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The Moss Prison’s structure was very solid. Not only was the giant Variant Moss the best tool to lock up prisoners, they were also part of the Underworld. They were a type of lifeform with awareness.

Their perception was very high toward non-Evil Spirit lifeforms.

Even though Marvin’s Disguise was very powerful, it might not be good enough to hide from the hideous Moss.

Thus, he stopped about a kilometer away from the Moss Prison.

He crawled on a meadow. In front of him was a rugged small path and to the west was the edge of the Moss Prison.

An Evil Spirit Knight rode on a Evil Warhorse, rushing past him. They were in charge of patrolling this secure area.

Of course, their presence here was only to stop the prisoners from escaping.

Outsiders? Who would believe that there would be visitors in the Underworld?

The entire power of the Underworld was transferred to Diggles to deal with the team of six Legends. Only those standing guard here didn’t go.

Diggles was very crafty. Even though the Moss Prison was very secure, there would always be ways to get inside.

White Deer Holy Spirit Lorant wasn’t the type of person who would give up on his children, so Diggles was convinced that there would be a force appearing there to save those young deers.

But they had yet to arrive.

He stayed vigilant, leaving the troops at the Moss Prison, and sending over an additional elite troop of Evil Spirit Knights from a small corrupt village nearby to defend the location.

This made forcefully breaking through even more impossible.

‘Crafty Diggles…’ Marvin thought in silence.

But he had made preparations!

No one understood Diggles more than Marvin. It was true that Diggles was very crafty, but he was also very arrogant!

Once he noticed something, he would definitely act on it.

This was how he dealt with things.

Thinking of this, Marvin gently took out the Thousand Paper Crane.

Inside this Thousand Paper Crane was the corpse of a Dragon!

But it had another use other than storage.

"You can make a move, Sir Owl," Marvin whispered quietly.

Feinan. Owl was the only Legend out of their group of seven that didn’t go through the rainbow tunnel.

But this didn’t mean he couldn’t participate in the crusade against the Underworld.

Based on Marvin’s plan, he didn’t need to go with Lorant and the others.

The six Legends were enough to occupy the powerful Diggles. Shadow Thief Owl was to attract the last bit of his attention!

He was sitting on a stone, boredly playing with a Thousand Paper Crane.

At that time, Marvin’s voice came from within.

Owl stretched, the Thousand Paper Crane disappearing in his palm.

‘This young Marvin is truly comparable to his young grandfather at that time, doing some crazy things…’

"It hasn’t even been a year and now I have to go fight an Evil Spirit Overlord. This Legendary Thief’s luck is quite bad!" He mumbled to himself and then disappeared!

Shadow Thief Legend Ability, [Shadow Travel]!

This ability was different from the short [Shadow Dodge]. The latter could only briefly use the Shadow Plane to displace oneself in Feinan, while Shadow Travel would truly make one blend into the Shadow Plane!

Like so, Shadow Thief Owl traveled through the Shadow Plane.

In fact, he was the only one among the seven Legends able to travel to the Underworld without the help of a tool!

There were also many places where the Shadow Plane overlapped with the Underworld.

Relying on Shadow Travel, Owl was able to find a small crack leading to the Decaying Plateau and enter!

Naturally, if it was just a plan thought up at the last second, finding that gap would be very difficult. The Shadow Plane was filled with dangers after all.

But it was different for Owl. This guy had a lot of experience and had travelled across the North and the South. He also explored the Shadow Plane quite a few times.

He knew of more than thirteen cracks that overlapped with the lower planes!

Going to the Decaying Plateau was very simple.

After all, travelling from Feinan to a lower plane was a lot simpler than going from a lower plane to Feinan.

"Woosh!" His silhouette disappeared from the countless shadows.

What awaited him next was a rotting smell!

‘There really was another Legend! And a Shadow Thief at that!’

On the battlefield, Diggles was only using his two doppelgangers to fight against the six Legends.

His main body was still focused on the entire plane.

When Shadow Thief Owl appeared, he was immediately spotted.

A proud smile appeared on his face. There was a limit to how long he could focus on the entire plane.

Diggles was confident that this group was only composed of Legends. Who other than Legends would dare throw their life away in the Decaying Plateau?

Thus, he only focused on auras of Legend rank and above when monitoring the entire plane.

This was most efficient.

Just as expected, Shadow Thief Owl’s appearance confirmed his thoughts.

‘This Shadow Thief definitely came to save those young deers, hehe…’

‘How naive.’

Diggles silently lifted his hand and another doppelganger appeared!

This doppelganger’s aura was a bit weaker than the other two, but it was strong enough to deal with a Shadow Thief.

At the same time, the Evil Spirit Envoy guarding the Moss Prison also received Diggles’ command.

"Take most of the Evil Spirit Knights with you and surround that crafty Shadow Thief!"

Diggles’ voice was awe-inspiring.

The Evil Spirit Envoy could only answer, "Yes!"

Then, a large group of Evil Spirit Knights left their posts to head towards the Shadow Thief!

Owl’s next move puzzled Diggles greatly.

He actually didn’t go toward the Moss Prison, speeding down another path instead.

Diggles wondered in confusion, ‘Isn’t he here to save people?’

‘Hold on… That direction… It’s my hidden treasure cave!’

‘How did he know?! Damn! He is actually here to loot!’

Diggles suddenly realized. He ground his teeth and ordered his doppelganger to speed up.

And his main body was still focusing on Legend auras throughout the Underworld.

So many Legends appeared today that he wouldn’t be surprised if a few more came out. He would only feel excited!

Because these Legends were doomed in this plane!

His seat held the power of the entire plane, and there was [that thing] constantly supplying him with power. How could these people be his match!

Thinking of this, he simply wanted to loudly laugh his head off!

Shadow Plane. Two distorted shadows quietly appeared.

"Tskk tskk, enemies are bound to meet on a narrow road."

The feminine man said in a soft voice, "Seems like you can wash away your disgrace today."

Anger filled Glynos’ eyes.

In their sight, a Shadow Thief kept moving forward, and in the blink of an eye, he disappeared from the Shadow Plane.

Though they were watching, they couldn’t pursue him because the Shadow Plane was distorted. They couldn’t go against spacetime even if they were gods.

In fact, everything was distorted in the Shadow Plane. If you stabbed an enemy here, he might still be alive in the material plane.

This was another reason the Shadow Prince didn’t act.

"We still aren’t making a move yet?"

Seeing Owl sneakily entering the Decaying Plateau’s crack, Glynos asked with a gloomy expression.

The person at his side shook his head while smiling. "As an Assassin, your patience seems to have taken a turn for the worse after becoming a god."

"Don’t forget your origins."

"That way you won’t lose yourself."

The Shadow Prince coldly snorted but didn’t answer.

The other’s words were right. After ascending, his patience had really worsened.

He didn’t have the patience he had in the past. It was replaced by crazy and eye-catching assassinations. This wasn’t a matter of style, but a matter of attitude.

The pride of becoming a god made him extremely fickle and impatient.

It was to the point that he messed up after becoming the focus of the god assembly in the God Realms.

"You are right," Glynos admitted. "You are worthy of being an Ancient God. Even if you aren’t much stronger than me, I can’t compare with regards to your understanding of this world."

The feminine man gave a hollow laugh and a hint of dissatisfaction flashed through his eyes.

Moss Prison.

Once he saw the Evil Spirit Knights disappear, Marvin let out a long breath!

The plan worked!

First was the six-man Legend team attacking, and next was Shadow Thief Owl appearing to loot. Those two moves attracted Diggles’ attention!

Moss Prison’s defenses were now extremely low.

It was time for him to take action.

‘I have to get it done quickly.’

Marvin looked at those few Evil Spirit Knights pacing back and forth at the edge of the Moss Prison and thought for a moment before ultimately entering stealth and advancing slowly.

The distance between both sides was quickly closed.

The remaining seven Evil Spirit Knights were dedicated and stood at their post.

Suddenly, the Variant Moss turned red!

Tiny particles kept rotating on the moss for a bit before ultimately pointing at a location in the surroundings.

The Knights looked at each other and then pulled on their reins, wildly rushing that way!

They were extremely fast and soon half-surrounded that place, spread in a fan shape.

The Evil Spirit Knights raised their pikes and aimed at that spot before stabbing down in unison.

How could anyone expect that the space would suddenly distort, revealing a small and innocent fairy!

Wind Fairy!

Crash! A gale started whirling, diverting the Knights’ pikes. They almost knocked into each other.

Then, the Wind Fairy suddenly flew up.

Before the Knights could react, a fierce gunshot echoed from fifteen meters away!

After that gunshot, Marvin’s silhouette also appeared.

Bright flames whistled out of the shotgun’s barrel and covered the seven Knights!

‘#4 Holy Water and a shotgun, isn’t it the first time someone used this combination?’

Marvin smiled and looked at the Evil Spirit Knights collapsing under the effects of the holy power, and unhesitantly put his shotgun away.

He then went directly past the seven Knights struggling on the ground, his daggers in hand as he charged into the Moss Prison!

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