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In the study, Marvin and Daniela were sitting, facing each other.

"Oh, did Sir Constantine request a vacation? And you didn't feel relieved so you took the initiative to accompany me?" Daniela looked at Marvin and ruthlessly mocked.

She was a bit annoyed by Constantine always being around her these days.

She had come to White River Valley with a mission. Apart from confirming Marvin's blood, the most important task was to bring back the treasure.

She once pledged in front of her father that if she couldn't bring back that treasure, she would never come back to the North.

This was a pretty heavy oath.

Marvin also knew a bit about this. White River Valley wasn't famous during the game, but the Ice Empress did become the ruler of the North. This meant she was probably able to find the treasure.

Unfortunately, the current White River Valley was a lot different from the game's.

There were now three Legends watching over it. Perhaps no one would believe that a few months earlier, it was occupied by a pack of Gnolls.

And that's not mentioning the Ashes Tower's Master allying herself with White River Valley.

Elven Prince, Demon Hunter, and also an overpowered character that could play with a Legend Ogre Mage as a pet...

Daniela felt her own worldview being overturned.

Where did so many Legends come out from? In normal circumstances, this was the kind of expert that ordinary people wouldn't be able to meet for a lifetime.

But Marvin could actually gather this kind of power.

She was less and less able to see through that guy.

Thus, she was a bit surprised when Marvin sought her out today.

After all, even though the war ended, there was a lot of mess waiting for Marvin to clean up.

"I want to chat with you."

"Chat about the treasure matter."

Marvin got right to the point.

He obtained a lot of information from the Ogre Mage's mouth. In fact, meeting the Ogre tribe out of the Shrieking Mountain Range made him somewhat worried, but fortunately, he confirmed that Wizard God Lance's shackles had yet to collapse. That Archdevil also used a very special method to let the Ogres leave the Shrieking Mountain Range, and it couldn't be copied.

This had made him sigh in relief. Otherwise the monsters on the Shrieking Mountain Range could have freely come down. Not to mention a small White River Valley, perhaps even Jewel Bay, the entire East Coast and probably the whole South would have been overrun.

On the Shrieking Mountain Range were elite monsters, some species from ancient times, remnants of the Celestial Plane, and according to rumors, even many gods' spawns… In any case, before Marvin transmigrated, he had only run the Spider Crypt instance. As for the things above, he only heard rumors.

In short, it was very frightening.

Fortunately the Law Shackles were still there, intangible, but possessing an extremely strong restraint to those monsters. It's rumored that Lance used the purest Law power to create those Law Shackles and even the collapse of the Universe Magic Pool didn't influence the effect of the Law Shackles.

"What do you want to know." Daniela was silent for a moment before finally starting to chat with Marvin.

"I want to know, what is the treasure you are talking about?" Marvin asked.

"No comment," Daniela answered.

"It's related to a Devil," Marvin said.

Daniela indifferently retorted, "So what? We are descendants of the Numen. Who doesn't know that Numen come from the Devils."

"Our clan's most valuable treasure being related to the Numen is quite normal."

Marvin nodded. "However, being related to a powerhouse like an Archdevil, it isn't very normal."

Archdevils were equivalent to the Abyss' Demon Overlords. Who knew how many times stronger than the common gods they were!

This kind of existence was actually conspiring against White River Valley. Even if it was in line with the way Devils handled stuff, wasn't it a bit too exaggerated?

This was what made Marvin so confused.

Daniela sighed and hesitation began to flicker in her eyes. "You seem to already understand quite a few things."

"Indeed. This thing is really connected to an Archdevil. I know what you said before was just a perfunctory excuse. You definitely know where the treasure is," Daniela said.

"Listen, Marvin, If I really had such evil intentions, I wouldn't have fought off Bamboo for you, and I also wouldn't sit with you to negotiate."

Daniela's tone suddenly felt very sincere. "Trust me, that thing isn't something you can control. But our clan's people know how to control him."

"Otherwise, things might become very dangerous."

"We are family… Dear Cousin…"


Marvin sneered, Daniela was worthy of being the future Ice Empress, able to switch her attitude so easily.

Her unruly and willful nature was concealed very well as she began to display the affection of a family member.

Marvin was indifferent.

"Whether we are family or not, this is hard to say. But I am actually quite interested in the word you used, [Him]."

Marvin faintly smiled, continuing, "When we spoke of the treasure, you used [Him] and didn't refer to him with the usual [That thing] or [That treasure]. Could the treasure be something living?"

Daniela clenched her fist, realizing she had been careless and leaked something.

"You are truly unreasonable." Her expression immediately turned back to coldness. "You really think these few Legends can protect you for a lifetime?"

"Don't think I'm unaware that they could leave at any time. How could Legend powerhouses be willing to work for a 3rd rank weakling?"

Marvin shrugged. "They don't work for me, they are my friends."

"Friends?" Daniela indifferently dismissed, "They'll be your friends only when you are of use to them, right?"

"There is no harm in telling you the truth, the treasure left behind by our family is really something living… A part of one."

"I know that even if I tell you this, you wouldn't hand me the treasure. I can see with a glance that you are someone selfish. You only plan on hogging this treasure to yourself."

"But I warn you, you won't be able to control this kind of formidable power!"

"You won't only kill yourself, you'll kill the people at your side and even the entire White River Valley would fall into an unprecedented crisis because of your selfish action." Daniela's voice was strict.

Marvin shook his head and smiled. "You are wrong."

"I'll show you."

After saying that, he got up and took out a key from the drawer, pushed the cupboard behind him, and revealed the hidden door.

Marvin turned to Daniela and said, "Actually, this isn't the first time I opened this hidden door."

"The first time I opened it, I almost lost my life."

A heated gaze appeared on Daniela's face, "It won't this time. I'll protect you."

She then took a step forward and grabbed Marvin's left hand.

A refreshing feeling came from her body, and Marvin felt a bit more clear-headed.

"As expected, you know what is inside." Marvin took a deep glance at Daniela.

The latter slightly smiled. "This is something from our clan."

"Open it."

Marvin reached forward and opened the door!

They directly met with the Three Eyed Great Devil Head carrying that strange smile!

After opening the entrance, the two simultaneously shook!

Even Daniela was stopped by the willpower check for a moment. She struggled free three seconds later.

Her eyes returned from chaos to calm.

The entire study immediately became ice cold.

A layer of cold even formed on the hand she was holding.

Marvin couldn't help but sneeze!

"Is this how you'll protect me?"

After struggling free from the illusion, he looked at Daniela, the fear from the willpower check still apparent on his face.

His left hand was quickly freezing, at a rate visible with the naked eye.

After turning into the Ice Angel Shape, Daniela was extremely beautiful, far more beautiful than those local beauties. She also carried a kind of out of this world bearing.

She gently released his hand and her wings began flapping, suddenly rushing inside!

Marvin calmly followed behind her.

The hidden room wasn't too big and the sides were completely deserted.

"This is fake." Daniela took a glance at that Great Devil Head.

"This is merely an alchemy item. It's used to send the same chaos willpower spell as the Great Devil."

She looked further into the hidden room.

There was a scroll painting in the depths of the room. On the scroll was a relatively young man.

The painting looked ordinary, with nothing special about it.

But the young man's eyes were looking at a stone platform.

On the stone platform lay a pair of silver bracelets.

"It is!"

Daniela was pleasantly surprised. She flew there, trying to grab that pair of bracelets.

But at that time, the young man in the scroll painting lifted his head and said, "You aren't my descendant. You aren't qualified to take away my inheritance."

Daniela looked at that man in the painting with disbelief and the next second, a frightening light ray shot out from the painting.

Even in her Ice Angel Shape, she couldn't dodge.

Marvin saw Daniela get hit by the light ray and turn into a petrified Ice Angel, falling on the ground extremely awkwardly.

He had already been expecting something like this.

He knew about the set of rules guarding the treasure. When his grandfather left, he had set it up so that only his direct descendants could obtain this treasure.

Even if Daniela was his cousin, she clearly didn't have the qualifications to take away this pair of bracelets.

Marvin quickly arrived in front of the stone platform.

"Equip them quickly," the young man on the painting urged, "My petrification can only block her for at most three minutes."

"I have a lot of things to tell you during those three minutes."

Marvin didn't hesitate and directly equipped the silver bracelets.

Then, a silvery light flashed and the bracelets became invisible. He tried to feel them, and sure enough, the bracelets were still there. But other people wouldn't be able to perceive them.

He raised his head and looked at the man in the scroll painting and couldn't help but ask, "In the end, what did you leave behind for me?"

"Dear Grandfather?"

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