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#4 Holy Water was condensed from the purest heavenly holy power, like Lorant’s.

Marvin previously lacked ranged attacks, but the Battle Gunner class made up for this.

This was the shotgun Constantine used when he was young. it had a very bad name, [Golden Rose], because the gun had a rose on it.

Sha shotguns had a big issue, which was that they had to be cooled for three minutes after one shot.

Otherwise the shotgun might explode.

This was also one of the reasons firearms had yet to become popular.

But for Marvin, this shot was already more than enough.

Using the Wind Fairy to attract the attention of the seven Evil Spirit Knights, he was able to lure them within firing range. Marvin then aimed and shot.

It simply felt too great!

Outside the Moss Prison, the Evil Spirit Guards angrily roared.

The loud gunshot alarmed them, causing them to run over from all directions. There were at least a thousand!

These Evil Spirits were basically the lowest level of cannon fodder. Besides negative energy, they had nothing.

But if other people wanted to eliminate these Evil Spirits, it would still be quite troublesome.

Marvin lifted his curved dagger up high and sped up!

Blazing Fury!

The frightening arcane flames wreaked havoc on that open area in an instant. The temperature of the magic flames wasn’t something these Evil Spirits could endure.

The area between Marvin and the Moss Prison had gone up in flames.

A huge amount of Evil Spirits were cleanly burnt while the rest were blocked by the flames.

Marvin rushed into the fire, charging into Moss Prison like lightning!

The Variant Moss wouldn’t take the initiative to attack enemies, but their defensive abilities were pretty high.

At that time, all the Moss had turned an angry red!

This meant that an enemy invaded!

But the Evil Spirit Guards had no way to catch Marvin.

The experts had been sent away by Diggles, and the Evil Spirit Overlord had focused his perception on detecting the aura of Legends in order to save energy. Under the attack of Inheim, Hathaway and the others, he didn’t have extra energy to keep an eye on the Moss Prison!

The remaining Evil Spirits simply weren’t a match for Marvin.

His daggers were also coated with #4 holy water.

He simply killed all Evil Spirit minions that rushed up to him inside the prison with one slash, sometimes even killing two at once!

In a mere ten seconds, Marvin had carved a bloody path through!

"Sir Marvin!"

"He really came for us!"

"Father didn’t lie to us. He said Sir Marvin would come to save us!"

A huge piece of moss surrounded a dozen young deers in the middle.

They took the initiative to form a circle to surround Muse.

Marvin knew this was how they protected her.

The young deers had Lorant’s bloodline so they naturally had heavenly holy power to protect themselves from being corrupted.

But Holy Maiden Muse was different, not having any power. Without the young deers protecting her, her body might have already been corrupted.

Marvin looked at that invulnerable Moss Prison and took out two scrolls from a storage item!

The Great Druid Sky Fury gave him these two scrolls after Marvin told them about the characteristics of the Moss Prison.

The two scrolls contained a powerful spell, [Great Wilting]!

Even though the moss that formed the prison was born out of negative energy as a variant plant, it was still a plant!

Withering skills were the bane of plants, and Great Wilting was naturally the moss’ predator.

However, this kind of spell was something Druids would only use as a last resort.

Similarly, growing a World Tree’s seed was also a last resort action.

If not to keep the balance in nature and eradicate the Underworld, even if Lorant had a great friendship with Sky Fury, he wouldn’t make such a move.

In fact, these two Great Druids’ actions were done without the permission of the Migratory Bird Council.

Taking advantage of the reprieve after clearing out so many Evil Spirit Guards, Marvin directly tore open the first scroll.

The dark black runes flashed and a large amount of black gas twisted around the red moss.

Then, that wide area of moss began to wilt.

Great Wilting was really effective.

Marvin put away the other scroll. Sky Fury gave him two scrolls only as an insurance.

In fact, one was more than enough.

The young deers cheerfully rushed out, one of them still carrying Muse.

"Many thanks Sir." Muse looked at Marvin, moved.

Marvin slightly nodded. "Now isn’t the time for this. You have to immediately leave the Underworld."

"Follow my directions. Keep going that way and then you will see a big mushroom bridge."

"Trust me. Just jump on the mushroom bridge to get across, open the small door not far from it, and then you’ll be able to return to Feinan."

"But you absolutely have to remember: after you return to Feinan, you have to hang this lock on the door once again." Marvin handed the lock over to Muse.

"What about you?" Muse was somewhat hesitating.

She had expected Marvin to leave with them. But hearing his tone, it look he actually was staying in the Underworld!

"I have a plan," Marvin simply said. "Take the young deers and escape!"

Evil Spirit Guards started to rush over to surround them.

Marvin didn’t hesitate and raised his curved dagger once again!

Blazing Fury!

Both of his curved daggers had now used their Blazing Fury ability.

This Blazing Fury once again burnt a large area.

Marvin rode on a young deer and they crazily rushed out of the Moss Prison!

They followed Marvin’s escape route and were finally on the meadow. Marvin suddenly had them stop.

He got down from the young deer, stably landing on the ground.

"You guys hurry up and follow this path. You’ll see the Mushroom Bridge after a while!" he urged.

"What about you?" asked a young deer in worry. "There are still many Evil Spirits left, you can’t hold them off on your own!"

"Yeah, yeah, and there is a Pool of Corruption in the Moss Prison. Those dead Evil Spirit Knights will soon be revived from the Pool of Corruption."

"They run faster than us," another deer fretted.

Marvin smiled with confidence. "I made preparations."

How could Marvin not know about that Pool of Corruption?

These Evil Spirit Knights were immortal. Thus Marvin didn’t get any experience from them when he eliminated them!

This was because they originated from the Pool of Corruption deep inside the Moss Prison.

They would revive in at most five minutes, and would then give chase.

The young deers were pretty fast, but not as fast as the Evil Spirit Mounted Knights.

Marvin had already expected this to happen, so he could only stop in this area!

He shocked Muse and the deers by dragging a big weapon out of the meadow!

It was a big cannon!

Marvin put away his daggers and adjusted Brilliant Purple’s angle, aiming at the Moss Prison not too far off!

At that time, many Evil Spirits were rushing out from within.

These Evil Spirits also came out of the Pool of Corruption.

If the Pool of Corruption was destroyed, they would also cease to exist!

‘It’s totally spending money to buy experience. Why do I feel like I’m one those dishonest gamers from my past life…’

Marvin took a deep breath while inwardly mocking himself for gaining exp like this, before quickly switching his equipment.

Brilliant Purple was perfectly set.

What was put in the cannon wasn’t [Dragon Tooth], but [Dawn Light]!

A shot cost 1500 Wizard golds!

The Evil Spirits were rushing in a seething mass and would soon arrive in front of them.

"Sir Marvin!"

The young deers were worriedly jumping around.

"Don’t… Be… Worried…"

Marvin spoke word by word as his hands were slowly pressing on Brilliant Purple, and then he suddenly pulled on the lever!


The loud shot echoed. Marvin directly flew ten meters back, some blood splashing on his face!

At that time, a white light shot out of the cannon and rose up in the sky, before slowly falling.

It finally landed in the Moss Prison!


The frightening bursting sound became louder as Dawn Light completely crushed the entire Moss Prison, exploding everywhere!

Marvin rested on the ground as he checked the countless logs that appeared!

He coughed blood while crazily laughing.

It really destroyed the Pool of Corruption!

Although he was puking blood from the frightening backlash, considering his benefits, this injury was nothing!

‘Even if shooting wounded me…’

‘This is worth it!’

In the logs:

[You successfully destroyed the Pool of Corruption, gaining 81748 exp!]

Marvin staggered up and wanted to put away Brilliant Purple when a pure white light landed on his body.

The young deers were surrounding him, using healing spells and strengthening halos on him one after the other, making Marvin feel very warm.

These young deers were totally like a powerful nurse when together!


"What happened!"

On the throne, Diggles was suddenly startled!

Marvin created such a huge commotion with that shot that if he couldn’t notice it, he wouldn’t deserve to be this plane’s ruler!

The Pool of Corruption was destroyed, and the young deers escaped...

A series of scenes appeared in front of his eyes.

Ultimately, he caught sight of a small human struggling to hold a strange weapon and aiming at the Moss Prison.

‘It’s a Gunner!’

‘Not even a Legend!’

Diggles’ fist smashed against the throne and his expression became even more sinister. ‘A little human actually dared to act like that in my world!’

At that time, Hathaway suddenly opened a Teleportation Door inside the World Tree’s halo.

Under Diggles’ furious glare, a person came out of the Teleportation Door.

Could it be another Legend?

Diggles was getting increasingly more enraged. That group of Legends really thought the Decaying Plateau was their backyard?

But contrary to his expectations, the person who came out of the Teleportation Door wasn’t a Legend!

Rather, it was a 3rd rank Ranger!

"Damn! You actually dare to appear in front of me!"

Diggles simply wanted to explode!

He couldn’t wait to dismember that human in front of him!

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