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"How could this be!"

"What's going on?"

"Why am I so old!"

Marvin was looking at himself in the pond, quite startled. He made great efforts to stay calm.


He couldn't see his own data panel.

Marvin thought of something. 'Could this be an illusion?'

But what kind of illusion could make him unable to see his logs?

He could feel his own vitality slowly fading away.

Each step on the mountain slowly aged him.

This was the Endless Mountain, and it was evidently a Death Mountain!

A bewildered feeling appeared for the first time in Marvin's heart.

This was an unfamiliar situation.

He had been able to distinguish everything ever since he transmigrated thanks to the logs.

But now he was unable to look at his logs on this strange Endless Mountain.

What was going on after all?

He raised his head and looked at the Endless Mountain. Only silence came from the peak which still couldn't be seen.

Marvin rested for a while, managing to recover a bit.

He stopped near the pond for a short time before clenching his teeth and making a decision.

Regardless, since he chose this path, he could only go forward. There was no going back.

Even if he died he wouldn't retreat.

'I don't believe the Night Monarch would set a deadly hurdle for those who passed!'

Marvin threw caution to the wind and no longer cared about his body deteriorating. He continued walking step by step, laboriously climbing up.

Next to the furnace, the old blacksmith had already stopped forging.

The two silhouettes were seriously looking at Marvin's small silhouette as it continuously climbed!

This also was their first time seeing the rumored Endless Mountain!

"This… Is it real?" O'Brien nervously asked, "Why do I feel that his vitality is really crazily flowing away!"

The old blacksmith remained silent.

"I haven't seen any information about this!"

"No one gone as far as Marvin."

"It looks like he is really becoming older as he crawls up. He will turn into a gray-haired old man soon."

O'Brien made a decision. "I can't let him die there."

"What if it's part of the test?" the old man suddenly asked. "Knowing it's a test, but facing the threat of death and helplessly watching oneself becoming old extremely fast. This is something very few people could accept, right?"

"But what if it's not a test, but a punishment from the Night Monarch for breaking the rules previously?" asked O'brien with a frown.

The old blacksmith clenched his fists and didn't say anything else.

His eyes were filled with worry.

Because he also didn't know what would happen next!

Marvin was still trudging up the Endless Mountain.

He had already forgotten everything in his mind, or maybe he had thrown everything else to the back of his mind.

He only remembered one thing.

And that was persevering.

This was the path he chose. He had to keep walking forward till the end.

Even gambling with his own life.

Gradually, the aging of his body began to accelerate.

After a while he rested again, and noticed that his hair had already become grizzled.

His skin was wrinkling all over, his body started to shrink, and his bones were becoming weak.

As he kept climbing up, his rest breaks became longer.

Fortunately, this mountain wasn't steep, and there were even some flat areas.

Otherwise, Marvin, who was gasping for breath, couldn't keep going forward.

He dragged his old and weak body and kept going forward step by step.

Gradually, a type of wonderful feeling rose up from his heart.

His soul seemed to separate from his physical body. He looked at his body and slowly climbed up before collapsing on the mountain.

He drifted across the mountain, watching his body gradually wither, his skin shed, and then his bones gradually turn into fine powder.

He became one with the mountain.

'Really? Dying like that?'

He was muddle headed and already had nothing to keep his brain awake.

But he still went up.

His soul was still doing its best to go up, to go forward and not retreat.

At that time, a voice suddenly echoed in his heart. "What meaning is there? This kind of pointless perseverance can't possibly succeed."

Marvin was in a daze, and couldn't think of how he should answer.

He only kept going forward.

This kind of attitude seemed to anger that powerful existence.

Wind blew, almost dispersing his soul!

He suddenly became clear-headed.

That voice echoed once again, "What meaning does it have?"


Marvin silently thought in his heart, 'Not every perseverance has to have meaning.'

'If you make such a decision, you must follow it to the end.'

His soul was weakening, almost dissipating.

At that time, a golden light suddenly appeared from the darkness!

A Golden Eagle flew down in circles from the sky, and the world suddenly radiated light.

The whole Eternal Night Kingdom was illuminated with this kind of radiance for the first time. The Great Eagle's feathers were glistening and dazzling, illuminating everything.

It quickly flew down and grabbed Marvin.

The next second it flapped its wings and flew up to the sky!

The Great Eagle carried Marvin through the clouds.

This time, Marvin felt his vitality gradually rising as they went up.

His physical body returned, his hair turned back to its original color and his wrinkles began to disappear.

His mind became clear again.

The Great Eagle gently held him. He could easily see all kinds of scenery in the black clouds!

It felt different from the dull gray he imagined. Each cloud was flickering with all kinds of colors.

Marvin couldn't clearly see what it was, but he felt it was very beautiful.

After passing through the final layer of clouds, he raised his head and saw the peak.

'Turns out the Endless Mountain actually does have an end,' he thought. Suddenly, the Great Eagle sped up and gently put him down on the peak.

He stood at the peak of the Endless Mountain, overlooking everything. In the distance was a silent pitch-black sea.

At that time a pair of eyes shone in the darkness.

Marvin knew it was the will of the Night Monarch.

'That bet was successful after all!'

He saw everything on the logs and excitedly clenched his fists!

By the furnace, the two generations of Night Walker Leaders, who had weathered countless storms, were speechless.

They had already lost track of Mavin. But from the moment the Golden Eagle appeared, they knew Marvin succeeded.

They knew he received the Night Monarch's approval.

Because they actually knew that Great Eagle.

He was one of the best companions of the Night Monarch.

After the Night Monarch left, the Golden Eagle went into the Eternal Night Kingdom. It pledged to protect this place for eternity.

"Looks like I should retire soon," O'Brien mocked himself, "You are right, he really is outstanding."

"He is qualified to be the leader of the Night Walkers."

However, the old blacksmith patted his shoulder. "The time hasn't come."

"Marvin is our hope, he is the future."

"And you are our present. Without you, the Night Walkers in Feinan would lose a very important pillar. You understand?"

O'Brien nodded.

"Let us watch how many miracles that kid will create."

On the peak, Marvin and that pair of eyes were watching each other.

That deep voice once again echoed, "Are you my successor?"

Marvin expressionlessly replied, "I don't know. This depends on you."

The eyes blinked before the voice said, "By passing my tests, you have the qualifications to gain my inheritance."

Then those two eyes fused, turning into a strange imprint and merging into Marvin's chest.

Many information about this imprint appeared in his mind.

This imprint was called [Eternal Night Imprint].

It was the symbol of the Night Monarch's heir.

With the Eternal Night Imprint he could freely go in and out of the Eternal Night Kingdom!

And he could summon the Great Eagle Belas to help him inside the Eternal Night Kingdom.

What made him even more pleasantly surprised was that when the Eternal Night Imprint entered his body, the Night Monarch gave him a temporary blessing!

This temporary blessing's effects were extremely frightening!

[Night Monarch's temporary blessing: Strength +15, Constitution +15 (Duration: 3 minutes)]

Only three minutes!

Marvin was quick-witted and understood what it was for.

The next second he used the Eternal Night Imprint to quickly summon the Great Eagle Belas!

At Marvin's call, the Great Eagle quickly dove down. Marvin ran a few steps and jumped on the Great Eagle's back.

"Let's go to the Sea of Darkness!" Marvin gently caressed the soft feathers on the Great Eagle's neck as he said this.


The Golden Great Eagle rushed forward like a sharp blade, toward the Sea of Darkness!

A minute later, the Great Eagle landed on the beach.

On the border of the beach was an extremely heavy stone sword stuck in the ground.

Marvin understood what this sword was for thanks to the Eternal Night Imprint.

'Two minutes left…'

The Strength and Constitution bonuses were very time-limited!

He had to hurry!

Think of this, Marvin immediately rushed next to that stone sword and grabbed the hilt before firmly pulling up!

This sword was very heavy. Without those 15 points of strength from the Night Monarch, Marvin wouldn't be able to get it out!

The stone sword didn't have any attributes, and only had one special effect.

That was to split the Sea of Darkness in two!

Marvin took a deep breath and through the Eternal Night Imprint he could feel a response from the stone sword.

He then rushed to the seashore and ferociously slashed down.

The seawater immediately moved away.

It split into two large waves going away from each other!

Statues looking like petrified people slowly rose up from the sea!

The nineteen slumbering warriors who had been dormant for countless years had once again awakened!

The stone sword fell to the ground as the warriors opened their eyes one after the other, attentively watching Marvin.

They knelt on their knees, just like they did in those days toward the Night Monarch.

They might not have their Legend strength from before their sleep, but they were still invincible warriors.

Marvin let out a long sigh of relief.

With these warriors, he would definitely win this war!


"White River Valley's Baron Marvin is out of the territory?"

Inside a cooled carriage, a girl wearing luxurious clothes frowned. "If you don't want to see me then just say you don't want to see me. Why use such a crappy excuse?"

"I really don't know what father's thinking to actually want to marry me off to this kind of countryside area!"

A knight outside the carriage gently soothed, "Young Miss, please calm down. This reason might sound like it is just for show, but this subordinate has heard that Lord Marvin apparently liked to roam around outside."

"Master personally ordered us. We can't go against his orders, thus we still have to wait here."

"Wait wait wait, wait till when?" The girl grumbled in a terrible mood, "If for not this thing, I would definitely not come to this god forsaken place!"

"Young Miss still needs to be a bit patient," the Knight replied with a light chuckle. "In those years, Lord Marvin's paternal's grandfather stole the most valuable thing from the family and left Lavis. We tried to look everywhere but couldn't find him."

"Finding his descendant was unexpected. We must tread carefully."

"Regardless, we have to retrieve that treasure. This way you could account to Master."

The girl couldn't help but suggest, "How about we snatch it with force?"

"I saw that this territory doesn't have many people, so there shouldn't be an expert. With our Knights, we could easily take over this castle. Then we could slowly look for it."

But the Knight smiled gently. "Young Miss, in any case, Lord Marvin is also a descendant of the Cridland."

"Even if his grandfather made a mistake, this mistake is unrelated to him. He might not even know about it."

"What's more, from a bloodline point of view, your bloodlines are extremely suitable."

"According to the clan's rules, the two of you getting married is an unalterable fact. You really want to attack your own fiancé's castle?"

The girl felt speechless and could only punch the carriage's cushion.

At that time, a person walked past the carriages and looked at them in curiosity.

The girl yelled moodily, "What are you looking at!?"

Marvin was stunned. "It's my territory, don't tell me I can't look?"

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