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Behind Marvin was a complete map of White River Valley.

The map was left behind by Marvin's grandfather and perfected by Marvin's father, but it hadn't been updated during this generation.

This map could at most be considered a sketch.

After all, the current White River Valley had already expanded at least twice.

From the northern mine to the southern White River, from the common border with River Shore City to the coastline.

Marvin made a decision. He would go look for two Master Cartographers to draw a map of White River Valley once this meeting ended.

But for now, he had to use this one.

Daniela didn't have stage fright, and really looked as if she was Marvin's fiancée.

She walked up to Marvin's seat and pointed at the coastline on the map. "You intend to establish a harbor there?"

Marvin nodded in reply. "Yes."

"It would be better to do it further south."

Her slender finger followed the coastline and surprisingly pointed at the estuary, the location where the White River flowed into the sea.

"This place is the most suitable to build a harbor, because it allows the sea trade to also develop inwards. As far as I know, the river is very deep."

"I looked at the river when I was bored a few days ago. The river is wide, very slow, and deep. Many ships could travel on it."

"If you set up a harbor there, and then restore the previously abandoned wharf, you could completely connect the eastern and western side of your territory." Daniela spoke with assurance.

Marvin nodded and said, "I also planned to do that at the beginning."

"However, that location doesn't work. It's not fitting to build a harbor there because of the erosion caused by the river. It would be very hard to build a city on that land. Moreover, that area is closer to the wilderness."

Daniela confidently said, "I'll take care of this issue."

"It's only soft soil. As long as you are fine with me taking care of it, you'll have a new harbor in six months!"

Everyone looked at Daniela doubtfully.

Only the alchemist who wanted to join in the fun suddenly spoke, "Steel talcum powder?"

Daniela looked at the alchemist, somewhat surprised. "Not bad, there is someone who knows of [Steel Talcum Powder] in such a rural area."

The corner of Marvin's mouth twitched.

These words were implying he didn't even know of steel talcum powder. But the price and buying channels of that stuff weren't things the current White River Valley could take care of, right?

But he carefully thought. What Daniela said wasn't without reason.

White River's estuary was a very important strategic location. If they could occupy this area, it would be extremely convenient for both sea trade and inland trade.

He thought for a bit and muttered, "What if I want you to build the harbor in three months?"

Daniela shrugged. "The budget would need to be doubled."

Marvin nodded. Daniela's appraising ability was very good. They would need a great amount of manpower to establish a new harbor, and it required a lot of money.

After the harbor was built, they still needed enough ships.

Marvin only had the stolen Southie for now. As soon as the war ended, Marvin sent a group of people to deal with this.

Most of those slaves chose to leave by themselves, while a few chose to stay behind. Marvin let them live in the eastern part of White River Valley, in the vicinity of the new harbor.

They might become the first residents of the new harbor. As for the Southie, it was silently unmoving on the beach and was undergoing remodeling.

River Shore City's engineers had already begun to carry out a complete transformation.

The remodeling would last about a month. Once the transformation finished, the Southie would be a completely new ship, at least on the exterior. Even if the Taurus chamber of commerce wanted to say something, they wouldn't be able to. Once they shed all pretenses with Marvin, he would simply denounce them for their secret slave trade.

Even though the South Wizard Alliance didn't prohibit slave trade on paper, it required a permit. It was clear that the Southie didn't have that kind of permit, so it could only pretend to be a merchant ship stealthily transporting slaves. In any case, Marvin wasn't the clueless teen from the past. White River Valley had also greatly developed. He wasn't worried about the Taurus chamber of commerce trying something.

Then, Marvin spontaneously sat on the side, letting Daniela become the lead of this meeting.

Every idea Marvin suggested was being perfected.

The northern mine would continue to operate. According to the notes left by Marvin's father, the northern mine not only had a deep iron ore vein, but might also have some other ore veins.

But they were restricted by the previously lacking economy of White River Valley, and they were short on miners.

Daniela suggested to to purchase slaves to solve this issue. And to buy in great quantity.

"Building a territory requires manpower. A slave costs a fifth of a free man. Even though they have shorter life expectancy, it's far more beneficial than employing miners." Daniela calmly added, "I don't know much about the current market situation in the South, but this is how we handle it in the North."

"It's also very easy if you want to keep a benevolent reputation. Promise the slaves that if they work hard for three years, they would automatically become free men."

"Most people only need a bit of hope in order to work with all their might."

"This is different from when you released those slaves. The slaves on that ship were from the South, in addition, most of them were women and children. You promised them freedom. The slaves you need to buy should be young and sturdy men. There are frequent wars between northern cities, and many people would become prisoners of war after losing. I know the best place to purchase those slaves."

Daniela didn't get to finish her words when Marvin chimed in, "Bass Harbor."

Daniela praisingly nodded. "Seems like the Overlord isn't inexperienced."

Marvin sighed. As someone who went through the education of a more advanced civilization, he was very critical of slavery.

But under these circumstances, if they didn't use Daniela's methods, they really couldn't develop the territory quickly.

He wasn't a saint, and it was impossible to help everyone. Just as Daniela said, he really needed a group of young, sturdy, and obedient slaves.

After talking about the northern mine and the new harbor, Daniela's sight aimed to the south.

Even though she had only stayed in White River Valley for a short period of time, she figured out the entire territory's situation.

To the south of White River Valley was a very fertile piece of land, but there were many monsters that would harass the inhabitants.

With the just the guards' manpower, they wouldn't be able to completely clean up these monsters.

But Daniela suggested another way.

Establishing an [Adventurer Camp].

Set up an adventurer camp west of the southern White River.

Building a small kind of village there would provide the adventurers with a resting place, supplies, and weapons repairs...

Marvin had already been mulling over it for a long time. However, for Daniela to be able to suggest the idea in such a short time, he had to say, the future Ice Empress truly had the ability to rule a country.

As for how they should build the facilities for the adventurers, Marvin already had a plan.

The plan was very simple: Request help from River Shore City.

In any case, his deal with Madeline was still ongoing, Marvin could give any request and she could only answer by grinding her teeth.

If he didn't profit as much as he could now, could he wait till she advanced to Legend to ask?

According to Daniela's plan, once the adventurer camp was set up, It would help settle the adventurers who came attracted by the wilderness clearing order.

They could start exploring to the south. That place was part of the wilderness, but if there were enough people, they would gradually secure the area.

Marvin could issue a few monster extermination quests. The bounty hunters would rush there like ants rushing for food.

Moreover, White River Valley had many cost-effective monsters to kill, so getting rid of them would give easy money to the adventurers.

This would become the paradise of the southern adventurers.

Apart from this, recruiting sentries and mounted patrols was also put on the agenda by Daniela.

Because in her plan, such a vast territory had to establish enough defense mechanisms. Otherwise, it would be too easy for the enemies to infiltrate it.

"There, there, and also there. This one is the most important… We must set up a sentry tower there."

The place Daniela was pointing at was unsurprisingly the top of the Ogres' mountain.

As she said, that location was extremely advantageous, able to overlook the entire White River Valley. It had views on the Spider Crypt in the north, and the future adventurer camp in the south, River Shore City in the west, and the new port in the east.

This location definitely needed a lookout post working around the clock.

As for the few other places Daniela pointed, they were also key locations.

Marvin's expression while looking at Daniela was a lot more appreciative.

Even if that girl was young, her insight in planning was very frightening.

"Do you believe me now?" She winked, looking at Marvin. "I'm a woman who started drawing architectural designs when I was four."

Marvin clapped, "Good. You perfected the entire plan."

At that time, the others couldn't stay seated.

They looked at Marvin and Daniela for a long time. Ultimately, Anna and Wayne couldn't help but ask, "Brother/Young Master Marvin, you planned so many things, but… What about money?"

Marvin and Daniella glanced at each other and answered at the same time, "Borrow!"

Borrowing money, crazily borrowing money. This was the main reason Marvin wanted to attack the Ogre mountain.

With this gold mine in his possession, he could start borrowing money everywhere.

In the Wizard Tower outside River Shore City.

Madeline's complexion became ashen as she looked at the list Marvin sent her.

A huge amount of supplies and manpower was requested.

'What the hell, there is even something like a dozen prostitutes required as manpower!'

What angered her even more were the 2000 Wizard golds written at the end of the list.

'Do you really want to squeeze me dry?' Madeline angrily grasp the list.

But the next line made her feel a bit better.

'So it's borrowed… Half a year?'

She hesitated, before agreeing to Marvin's request.

The same thing happened in the South Wizard Alliance's headquarters.

But this loan request had shockingly reached 10000 Wizard golds!

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