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When he advanced to 3rd rank, Marvin's level rose up from 10 to 13, obtaining 2 free attribute points at the same time.

But now an issue came up. His Dexterity had already reached 25 points and he already had the two threshold abilities, [Anti-Gravity Steps] and [Flicker].

It could be said that his Dexterity was already very fierce, and the next threshold was at 29 Dexterity.

29 was the attribute limit of all humanoid lifeforms. To break this limit, one had to use various methods to raise their level of existence.

Acquiring a Divine Fragment was one way.

Marvin had a False Divinity which had the Divine Fragment of the World Ending Twin Snakes, so breaking through the 29 point limit wasn't an issue.

The main point was that his Dexterity already far exceeded his other attributes.

Of the other main attributes, his Strength was only at 15 points thanks to the Rock Giant Belt's bonus, and his Constitution was only at 13 points.

Strength influenced a Ranger's Attack Power. Even if Marvin's daggers were faster, if they couldn't break through the enemies' defenses, they were useless.

And Constitution also restricted the effect of his Dexterity.

Without enough Constitution, his super high Dexterity would be useless, not displaying the full effect.

Marvin faintly remembered that 1 Constitution could support 2 Dexterity.

It was more or less a 1 to 2 ratio.

In other words, with his 13 points of Constitution, Dexterity could only effectively reach 26. If Marvin put his two points in Dexterity, then even if his Dexterity reached 27, he could only display the effects of 26 points.

This was the restriction of Constitution.

This was the reason why no powerhouse had an abnormal growth. The six attributes complemented each other. There was some specialization, some emphasizing, but they couldn't be too far apart.

Marvin was very clear about the reasons.

But the problem was that Marvin felt it was a pity to assign precious attributes points to other attributes.

Free Attribute points were very rare.

Constitution and Strength could be raised with other methods.

He thought for a moment and ultimately put one point in Dexterity, raising it to 26, the highest he could make use of with his 13 Constitution.

As for that remaining point, he temporarily put it aside.

After the end of the war, he had to properly raise his Strength and Constitution.

'Strength needs to reach at least 20 points to get the threshold ability.'

'Constitution needs to reach 17. Only with that much could I make full use of my Ranger and Night Walker classes.'

Marvin made up his mind.

After spending that Attribute Point and those Skill Points, Marvin once again examined the logs.

His Path of Darkness quest had already disappeared, and he had received his mission reward.

10000 general exp.

Nothing else.

This outcome didn't shock Marvin. He had that feeling that the game system on his body was equivalent to a guide. Its existence was mainly to help Marvin blend into this world as quickly as possible.

It didn't have another effect.

But regardless, Marvin was already very grateful for this data system, or else he wouldn't have been able to know what to do after transmigrating.

And Marvin was very satisfied with 10000 general experience.

Getting experience was very difficult in Feinan. That Red Dragon he shot down only gave him 16000 experience.

Leveling up would become harder and harder.

Marvin currently had about 30000 exp with 20000 of those being battle exp and 10000 being general exp.

Despite this, it still wasn't enough to level up his Night Walker class. Level 5 Night Walker needed 35000 experience.

And to advance to Ruler of the Night from the Ranger path, his first requirement was Ranger level 8 and Night Walker level 9. His subclass could fill in for the total level, up to 4 levels.

Even if Marvin used the most cost effective way to advance to Legend, he would at least need Ranger level 8, Night Walker level 9, and Shapeshift Sorcerer level 6 (Half of the levels count toward the total level).


That would just reach the peak of 4th rank, Half Legend, and then for the next step he would need to level up either Night Walker or Ranger again.

Thus, the main point was still to level up these two main classes. After all, his second subclass [Battle Gunner] not only had an experience penalty, but it also wasn't counted in the total level.

The most efficient path was still to focus his experience on Night Walker and Ranger.

However, as for his other subclass, who knew when he could get his Shapeshift Sorcerer to reach 2nd rank… This depended on his awakened bloodline.

With Marvin's natural talent, he wouldn't have been able to awaken his Shapeshift Sorcerer bloodline without the Fortune Fairy. It wouldn't be strange if he was stuck at 1st rank all his life. Thus he didn't have much hope that this subclass would be too much help on his road to Legend rank. Only if...

'Only if I find a way to break through 2nd rank.'

'In that case, I'll need to deal with the Cridland clan. They are the ones who understand the Shapeshift Sorcerer class the best after all.'

Truth to be told, Marvin was a bit conflicted with the sudden appearance of that clan.

But he mostly accepted it.

If he wasn't a Cridland, he wouldn't have awakened the Shapeshift Sorcerer bloodline. White River Valley's inheritance had always been a bit strange. From his grandfather's time, the family only had a name, no family name. When Marvin asked his father, he didn't give any details.

Thinking about it, his grandfather probably had been in a dilemma. He didn't want to choose another family name to inherit, but if he used the Cridland surname, it would easily be found out by the Lavis' royal family.

Thus he simply didn't use a family name.

'Marvin Cridland?'

Marvin leaned on a pillow and thought in a daze.

'Not a bad name.'

The temporary camp was taking shape on the east end of White River Valley.

This place was about 8 kilometers from the Ogre mountain and there was a wide open field between the two. It would be very difficult to mount a sneak attack there.

The adventurers worked with the logistics team to build all kinds of facilities.

The war mobilization order issued by Marvin clearly explained the enemies' circumstances.

More than 40 Ogres!

That was a very frightening number.

Each Ogre was already an elite type of monster. They were born with the strength of a 2nd rank.

Most Ogres would quickly mature and when they grew older, they would take the initiative to leave the tribe and choose a place they liked to slowly finish their days.

Thus, there were rarely infant or elder Ogres in a tribe.

More than 40 Ogres, most of which were at the 3rd rank.

There also should be some 4th rank Ogres. As for Legends…. The adventurers didn't know much about it.

But the information Marvin had clearly showed that this Ogre tribe had a Legend.

And most likely an Ogre Mage!

This was a very troublesome matter, especially after Daniela paid a visit.

Hathaway was far away in the Three Ring Towers. She recently started studying a secret spell, completely not looking after Marvin. Otherwise, if they had a Legend Wizard, this war would have been a lot simpler.

'The Ogre Magi, Ivan should be able to deal with it, or at least restrict it.'

'But the others, including the monsters on the mountain, can only be dealt with our own forces.'

Marvin rode a horse and slowly toured the camp.

Each person who saw him gave him a salute.

The matter of the Crimson Cross had already spread. Now, every adventurer was looking at Marvin with respect.

Before getting ready for this war, he had already made the best arrangements for White River Valley.

Anna and Wayne were still in charge of the territory. He ended up leaving half of the guards behind, along with a Phantom Assassin and a Dark Knight.

They should be enough to deal with all the issues that might arise in the territory.

Constantine was stuck dealing with Daniela and Oren. The only thing worth celebrating was that his cousin and that poised Knight seemed to be very patient.

Oren even passed a message from Lavis to Marvin: The matter of the treasure was a family matter in any case, so waiting for the war to end was fine.

As for how much of that message was real, Marvin didn't know.

In any case, Constantine's strength couldn't be used.

But fortunately… [Brilliant Purple] was once again borrowed by Marvin.

This thing was a Legendary Item able to kill a Dragon. Constantine was also quite helpless; he was tied to this pirate ship known as Marvin, so he could only make a gamble.

As for Marvin himself, he was actually very calm. If White River Valley and that future territory could be considered as a business company, then Constantine and the others could be considered as investors. He himself was a shareholder and the person in charge of the company. In any case, he had already given many empty checks. So what if there were a few more?

The Red Dragon's corpse, the gold mine, and the rare materials under the Ogre Mountain. Marvin had already shown the ability of those subsidiary companies' founders fighting for venture capital.

The project had yet to start that their prospects seemed already within reach.

He gathered all the forces he had.

The Silver Church' Knights and Clerics were ready. White Gown Collins was already leading them.

River Shore City's two armies also reported to Marvin, bringing along six trebuchets and twenty-five people to use them!

The Ashes Tower's Wizard Corps also arrived at the battlefield today. Their leader was that witch wearing a purple gown who had almost killed Marvin at the entrance of Magore Academy. She was called Shirley.

This 2nd rank Wizard corps was made up of eighteen people and strictly consisted of battle casters Hathaway chose. Each of them possessed impressive strength.

As for White River Valley's side, apart from the adventurers Marvin recruited, more than ten guards and some militia followed Marvin.

But most of them would take the duty of messengers. At the same time, Marvin wanted to toughen them.

The core of his strength was still those seventeen Dark Knights following behind Marvin!

While Marvin was riding on his horse, he saw the smoke in the distance. This was a symbol of provocation from the Ogres.

Obviously, it was impossible for the humans' large scale constructions to not alert them.

The Ogres weren't fools.

They already made preparations to fight.

War is coming.


- Character Window -

Name: Marvin Cridland

Race: Human/Numan


[Strength] - 16

[Dexterity] - 26 (?+1)

[Constitution] - 13

[Intelligence] - 15

[Wisdom] (Perception) - 16

[Charisma] - 15(+1)

Life Classes:

[Noble] lv4 (0/800)

[Blacksmith] lv3 (32/600)

Battle Classes:

[Ranger] lv7 (0/20000)

[Night Walker] lv4 (0/35000)

[Shapeshift Sorcerer] lv4 (0/23000)

[Battle Gunner] lv1 (0/4800)


[Chaotic Battle Expert]

[Newborn Ranger]

[Rope Master]

[Legend Killer]

[Dragon Slayer]

[HP]: 667


0 (Noble)

19211 (Battle exp) [Available]

10000 (General exp) [Available]

[Skill Points]:

0 (Ranger)

16 (Night Walker) [Available]

30 (Battle Gunner) [Available]

Attribute Points: 1 [Available]

[Divinity]: False Divinity

[Divine Fragments]: 1 (World Ending Twin Snakes)

[Divine Power]: 0


[Classes Specialties]:

Two-Weapon Fighting (Ranger)

Reckless Dual Wielder (Ranger)

Nocturnal (Night Walker)

Night Kill (Night Walker)

Superior Reflex (Night Walker)

Quick Study (Noble)

Boundless Shapeshifting (Shapeshift Sorcerer)

[Personal Specialties]:




[Class Skills]

[Noble] (Baron):

Dignity (27)

Management (31)

Awareness (16)

Diplomacy (19)

Accounting (28)

Horsemanship (30)


Hide (46+9)

Stealth (101)

Inspect (37)

Climb (20)

Listen (49)

[Night Walker]:

Eternal Night (50)

Summon Night Crow (22)

Night Jump (70)
Shooting Blades (10)

Personal Skills:

Hidden Weapon - Darts (26)

Hidden Weapon - Throwing Knives (5)

Hidden Weapon - Flying Needles (5)

Cutthroat (56)

Shadow Step (43)

Edge Snatch (42)

[Personal Spells]:

1st-circle - Vine Metamorphosis

Shadow Doppelganger (Book of Nalu, Bloodline)

Night Tracking (Blessing of the Night Monarch)


[Shapeshift] (Human Form)

Charming Looks

Transforming Magic Cube


[Shapeshift] (Beast Form)

Asuran Bear - Skills:

Intimidating Roar

[Shapeshift] (Shadow Form)

Shadow - Spells:

Shadow Bind

Shadow Arrow


[Sika Deer badge]

[Pair of Curved Daggers Fangs]

[Blazing Fury] (2)

[Ghastly Gloves]

[Ring of Wishes] (Original)

[Wishful Ropes]

[Mark of the Moon]

[Vanessa's Gift]

[Mask of the Deceiver]

[Magic Holy Grail]

[Wristband of Gratitude]
[Thunder Ring]

[Rock Giant Belt]


[Wind Fairy]


Deepwater Gems - Engineering Blueprints - Gold Bars - Ancient Book (Unknown/Scarlet Monastery) - Annihilation (Black Jack's weapons) - Treasure Map (Great Devil Head).


White River Valley


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