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Chapter 307: Idol

Marvin moved as fast as lightning, grasping the opportunity perfectly!

But he didn't get any battle exp after this attack!

The High Priestess' head floated in the air. A mysterious force seemed to be at work.

Marvin sneered and rushed up to the head!

As countless eyes watched, the High Priestess' head was sent flying by Marvin's kick.

The Hellhound roared and one of the heads opened its mouth, swallowing the High Priestess' head!


It roared again toward the sky. All the Zealots took a step back.

This kind of scene was simply too shocking!

'Still want to resurrect after your soul entered an infernal lifeform's stomach?'

A sneer flashed in Marvin's eyes. While the Priests were still stunned with disbelief, he began to harvest their lives.

Although these Priests had a Divine Power's protection, it was weakened a lot by the acid splashes.

Marvin harvested them all effortlessly!

One man, one dog.

They surprisingly were able to easily shatter the Shrine!

Regardless if it was Royal City's civilians on the streets, the nobles in the Imperial Palace's court, or the bitterly entangled Great Elder and Orland who stopped their fight...

Everyone watched that desperate scene in the sky.

Terror rose in their hearts!

The High Priestess died!

The Shadow Shrine's High Priestess!

The almighty powerhouse who had received God's blessing was actually beheaded like this by a traveller from another plane.

Moreover, her head was swallowed by the Hellhound.

In that split second, even the most resolute followers wavered in their faith!

They always believed that nothing could beat God, but his Apostle got killed like this.

If the Apostle could be killed, then what about God himself?

No one dared to keep thinking about it!

"Stay your hand." Orland looked at the Great Elder indifferently. "The Era of the Shrine has already ended."

"Impossible!" The Great Elder's face grew malevolent as he yelled fanatically, "Father God is omnipotent!"

"You blasphemer and heathen, the only end for you is destruction!"

A disturbance also appeared among the Shrine Paladins.

Although it was quickly settled, a few seeds of discord were buried as a result.

At that time, a noble pointed to the cloud in the sky and yelled, "Look!"

"God, God, the Idol…"

Everyone looked where he was pointing and discovered that the large statue slowly walked out from among the shadows.

It opened both eyes which flickered with the radiance of Divinity. Its eyes were cold, as if looking at pigs and dogs.

"Thou wait… Evil…"


Its voice was stammering in the Ancient God Language!

Marvin immediately felt that things weren't good when he heard that voice!

That was a big move.

'It should be Glynos. That bastard is probably be hiding in his God Realm and controlling this Idol.'

Marvin had a swift mind and an extremely high reaction speed. This stuttering statue was a huge trap. It was definitely preparing an extremely frightening Divine Spell!

He had to run, now or never!

He used both Night Boundary and Shadow Escape, and escaped about four kilometers away in an instant.

But the foolish Hellhound didn't react so quickly.

The Zealots at his side were already exterminated, leaving only a few unsteady Shrine Paladins!

In fact, if not for the sudden change in the statue, the Paladins might have already run away!

Not everyone would view their own lives as dirt. There were only a few fanatical Zealots after all.

The Hellhound roared as it charged into the statue.

A dazzling radiance suddenly erupted from the Idol's eyes!

[Divine Spell - Molten Judgement!]

That radiance condensed into two molten pillars and ruthlessly crashed onto the Hellhound's two heads!

Instantly, night turn

ed to day as the whole Eastern Snow Mountain shook!

God's might was world-shaking!

The frightening pillars of light instantly shattered the Hellhound's two heads. Only the central one remained because it was relatively smaller, and unexpectedly avoided the damage!

Those Clerics and Paladins were also In the range of the pillars of light, and they instantly melted!

This frightening power shocked everyone.

The Two Headed Hellhound who had been so awe-inspiring just now had his two heads burst!

The people of Royal City began to kneel down one after the other while praying for God to forgive them.

In the court, even if the nobles were a bit better, they also had ashen expressions.

The Great Elder's eyes were brimming with tears of excitement. "This is God's might!"

"You are all sinners! Be prepared to receive God's judgement!"

Worry flashed through Nana's expression for a moment.

'Can you really do it?'

She recalled the image of Marvin's face when he made a solemn vow.

Those who never experienced that shock wouldn't be able to imagine how they now felt.

Previously she felt some certainty that the Nottingheim family could go through this war in one piece, but now, the Idol's power made her a bit afraid!

Where was that Marvin guy now?!

The cloud in the sky seemed to have a negative effect.

Everyone cowered from the god's might. They knelt and kept praying while muttering.

The Princess' recent speech and efforts seemed to have been wasted.

The Idol moved very slowly, his pace extremely firm.

He firmly stepped on the dog's last head!

The Hellhound struggled powerlessly and could only let out tearful roar.

"Judgement… No one can escape!" the statue declared coldly.

It used all its strength and ruthlessly stomped down!

The Hellhound's final head was about to be crushed by that frightening statue, but who would have thought that a loud sound would suddenly echo from another part of the Eastern Snow Mountain. No… More than a loud sound, it was a ray of light!

The ray of light was like thunder, as it echoed with a loud rumbling sound and landed directly on the Idol.


The Idol was left on the verge of collapse.

"Insignificant mortal…"

It wasn't able to finish.

About two kilometers away, Marvin disdainfully shouted, "A bunch of nonsense!"

He then skillfully reloaded!


Another Dragon Tooth!

This time, the Dragon Tooth pierced the Idol's neck.

"Crash!" The Idol's head started cracking!

The Divinity in its eyes began to dim!

"Isn't it just a big rock?"

"Another shot is enough to destroy you!"

Marvin endured the acute pain from the recoil and loaded the last round of Dragon Tooth in Brilliant Purple!

The statue had turned, facing Marvin.

A frightening power appeared to be gathering.

But Marvin pulled the lever for the last time!

Brilliant Purple shattered the Idol's neck!

As everyone in the Royal City watched in shock, that high and mighty Idol crumbled to pieces!


Crushed pieces of rock fell down.

Marvin held Purple Brilliant while languidly lying on the ground, full of sweat.

"Fortunately, this Lord's firing speed is a bit faster!"

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