anger could be seen on Gwyn's face.

This Vampire, to the best of Marvin's knowledge, had always been known for his superior self-restraint. He could almost be considered the Bright Side's Saint.

But under these circumstances, he finally couldn't control his emotions.

It looked like he was going to go on a slaughter.

And Marvin knew that Gwyn was able to do it!

The elite powerhouses of the Bright Side were close to Grand Duke William. Even if Gwyn's level wasn't very high, he certainly had some fierce killing techniques!

This was also one of the reasons he made friends with Gwyn. He didn't only take the Bright Side's power into account, but he also considered Gwyn's own potential!

A powerful aura burst out from Gwyn's body, and sharp fangs started growing out on his charming face.

This was due to him releasing his power!

'Turns out it's a Vampire!"

One of the Wolf Spider mercenaries sneered, "I was wondering why the imposing Sir Pale Hand would make a move on a 4th rank youth. Turns out it was such a dangerous monster!"

"Yeah, he looks so beautiful that I didn't expect him to be a Vampire."

"I heard a lot of people with unknown origins came to Ruins City lately, and many people died miserable deaths from having their blood sucked!"

"Still hoping a get a share of Saruha's treasures? Filthy evil creature, we will capture you now and send you to Sir Sky!"

Everyone in the Wolf Spider mercenary group became restless.

Marvin frowned.

He didn't expect Rem to suddenly greet him, and say, "Mister Kerry, this guy is the only one Sir Sky wants to kill."

"You are innocent. Our Wolf Spider mercenary group won't make things difficult for you. I hope you won't be deceived by him and will help us capture this Vampire. I'm sure Sir Sky won't treat us badly."

Marvin laughed helplessly, and was about to say a few words, but Gwyn suddenly said, "Filthy creatures! Evil creatures! I painstakingly did so many things. But in the end, Vampires are still monsters in the eyes of humans?"

His eyes were full of resentment and puzzlement.

Marvin saw his pain. The Bright Side had been through much hardship. They tried to coexist peacefully with mankind, but how could it be easy to mend the gap between the races?

These mercenaries had limited knowledge and might not even know the difference between the Bright Side and the Dark Side!

They lived in the Pambo Seashore, which was the Dark Side's headquarters. There, the confrontation between Humans and Vampires was pretty obvious.

Sky himself hadn't revealed his identity, so they naturally thought he was a Human powerhouse. And Gwyn was only a monster in their eyes.

"No need." Marvin rolled his eyes and told Rem, "You guys aren't fools. Do you think someone that a Legend personally came to get rid of would be an ordinary person?"

"I already allied myself with Mister Gwyn. If your Wolf Spider mercenaries are determined to make a move on me, you might not necessarily get any advantage."

Marvin's goal was very simple: If they could avoid a conflict with the mercenaries, then he would avoid it.

Who knew how long the fight between the Evil Spirit Envoys and the Pale Hand would last?

The two's whereabouts had already been exposed, and with Saruha's circular terrain, they would certainly be caught if they didn't get enough distance while the Pale Hand was occupied.

If they wasted too much time here, Sky might catch them.

It would be too troublesome at that time.

Marvin estimated that if they could catch him off guard, killing a Pale Hand wouldn't be impossible, but it would still have huge risks.

After experiencing Arborea, Marvin had become a lot more cautious.

But his words didn't have any effect.

Rem's face sank. "You decided to help this monster, so don't blame us for showing no mercy."

"Don't talk nonsense with them!" Gwyn said. From his expression, it could be seen that he had endured for quite a long time.

If not for him having the same worries as Marvin, he might have already attacked!

Marvin made up his mind and slightly lowered his head. The next second, a spear appeared in his hands!

He raised his head and coldly glanced at everyone with eyes full of disdain. "Since you decided to throw away your lives, I won't stop you."

They all froze, and their expressions changed greatly!

Rem said while losing his voice, "Dragon Slayer… Robin!"

The appearance of Weeping Sky was no secret.

In the rumors, Dragon Slayer Robin used Weeping Sky to take one of Clarke's lives, a fact that had spread quite widely.

This spear's unique features were already known to many.

When Marvin drew this spear in front of everyone and slightly altered his Disguise, returning to Robin's appearance, they were all completely shocked!

Who could have expected a second Legend to appear in a small exploration!

Although they couldn't clearly distinguish Marvin's strength, but after slaying Black Dragon Clarke, who would believe him if he said he wasn't a Legend?

If Pale Hand Sky was but a small celebrity in the Pambo Seashore, Robin was famous!

In the Wolf Spider mercenaries, Bull was very excited. "I told you he was Sir Robin! I didn't think he would actually disguise and mix in with the ordinary people!"

"Shut up!" Rem's face was pale, and he felt bitter.

They didn't feel that a Vampire was to troublesome.

But the current Wolf Spider mercenaries were sandwiched between two Legend powerhouses. It would be difficult this time.

After Marvin's spear appeared, the reproaching people instantly shut up.

They looked at Marvin, their eyes filled with reverence!

He was famous after all. They were ordinary adventurers, but the guy in front of them tore a Dragon apart with his bare hands. They wouldn't be able to harm even one Robin's hands if all of them attacked together!

Rem felt quite awkward and wanted to say something but Marvin quickly emphasized, "I originally didn't want to expose my identity, but things went this far. Your mercenary group should understand that this exploration isn't that simple."

"The few of you, go open the steel gate for me."

"The rest of you, go toward the west and get lost as far as possible. A trifling Pale Hand, do you think I can't handle him?"

They all looked at each other in dismay.

This exploration was originally led by the Wolf Spiders. Who could have expected that something like that would happen!

Legends kept popping up one after the other, each more overbearing than the last.

Luckily, it looked like this Dragon Slayer didn't feel like bothering with them.

Those who weren't sent by Marvin to raise the gate left silently, including the few leaders of the Wolf Spider mercenary group. They only thought they were unlucky!

There was no need to doubt Marvin's identity.

When he made the sudden reveal, Rem stealthily hinted for Lilia to confirm it with magic.

The outcome of the spell showed that Marvin really had a great amount of Dragon Enmity!

This was a characteristic of a Dragon Slayer.

They didn't dare to resist!

In a short minute, all the Wolf Spider mercenaries disappeared from his sight.

The remaining people were struggling with the mechanism to open the steel gate as it was slowly rising up.

Marvin and Gwyn glanced at each other and then sped through!

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