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Marvin took a deep breath. Sure enough, that group of Ogres was related to the Devil.

The connection between that black clothed old man he met outside the Gnoll tribe and the treasure hidden in the castle was gradually clearing up.

Many clues were fitting together, as if they were pieces of a puzzle gradually taking shape.

That Three Eyed Great Devil Head pattern appeared in Marvin's mind.

Numen gained something from the Devil there, and the Cridland clan was the Numen descendant… His grandfather took away a treasure from the Lavis royal family when he left home that year and it was now buried in White River Valley, and it brought quite a bit of trouble.

Regardless of what that item was, it would definitely not be unrelated to Hell.

Daniela wanted it, so she must have known what it was.

In a few instants, Marvin came up with all kinds of ways to probe Daniela for more information.

But right now, the most important matter was still to end this war.

"Do you think this Iron Ogre still has some value?" Marvin asked.

Ivan shook his head, "This guy's intelligence is frighteningly low. I suspect he doesn't know our language and just used random words together."

"Killing it is," Marvin calmly said.

"Finally." Ivan shrugged and drew a worn-out iron sword from somewhere before ruthlessly beheading the unconscious Iron Ogre.

He then impaled the Iron Ogre's heart, twisting and thoroughly mashing it. He only stopped after confirming the Iron Ogre was already dead.

Ivan's way of handling it wasn't unreasonable.

The Iron Ogre's recovery ability was too powerful. Even if it was beheaded, it might regrow a head. You had to completely destroy its vitals to kill it.

As Marvin looked at the dusty battlefield, every Ogre was struggling.

But they were quite violent. Adventurers, Paladins and Knights were greatly injured.

But what made Marvin pleased was that his Dark Knights didn't sustain any injuries.

After experiencing the long Eternal Night's war, they were a lot better at keeping themselves in peak fighting condition. And their powerful strength and reaction speed made it a lot easier for them to survive on the battlefield.

"It's time to end this war."

Marvin nodded to Ivan and the latter kicked the Iron Ogre's head high up in the sky.

Marvin leapt up and roared. He viciously stepped onto the Iron Ogre's head in front of all these ogres!

That head's mouth was still bleeding endlessly.

The obstinate Ogres were dumbfounded.

The Iron Ogre was an existence like a war god in their minds.

If their commander died, they could still be angry, but now that a Legend powerhouse died, it made the remaining Ogres panic!

Their morale rapidly declined, and some Ogres even began to flee in disorder!

"Everyone! Hunt them down!"

"Give them the last blow!" Marvin coldly ordered.

Not far from the dusty battlefield, O'Brien and Constantine were walking together. The former was carrying a crystal ball in his hands.

In the crystal ball was a miniature version of an Ogre baring his fangs.

Marvin sighed in relief. This time it was really over.

Half an hour later, the cloud of dust had calmed down.

Forty Ogre's bodies were lying down on the battlefield as well as many other monsters' bodies.

No Ogre was able to flee. They might have ran fast, but they couldn't outrun cavalrymen.

The entire Ogre tribe was wiped out. The commander died in battle, the Iron Ogre died in battle, and the Ogre Mage was taken prisoner.

As for the human side, there were quite a bit of casualties. But considering that they were facing an Ogre army led by two Legend Ogres, Marvin leading them to victory was already pretty good.

Bamboo and Daniela's battle had ended a while ago. As a Chosen of the Azure Matriarch, she had a good grasp of her surroundings.

As soon as Ivan knocked out the Iron Ogre, she began to retreat.

Unfortunately, Daniela kept chasing after her, unwilling to let her go. Bamboo ended up using quite a bit of strength but managed to escape from the battlefield.

This made the future Ice Empress very annoyed. Even if she wasn't willing to admit it, she knew deep down that Bamboo had fled not because of her, but because of Ivan and the other two powerful Legends!

What aggravated her bad mood was that just Constantine was already enough to restrict her. There was actually two even more powerful Legends appearing at Marvin's side.

Who is that guy in the end? How could he get help from these kinds of powerful experts?

Daniela's heart was full of doubt, but naturally, no one explained to her.

On the chaotic battlefield, everyone began to cleanly sweep up the spoils of war and take care of their companions' corpses.

There would be many matters that needed to be taken care of.

But Marvin didn't have to worry about dealing with these matters.

He sent four Dark Knights to Anna. He would let her be in charge of dealing with the aftermath of this war.

As for him, he was in a tent in the temporary camp.

There, a totally new kind of interrogation was about to start.

Only Marvin and O'Brien were in the tent.

After the war ended, Ivan urgently crossed the mountain and hurried to the camp established by the sailors.

Since he came to help Marvin, there was a temporary lack of power over there.

Without the Legend, who knew what the 3rd rank Roberts might do.

And Constantine was still being a very "friendly" local guide for Daniela, not giving any chance for her to search the castle.

Thus, it was only Marvin and O'Brien there.

The means of this Night Walker leader were heaven-defying. Marvin had never seen such a magical method before.

A transparent crystal ball was lying on the table.

A miniature version of the Ogre Mage was surprisingly locked in the crystal ball.

"It's fine," O'Brien gently said, "His mana is sealed."

"It's like a pet in a crystal ball. You can try to touch it."

Marvin forced a smile.

He couldn't be as fierce as O'Brien.

Perhaps only a few people could consider a Legend Ogre Mage in a crystal ball as a pet and play with it.

"I need to ask him a few questions," Marvin requested.

"Sure," replied O'Brien candidly.

He grabbed the crystal ball, and a mysterious black force passed through his palm and entered the Ogre Mage in the crystal ball.

The latter immediately displayed a painful expression.

"This is one of the masterpieces of the Anzed. The Cursed Globe. There aren't many in Feinan." O'Brien indifferently added, "Of course, there aren't many creatures worth using the Cursed Globe on."

"If you have questions you can ask him, there are no questions he won't answer. Moreover, he will say the truth."

After saying this, he turned and left the tent. "Remember to bring me back my pet when you are done asking. Thanks."

In an instant, only Marvin was left in the tent.

Marvin looked at the startled Ogre in the crystal ball and asked his first question. "Who taught you magic? I don't believe you innately comprehended it."

Marvin soon realized the Cursed Globe's extreme might.

Sure enough, the Ogre Mage said everything he knew under Marvin's questioning. He apparently couldn't control his own mouth.

O'Brien added a [True Words] enchantment on the Cursed Globe. Thus, when the Ogre Mage faced Marvin's questions he could only tell the truth.

Half an hour later, Marvin returned the Cursed Globe to O'Brien with a heavy expression.

He got too much information from the Legend Ogre.

He needed to carefully sort it out.

First, this Ogre Mage didn't become a Legend Ogre Mage by chance; he was actually deliberately fostered.

That black-clothed old man called himself the incarnation of an Archdevil, a Lord of Hell. Early on, when the Ogre tribe was struggling in the Shrieking mountain range, he appeared in front of the Ogre Mage.

He was the one who helped him advance to Legend.

And the Iron Ogre also advanced to Legend thanks to some special methods of the Archdevil's incarnation.

Because of this, they offended the most powerful monster in the Shrieking Mountain Range.

Despite these monsters being restrained by Lance's law and being unable to kill outside the mountain, they could still kill each other. The shackles didn't restrain that.

In order to avoid that powerful monster, the Archdevil's incarnation told them a way to overcome the shackles and take refuge out of that mountain.

Thus, the Ogre tribe left the Shrieking Mountain Range.

In other words, that Ogre tribe was also part of that black-clothed old man's scheme.

Otherwise, Marvin would have been able to expand White River Valley's domain to the coastline without needed to fight this war.

'Everything, from Twin Snakes Cult's Miller, Cold Water City's Toshiroya, up to the Gnolls and the Ogres was part of that black-clothed old man's scheme.'

'What the hell is he doing?' Marvin was seriously worrying.

If an Archdevil truly had his sight on White River Valley's treasure, that wouldn't be something he could resist alone.

But what made Marvin puzzled was, if that was truly the case, why was that Archdevil using such roundabout methods?

Couldn't he just drop by and take it?

Marvin then somewhat recalled that when they met, that guy's strength seemed to be sealed by a greater power.

'Not good, I have to quickly uncover the secret of the treasure.' Marvin made up his mind.

After the heated war, White River Valley seemed even more bustling.

Marvin dispatched people to establish a sentry tower on top of the Ogres' mountain. This was a pretty good location to watch both White River Valley and the future harbor in the east.

He then returned to his castle and went to his study.

He hesitated for a bit, and then clenched his teeth before ordering a servant to seek Daniela.

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