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On the calm Decaying Plateau, Evil Spirits were performing their duties.

Diggles was dully sitting on his supreme seat, apparently thinking about something.

The guard at his side was silent. Ever since he started following Diggles, he had never seen his Overlord leave that throne, not even half a step.

He always sat there, motionless.

The throne’s immediate surroundings were a restricted area. If someone dared to approach, no matter who, the only fate that awaited them was death.

The Evil Spirits weren’t curious, and just obeyed. Diggles’ orders were the highest command.

No one dared to go against him.

Deceiver was the first in history.

But she wasn’t an Evil Spirit.

‘She must be trying to find her younger brother. Even if I don’t know exactly what happened, since I know this, it shouldn’t be too hard to find her.’

Craftiness flashed through Diggles’ eyes. He closed his eyes and tried to connect to a few Evil Spirit Envoys in Feinan when a rainbow crack tore the sky!

"White Deer Holy Spirit Lorant!" Diggles opened his eyes with a victorious smirk plastered on his face.

"You finally arrived. Welcome, welcome."

After the rainbow passage opened, Lorant was the first one who came out.

Pure Heavenly energy filled his body, and it cleaned an area on the Decaying Plateau.

This was a special ability of the Heavenly Deer!

But this ability made the Evil Spirits feel bad.

They were born from negative energies and weren’t fond of the power of Order.

Diggles had a grave complexion, but even he no longer cared about Lorant’s bearing.

After all, in his eyes, this arrogant Heavenly Deer would quickly be reduced to a mount under his crotch. When the time came, his heavenly holy power would transform into the purest negative energy.

Positive energy and negative energy could be changed through a ritual. And as an Evil Spirit Overlord, Diggles was obviously proficient in such matters.

"Give me the stone and I’ll return your children."

Diggles showed an ugly smile.

But then, his expression stiffened.

Because someone else actually appeared out of the rainbow passage behind Lorant!

It was an elf whose potential would make others drool!

In Diggles’ eyes those countless blessings on the Elven Prince’s body were all the most precious blessings in the universe.

"You seem to have violated our agreement," Diggles muttered, looking at the two maliciously, "But I don’t care."

"Since you came to the Decaying Plateau, I’ll properly entertain you."

Ivan shrugged. "As you wish."

"But let’s do without the nonsense!"

The Elven War Saint’s body solidly landed on the ground and he charged toward Diggles like a bullet.

All the Evil Spirits on his way were sent flying!

Countless Evil Spirits howled in grief. Ivan alone slayed a bloody path to Diggles.

The latter looked at Ivan while laughing. "Silly Elf."

"You think you alone can beat me when I’m in my world!?"

Diggles’ body shook and two doppelgangers suddenly appeared in front of the throne!

His main body was still sitting on the throne, motionless.

Ivan faced the powerful Evil Spirit Overlord without fear, drawing a longsword!

This longsword was masterfully crafted and had a unique decorative design carved into it.

Normally, Ivan would very rarely use powerful weapons because he didn’t need them. But while stepping into another plane to challenge an Evil Spirit Overlord, though he didn’t look concerned on the surface, he still took the strongest weapon in his arsenal!

This was the treasure his mother set aside for him before she died, which had always followed him to this day.

A god level weapon cast by the High Elves before they left Feinan, [Glorious Wind].

"Nine Elven Swords?" Diggles squinted.

"Congratulations for your guess." Ivan shrugged dismissively. "But… In fact, I took out this sword only to attract your attention."

Before his words finished, a meteor shot out from the rainbow passage and ruthlessly hit Diggles’ main body on the throne.

Ivan raised Glorious Wind and fiercely attacked the two doppelgangers.


Diggles on the throne was startled and furious.

When the meteor fell down, Diggles lightly lifted his left hand and released an unending flow of negative energy. In an instant, three dark barriers took shape around him.

[Meteor Fall]!

One of the strongest moves of Legend Monks.

The red hot meteor used by Inheim carried seemingly world-ending power as it viciously smashed against the barrier.

But the anticipated explosion didn’t happen. Diggles’ power was bottomless. That meteor barely broke through the first layer of the barrier and was stopped by the second layer!

A powerhouse like Inheim did not even pose a threat to Diggles!

The Evil Spirit Overlord exposed a cruel smile. "Good, you actually dared to come to my world!"

"Lorant, I really want to thank you. Hahahaha!"

The White Deer Holy Spirit stood there and said with an expressionlessly, "You think everything is decided?"

"No... Let me tell you that today is the day you die!"

A frightening lifeforce appeared in the center of the Rotting Sea behind him.

This lifeforce strengthened and grew into to a big tree in a few instants!

"Seed of the World Tree? Great Druid?"

Diggles’ expression became grave.

He could feel the entire Rotting Sea’s power deteriorating.

The World Tree was such a precious treasure. With two Great Druids activating it, it kept growing.

It grew into an enormous tree, towering over its surroundings and expelling the negative energies. The entire Rotting Sea started to be cleansed!

"You dare to make a futile attempt at purifying my world!" Diggles angrily shouted.

One of his doppelgangers broke away from Ivan’s attacks and fiercely rushed toward the tree and the two Great Druids channelling!

He couldn’t let this World Tree’s seed grow in this plane!

But then, a gale swirled up and quickly turned into a gray storm!

A woman’s shadow could vaguely be seen in the storm.

Diggles’ doppelganger was powerful but couldn’t resist the storm’s pull and got dragged into it!

Ashes Storm!

Everything would be drawn in and turned to ashes. This was the strongest Legend Spell developed by Hathaway. Even if Diggles’ doppelganger was powerful, it was turned into ashes after being caught off guard!

The World Tree’s seed kept growing. It actually couldn’t keep it up for too long, since after all, it wasn’t a real World Tree.

But it could greatly harm the Decaying Plateau for a short time, and most of all, it could restrict Diggles’ power. Nothing else was as powerful there.

After Ivan and Inheim attracted attention, they immediately retreated inside the range of the World Tree’s radiance.

There, they had constant healing and bonuses to their strength.

Lorant also turned back to his main body and began to use spells he was proficient in!

The Evil Spirits on the Rotting Sea had already been annihilated, and countless Evil spirits ran away like stray dogs!

And in that time, the rainbow passage closed.

Diggles coldly watched the Legends.

"Monk, Elf, Wizard, Druid, and a Heavenly Deer."

"To be frank, ever since the Decaying Plateau was established, never have so many Legends paid a visit."

"It wasn’t because they weren’t interested, but because they didn’t dare. This place is my world, and I have endless power here."

"You have dug your own graves."

He then lifted his hand up and shouted, "Head Knight Douglas! Call my army!"

The rotting Knight appeared from nothingness and kneeled. "As you command, My Lord."

He took out a horn and blew in it.

The ground shook!

The entire Underworld began to shake, as a beckoning power echoed through all Evil Spirits’ bodies.

They recklessly rushed forth from every corner of the Underworld.

A giant rose up from a distant part of the Rotting Sea and walked over.

Seeing this Giant, Hathaway’s expression immediately worsened. "No good, it’s a Corrupt Titan!"

"Unfortunately, our plan became more dangerous."

‘Looks like they already made a move!’

Marvin was hiding in the darkness, watching countless crazed Evil Spirits rush east.

This was Diggles calling out the Evil Spirits.

This was his home, and he controlled this world’s power. The few Legends would be very pressured when facing those countless Evil Spirits.

In fact, if Marvin didn’t know that the Migratory Bird Council had a World Tree’s Seed, he wouldn't have used this approach.

That temporary World Tree was the only reason the Legends were able to hold on.

This was an Evil Spirit Overlord after all. His strength was no lower than that of a weak god, and it was his main body!

Even if the seven Legends attacked in another place they might not kill him, let alone in his world!

In the Decaying Plateau, Diggles would be in an invincible position because the entire plane conveyed his power. He was a ruler of the plane!

He couldn’t be killed.

Thus the mission Marvin gave them was just to hold on.

The task to destroy the Decaying Plateau was in fact to be taken care of by Marvin!

But the top priority was still to quickly save the deers.

From what he remembered, after the Mushroom Bridge, he had to go west of the Decaying Plateau Floating Continent while hiding from the Evil Spirit scouts.

Finally, his goal was on a rather secret tall mountain.

It was a field of variant moss!

Each piece of moss was the size of two to three people. They stuck to each other and the small cracks in between were used to lock people in.

Moss Prison.

The prison Diggles used to lock up the most important prisoners.

This place was heavily guarded, with even a 4th rank Half-Legend Evil Spirit Envoy protecting it.

Marvin took a deep breath and began to sneak closer.

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