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Chapter 249: Avengers Alliance?

Marvin’s silhouette could be seen falling down from the World Tree.

It was followed by Bamboo’s beautiful face and the Nine Headed earth-shattering silhouette.

After Marvin watched, he could only bitterly laugh and shake his head.

He finally understood why everyone thought he was dead!

He hadn’t expected that destroying the Decaying Plateau would cause such a huge upheaval.

He knew his fame rapidly soared and he that he would definitely be considered a hero, but he hadn’t expected that it would happen like this.

He had thought that the Fame was rewarded by the system. He hadn’t expected it to come from a live broadcast throughout Feinan!

This was something completely unforeseen.

That kind of special event seemed to have something to do with the plane’s laws, and Marvin, as a player, wasn’t too well versed in this field.

Thus, he made a mistake. He had thought that what happened in the World Tree wouldn’t be seen by outsiders.

Something like that happened because he couldn’t send a message on time.

Everyone thought Marvin already died, and took revenge on behalf of Marvin out of grief and rage while he was still leisurely strolling around the World Tree.

He wasn’t too worried when he returned to Feinan, and made his way back to White River Valley.

In fact, if it wasn’t for Madeline noisily making a move, he wouldn’t have learnt on the way that people already considered him dead.

This originated from an uncanny misunderstanding.

"I’m so sorry, I made you worry. I had no way to communicate inside the World Tree’s domain." Marvin coughed twice and apologized in a low voice.

Right now, he and Hathaway weren’t in White River Valley, but actually in the Ashes Tower.

After that warm kiss that caught Marvin unprepared, Hathaway coldly and forcefully carried him away, only notifying Wayne.

Everyone knew Marvin was brought away by Hathaway and thus was at ease. Lady Hathaway was one of those Legend powerhouses that were friends with Marvin.

Marvin safely returned, so naturally he would have to chat with them.

Hathaway brought him back to Ashes Tower and then made him look at the scene through the crystal ball.

Marvin took another deep breath. "I am really sorry…"

"I am not angry. I just lost control of my emotions for a bit." Hathaway had regained her calm demeanor.

She was in her appearance as a 16 year old young lady, and was a bit shorter than Marvin.

"Listen, Marvin."

"You can’t do something like that again. This matter was too crazy. It was something that completely exceeded your abilities. This was something even gods couldn’t do!"

"You might be a special Seer, able to see farther than me, but something like the future is ever changing!"

Hathaway gave Marvin a serious look. "You fell in the abyss… That was the future I saw."

"Fortunately, you came back alive. This was another potential future. But what if the future I saw really happened?"

"By all means! Don’t try something out of your means again!"

Marvin nodded.

That matter really was a bit crazy. Not only was it reckless and dangerous, but he also dragged many Legends into that danger.

From Hathaway’s words, if it wasn’t for the Great Elven King ultimately making a move, they might have not been able to escape the Decaying Plateau!

Destroying a plane wasn’t something he should have tried at the moment.

Everything had gone well after transmigrating, largely increasing Marvin’s confidence. But in reality, he had been dancing on the edge of a blade many times.

A moment of carelessness and he would have lost his life!

This wasn’t the game where he could revive after dying.

This was a real world.

"Yes, I promise."

"Something like this won’t happen in the future," he seriously said.

Hathaway gently nodded. She grabbed Marvin and led him

to the roof of the Ashes Tower.

"Where are we going?"

Soon, Marvin reached the roof of the Ashes Tower and discovered a long-distance Teleportation Gate.

"The North," answered Hathaway simply.

Then, a burst of arcane magic completely enveloped Marvin!

A cold northern wind that felt as sharp as a blade fiercely scraped Marvin’s face.

When he opened his eyes, a boundless field of snow spread in front of him.

A male Wizard was looking strangely at him.

He was a 4th rank Wizard wearing a pure white gown, a Wizard from the North’s Wizard organization, the Wizards’ White Tower.

"Lady Hathaway, you came," the White Tower’s Wizard politely said, "I already made preparations for you…"

"No need," she declined coldly.

Then, she gently grabbed Marvin’s hand.

The Wizard’s face reddened.

The magic carpet rose up and the two sped like a meteor, disappearing in the snow!

They kept going north.

Marvin was barely able to see the destination.

The magic carpet was flying extremely fast and Hathaway was ignoring the price to speed it up. They used over 20000 Wizard golds of magic powder!

Marvin was dumbfounded. This was truly flushing money down the toilet!

But before he could regain his focus, a world-shaking sound could be heard in front of them!

Hathaway suddenly slowed down!

Before them was a glacier from ancient times.

A black line could be seen on the snow south of the glacier. A few small shadows were standing on the southern side of the line.

From time to time, thunderous sounds echoed from the glacier.

Marvin squinted and was shocked to discover a familiar silhouette!


He ripped through the glacier and was fighting with an azure shadow inside!

"Wait… This place is…"

Marvin held his breath. "Don’t tell me this is the place where the Azure Matriarch was slumbering?"

Hathaway nodded, a killing intent flashing through her eyes. "Indeed it is."

"After that Azure Matriarch’s Chosen assassinated you, or at least tried to, we made a move. Do you want take a look at that Bamboo woman?"

Marvin was shocked, "You captured Bamboo?"

Hathaway silently took out a small bundle and handed it over to Marvin.

Marvin silently opened it.

It was Bamboo’s head.

She died with her eyes wide open, as if full of grievances.

"Rest assured, she thoroughly died," Hathaway conscientiously explained.

"I found the place where she revived, and killed her a third time," she said, all with a calm voice.

But Marvin could see the torment Bamboo had suffered before her death from the expression on that face!

He suddenly felt that Hathaway’s cold expression was very warm!

"Thank you… Thank you…" Marvin said.

He then looked at those silhouettes on the snow!

Shadow Thief Owl, White Deer Holy Spirit Lorant, Constantine, Endless Ocean, along with a strange old man, and a Legend Barbarian.

Hathaway rushed the magic carpet and the two of them quickly descended.

"You returned so fast? It’s not your shift yet…"

Owl casually turned around.

That guy’s expression suddenly changed.


"You bastard!"

Marvin instantly covered his head with his hands!

All the Legends immediately surrounded him, staring at Marvin who died and come back to life. As Marvin expected, those guys started beating him one after the other!

These guys were Legends!

Their moves weren’t light!

The White Deer Holy Spirit Lorant didn’t attack him though. That guy was constantly using healing magic to heal Marvin!

On the surface he was helping Marvin.

But Owl and Constantine became even more ruthless thanks to it!

If he was healed, then there was no need to worry that the kid would die!

A full ten minutes later, Hathaway saved Marvin from Owl and Constantine’s relentless attacks.

Lorant burst out laughing and cast a few more Legend level heals on Marvin. The latter completely recovered.

But the pain from that beating couldn’t be cured.

"I knew you wouldn’t die so easily kid!" Constantine heartily laughed. "I used quite a few Dawn Light to massacre cities before, so all of them are on your tab!"

Shadow Thief Owl chuckled, "Half of those purple gowned guys from the Twin Snakes Cult died by my hands. Making a Legend Shadow Thief make a move has a cost. You go calculate it."

Marvin gave a hollow laugh. The way these two guys teased him was rather particular, but he still felt warm.

This was the feeling of friendship.

Everyone felt sincerely happy at Marvin’s "resurrection". As for the Twin Snakes Cult, no one would mourn them.

"Let’s move on," Hathaway said while waving her hand, "We should stop what’s happening inside."

They all nodded.

Marvin looked at the black line in front of him. This was clearly a boundary.

He couldn’t help but ask, "How did he get in?"

Constantine shook his head. "Who knows. We can’t get in, only O’Brien could."

"This is the slumbering place of the Azure Matriarch. She has the support of a steady flow of power coming from the World Ending Twin Snakes. We fear O’Brien might not be able to keep going, so we’re taking shifts to check the situation."

"If it doesn’t go well, we can all give it a try at the same, to see whether or not we can fight our way inside."

Hathaway looked at Marvin. "This was why I rushed you over."

Marvin suddenly understood.

Time Molt.

This thing was still in his hands.

This was the world’s best artifact that could pass through all boundaries. It could even pass through the Universe Magic Pool. So what if it was the World Ending Twin Snakes?

Marvin immediately put Time Molt on his shoulder and went inside the glacier.

Only to see the Nine Headed Azure Matriarch being beaten down by O’Brien!


‘Four of the nine heads have exploded…’

Marvin looked at O’Brien tyrannically stepping on one of the heads and weakly shouted, "Leader, I’m fine…"

Hearing this voice, O’Brien suddenly turned around.

Happiness appeared on his face as he quickly kicked down on the fifth head!


The fifth head exploded!

If not for the steady flow of power from the World Ending Twin Snakes, the Azure Matriarch would have already been killed by O’Brien!

"Let’s leave!" O’Brien greeted Marvin and the latter once again used Time Molt as they left the glacier.


The Night Walker Leader panted as he reproachfully looked at Marvin. "Boy, you sure aren’t nice. You playing dead has made me use too much power, I almost exhausted all my strength…"

Everyone sweated.

This guy had displayed the vitality of a dragon and the fierceness of a tiger while in that glacer, how could he be exhausted?

Marvin could only bitterly smile. "I’m sorry. It was my fault."

"No, I don’t blame you."

At that time, the strange old man carrying a jar of wine suddenly walked over, looked at Marvin, and clicked his tongue. "If not for you, I might have never seen so many Legends working together with a common purpose during my life.

"I heard that they formed a temporary alliance to avenge you."

"What was the name...?"

Marvin couldn’t help but blurt out, "It wouldn’t be the Avengers Alliance, right?"

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