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At the fork, the situation was very subtle.

Deceiver and the Assassin were like two sharp blades stopped mid-swing. The former was attentively watching the Rainbow Stone, while the latter was attentively watching Marvin.

And Marvin was standing alone in front of the two. He not only had to be careful of the Assassin's assassination, but also had to protect Muse and the young deers.

He couldn't let Deceiver succeed.

After all, even if the target of reprisal was River Shore City, White River Valley was also close by.

If the Disaster Door opened, who knew how many innocents would be involved? White River Valley would definitely suffer from the repercussions.

Moreover, because of his deal with Madeline, River Shore City was already part of his power.

He had to do everything he could to stop this from happening.

The key was to stall for time.

Marvin pondered and suddenly asked, "Hey, isn't there a more spacious place?"

Muse was the one he questioned.

The girl froze and pointed at another passage of the fork, "There. Not too far."

Not waiting for Deceiver and the Assassin to react, Marvin shouted, "Go!"

Muse decisively rode on a deer and another young deer took the initiative to pounce over.

They turned and ran off leaving a trail of dust behind.

The young deers' legs were extremely quick. They rushed as fast as lightning down the dark tunnel!

Deceiver and Hawley pursued, unwilling to let go. Their speed was also very frightening. One used magic and one used his innately high Dexterity.

There wasn't much difference between both sides.

Soon, Muse shouted, "Marvin! It's up front."

"Got it!"

The dark tunnel soon reached its end.

With Marvin's Darksight, he already saw through the empty room behind the passage. That was a vast area, enough for what Marvin had planned.

Then he gently patted the young deer's head and leapt high.

He stably landed at the exit of the tunnel.

The deers left the tunnel in an instant and then stopped, looking at Marvin.

Deceiver and Hawley also rushed over. The latter stayed silent, directly using Strong Invisibility.

If it was before, Deceiver might have already thrown a spell at him.

But at that time, her attention was fully focused on the Rainbow Stone.

She coldly told Marvin, "Move."

Marvin took a deep breath and got ready to counter any sudden attack.

He looked straight at Deceiver and said as quickly as he could, "You are being deceived."

"Your younger brother isn't in Diggles' hands."

"Moreover, even if he did have him, do you think that with Diggles' crafty nature, he would easily release him?"

Changes appeared on Deceiver's face for the first time!

"Who are you? How do you know so much?"

But Marvin already had no time to answer, because a frightening killing intent locked onto him!

That person felt like a poisonous snake leaping at him from the shadows.

Instantly, a roar echoed through the entire White Deer Cave!


Marvin's body suddenly began expanding, transforming into a tall Bear.

His body looked like a small mountain blocking the tunnel exit. To the young deers it looked like a protector blocking the enemies' path.

The Assassin Hawley had appeared, his dagger stabbing toward the back of Marvin's head!

He didn't believe Marvin wouldn't die this time.

But he once again miscalculated.

Marvin's body transforming caught him unprepared. His dagger was originally aiming at Marvin's head, but it now aimed at the butt of the Asuran Bear!

The sneak attack of a 4th rank Assassin. Even if the Asuran Bear had an overwhelming defense, he still felt an intense acute pain on his butt.

But he managed to dodge a vital blow.

There weren't many people who, when their lives were in danger, would transform to make use of this opportunity. Marvin was one of them.

He angrily swiped with his paw. The startled Hawley didn't even try to pull out his dagger and directly escaped!


The Asuran Bear with a small dagger stabbed in his butt started to launch a fierce offensive on Hawley!

Despite the high level Assassin's astonishing Dexterity, he was also completely scared by Marvin!

'This is… Asuran Bear!'

'This aura…'

'Shapeshift Sorcerer!?'

Deceiver didn't dare to believe what she was seeing.

She wanted to be told that the scene in front of her wasn't true. 'How could there be another Shapeshift Sorcerer in this world?'

'According to Lord Diggles' words, my younger brother and I are the last Numen!?'

'Didn't he say there wasn't another Shapeshift Sorcerer in this world?'

She had stayed in the Decaying Plateau for a long time and firmly believed this. She had come to Feinan several times and secretly asked around. Those so-called erudites, Wizards, didn't even know of Shapeshift Sorcerers!

Therefore she thought that Diggles' words must be true.

But this guy in front of her, this Shapeshift Sorcerer told her that Diggles deceived her.

Was it really a lie?

Her mind was in chaos and she temporarily didn't know what to do.

On the other side, an intense fight was still going on.

Oh… Intense might not be the good way to describe it. One-sided would be more fitting to describe the Asuran Bear chasing Hawley around.

Hawley didn't want to fight Marvin right now.

What Assassins were most afraid of were this kind of monster with a powerful body.

Without special preparations, he simply couldn't attack the Asuran Bear's vitals.

And even if he already was at the 4th rank, if he was slapped by the Asuran Bear's paw… the outcome would be very pitiful.

He didn't want to be slapped into mincemeat.

Even if the Asuran Bear's Dexterity was inferior, his experience was extremely rich.

What made Hawley even more depressed was that Marvin seemed to know every single Assassin's escape move, and seemed extremely familiar with their escape routes.

Each time he would use his experience to make up for his lacking Dexterity and would appear on the path Hawley wanted to use to escape.

He was startled again and again.

If not for Marvin's reduced Dexterity and his own crazy amount of escaping skills, he might have already been captured.

'Won't do. I have to think of a way to wait until this kid turns back.'

Facing the ruthless Asuran bear, Hawley couldn't do anything.

He clenched his teeth and was about to use his Doppelganger skill, when suddenly the situation changed!

That white-clothed woman who was still hesitating suddenly moved!

She charged over, as if she was flying, toward the Holy Maiden Muse and the young deers!

Marvin had no choice but to give up on Hawley.

He once again blocked in front of Deceiver, roaring, "You don't believe me?"

"You would rather believe an Evil Spirit Overlord's lie over the words of someone of the same bloodline?"

Deceiver slightly lowered her head.

Suddenly she started laughing.

The laughter felt inexplicably evil.

Marvin's heart immediately dropped!

This was that damn Diggles' laugh!

Clearly, this treacherous Evil Spirit Overlord used some secret techniques to control Deceiver's body!

"I'm sorry, that Rainbow Stone is mine," he said.

Suddenly, Holy Maiden Muse cried out in alarm. The Rainbow Stone in her hand abruptly flew out due to some attracting force, and fell onto Deceiver's hand.

Deceiver then turned and ran!

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