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"Sir Robin?" Marvin was a bit distracted.

But he quickly recovered, remembering that his current appearance wasn't just a nobody in the western seashore.

Dragon Slayer Robin!

This name had spread through the Pambo Seashore a while ago. With Marvin and Jessica's rise in fame, Hope City and Rocky Mountain once again drew the eyes of many people.

Although Marvin left Hope City soon after getting rid of Clarke, many people described his looks and accomplishments and spread the information.

'I actually wanted to be inconspicuous...'

Marvin smiled bitterly.

When he left the Wood Elves' cabin he used Disguise subconsciously. Thus, he didn't really think about it, but he had actually used his famous Robin disguise.

No wonder people gave him a strange look when he lined up… they recognized him.

Marvin rolled his eyes. It was time to show off his acting skills.

A surprised expression appeared on his face. "Robin? Who is Robin?"

"My name is Kerry."

"You mistook me for someone?"

After saying that he tilted his head and turned his body while quietly adjusting his disguise.

This was a slight adjustment that happened at a lightning speed. Marvin barely modified his appearance, making his current disguise about 70% similar to Robin.

Just as expected, the Barbarian was in a daze and sized him up once more before awkwardly laughing. "My bad, I made a mistake."

The people on the side laughed and relaxed.

Of course!

How could a Legend powerhouse like Robin care to look at the small Wolf Spider mercenaries?

They just looked really similar.

The Barbarian wasn't angry after admitting he was wrong. He looked down at Marvin's waist.

In the rumors, Robin used a spear, and his other weapons were Sha firearms.

But this "Kerry" was obviously using a pair of curved daggers, and seemed to be a Ranger. They weren't using the same weapons, so he shouldn't be Sir Robin.

Thinking of this, he felt a bit embarrassed at his mistake.

Marvin inwardly laughed. Being too high-profile wasn't always good. Fortunately he had the Disguise skill, or else he would be the focus of attention everywhere he went.

Whether it was Marvin or Robin, these two identities had very high fame. It was time to make up a new one.

Since it was confirmed that it wasn't Robin, the test was still required.

"Mister Kerry, if you want to participate in tomorrow's expedition, you need to handle at least ten of my moves."

The Barbarian was clearly very confident in his own strength as he kindly advised, "If you aren't strong enough, you might not be able to withstand my attacks."

If someone random person said the same words, the bystanders would have hissed in displeasure.

But everyone saw the previous tests. Most of the adventurers weren't close to being the Barbarian's match. This guy was innately overpowered, so putting it this way wasn't pride, but a sign of goodwill.

"Bull isn't one of the Vice Leaders of the Wolf Spiders for no reason."

"Yes, even if he is only at the 3rd rank, many 4th rank experts might not necessarily be his match."

"This test was without [Ancestors Blessings] and [Berserk Bloodline]. People say he is the Barbarian around here with the greatest prospects of advancing to Legend."

"Since that Kerry isn't Sir Robin, he shouldn't be Bull's opponent. Look at his thin arms and legs, and those daggers that look like tree leaves. He won't be able to block Bull!"

The test continued and everyone couldn't help but chat about it.

There was no shortage of people who failed the test. They fought with Bull and knew that guy's strength.

Barbarians' bodies were pretty strong. Overall, they would only be second to the Underdark's Dark Elves. However, most Barbarians worshipped their ancestors. Worshipping their ancestors meant that they could obtain power from the spirits of their ancestors. At the same time, Barbarians could also have a Berserk Bloodline. With both, a strong 3rd rank Barbarian wouldn't be inferior to an ordinary 4th rank expert.

When he reached the front of the entrance, Marvin slightly nodded.

The curtains opened on their fight!

The Barbarian roared loudly before pouncing over. He lifted his huge axe, leaving an afterimage as his powerful presence spread over!

But some people couldn't help but cry out in surprise at that time!

In a flash, Marvin brushed past the axe very nimbly.

He wasn't harmed at all.

Under the Barbarian's shocked gaze, Marvin's dagger lightly pressed against his neck.

"Passed?" he asked gently.

The area turned silent.

Marvin's ghost-like movements and reaction speed made people completely unable to keep up!

The Barbarian blinked three times before recovering.

"Passed, of course you passed…" He gulped, his eyes filled with fear!

Marvin smiled and drew back his dagger.

Such a joke, he was a level 18 Ranger! How could he not deal with a level 15 Barbarian?

Marvin didn't need to use a trump card and only relied on his physical abilities to crush and overpower the Barbarian.

This was the fearsomeness of Godly Dexterity!

By the time audience recovered, Marvin had already taken care of the formalities with the Barbarian.

He had to gather at the appointed location before tomorrow night.

The exploration would start at nightfall. This was exactly what Marvin wanted.

After he was accepted into the exploration group, Marvin quickly sneaked into the crowd and disappeared.

The Barbarian followed Marvin with his eyes and quietly wiped his sweat.

In that split second, he had truly felt killing intent.

If he really made a move, he might have died.

'This guy… So frightening.'

The Barbarian felt cold. Even if this guy wasn't Sir Robin, he was a very terrifying powerhouse.

As he was pondering, he was surprised by someone suddenly patting his shoulder.

The Barbarian turned around, stunned.

It was a man hidden in a cloak, his voice sounding very pleasant. "I also want to participate in tomorrow's exploration, can I pass the test?"

The Barbarian nodded.

"What should I call you?"

The cloaked man glanced at Marvin's shadow disappearing in the crowd and soon answered, "I am Gwyn."

Marvin didn't know what happened at the entrance of the Wolf Spider mercenary group's courtyard after he left.

He wandered in the city for a bit before ultimately choosing an inn as his temporary resting place.

[Swing Inn]. A very interesting name.

Marvin walked past the green leafy entrance and found out that all the seats inside this inn had been replaced by thick and solid swings.

The business of this inn seemed average, and the hall only had a few people.

The inn owner was a middle-aged woman. Her eyes seemed old. A beautiful face seemed to be hiding behind the passage of time as her wrinkles reflected the years that had passed.

Marvin took a glance around and widened his eyes in shock.

'It's her?!'

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