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Marvin had just roused the warriors slumbering in the Eternal Night Kingdom.

Instead of seeking help from the old blacksmith, he tried to leave the Eternal Night Kingdom through his Eternal Night Imprint.

But it was the first time he used it after all, so there was a bit of a deviation when locating White River Valley.

He brought these warriors out and arrived in the dense forest between River Shore City and White River Valley.

Marvin could only bring them back in.

He didn't know how long the time spent in the Eternal Night Kingdom lasted in the outside world. It shouldn't have been too long.

But when he noticed it was noon, he felt something wrong.

There seemed to be a discrepancy with the flow of time. This made him hurry back to the castle.

But surprisingly he once again saw some luxurious carriages at the border of his territory.

They were remaining in place, and actually had an air of nobility.

And Marvin remembered something about that half new moon flag.

But when he looked around, a very fierce girl started shouting a him from inside.

This annoyed Marvin so he immediately answered back.

"This is your territory? You are that wandering Marvin?" The girl looked at Marvin with extreme surprise.

"You are in obviously in your territory. You actually deceived me in saying you were out!?"

Marvin was confused. "What are you talking about?"

At that time, a Knight quickly dismounted and hurried in front of Marvin.

He followed standard knight etiquette. "With respect to Lord Marvin, we came from Lavis Dukedom."

"I am the Head Knight, Oren. Please allow me to make introductions. This young lady in the carriage is the respected Lady Daniela, she is your cousin."

"At the same time, she is also your fiancée. We came representing the Lavis Kingdom's Royal Family. When we previously paid a visit to your castle, we were told that you weren't inside your territory, and thus we waited on the outskirts."

"It looks like you came back from River Shore City. We didn't know if it was something routine."

Oren's attitude was very friendly and very poised, like a genuine knight.

Daniela sitting on the carriage seemed a bit small-minded compared to him.

Marvin immediately frowned after listening, and rubbed his temples. "Hold on, what did you say?"

"Another fiancée? And a cousin?"

Before the Knight could answer, Dianela couldn't help but ask in a stern voice, "What do you mean 'another fiancée?'"

"Do you already have another woman?"

Marvin stayed silent. He felt he wouldn't be able to communicate with this rude woman.

He looked at Oren.

The latter was a bit troubled, asking, "Lord Marvin, do you need me to confirm our identities?"

Marvin finally noticed what he'd missed.

Now he remembered that the half new moon flag was the flag of Lavis Dukedom's royal family.

When the fake Bamboo came to his territory she didn't have any flag, and only said she was paying a private visit.

Marvin carefully checked this group.

Including Oren, these Knights looked well trained.

White River Valley's guards were definitely not their match.

If it was before, he would still have some apprehensions, but he didn't need to be so prudent now.

He thought for a bit and then said, "In that case, Ladies and Gentlemen, please go to my castle."

"I wasn't in the territory before. If there are matter to discuss, we can take our time."

Oren nodded, he hesitated before offering, "Do you want to borrow a horse…"

Marvin laughed, thanking him for his kindness. "There is no need for now."

After saying that, without caring about Daniela's meaningful glance, he sped up toward the castle.

His speed was frightening, he disappeared up the hill in an instant.

"Amazing ability," Oren immediately praised.

"What. It's just an ignorant child," Daniela said with disdain. "Let's go, Knight Oren."

"Yes, Young Miss."

The carriage slowly moved forward, and the group from Lavis Dukedom finally entered White River Valley.

Marvin quickly rushed through his territory on his own.

He intended to go to the castle first to ask Wayne and Anna what was going on.

But at that time, he noticed an incident in the northeast area of White River Valley!

Marvin looked at the large amount of adventurers gathering and the few guards in front of them.

'What happened? Why are the guards and adventurers fighting?'

Marvin's heart sank.

Something like that happening at this time was a bit beyond his expectations.

Logically speaking, ever since Constantine kept watch, the adventurers should have known their place.

'What's going on today?'

He had no time to think, because there were more than a hundred adventurers gathered!

The guards were heavily outnumbered. There was a Druid in the middle, apparently trying to persuade the adventurers, but those rude and unreasonable guys couldn't listen to reason, and they pushed the guards as a provocation!

Marvin was angry, and immediately rushed over.

North of a few farmhouses was a wide field.

That field was filled with pumpkins, but those adventurers were actually wantonly destroying everything. A few startled inhabitants were looking at these boorish barbarians running wild in the pumpkin field, but they didn't dare to stop them.

They didn't stop until they were blocked by a group of guards.

"Stop! What are you doing!"

A strict voice echoed as Marvin immediately appeared at the scene.

He stared at this group of more than a hundred adventurers. They clearly had malicious intentions!

"I am White River Valley's Overlord, Marvin. What the hell are you doing!"

Facing this many adventurers, Marvin wasn't afraid. He looked straight at a few adventurers who were clearly leading this group and asked strictly.

When the Druid saw Marvin, he said in a low voice, "Lord Marvin, I also just arrived. These people are new. They seemed to have deliberately came here to cause troubles… Want me to notify Sir Constantine?"

"No need."

Marvin waved his hand and took a step forward.

"I clearly explained in this wilderness clearing order."

"I won't be lenient if any adventurer dares to break my territory's laws."

"I'll give you one chance to explain."

He stood alone, but it felt as if he had an army behind him.

Those few adventurers glanced at each other as disdain flashed through their eyes. "You are Marvin?"

"We aren't doing anything. We only want to get some pumpkins, that's all."

"We aren't on your recruitment list, we came but we had nothing to eat. Naturally we had no other choice but to help ourselves."

After saying that, that group of adventurers immediately roared with laughter.

Marvin shook his head. "I already gave you a chance."

Then, killing intent flashed through his eyes.

"Dark Knights, leave no one behind."

Nineteen tall people suddenly appeared behind him!

Each of them was expressionless and held a greatsword. They suddenly charged toward those adventurers.

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