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"Didn't he say he was going to slaughter a dragon last time we met?"

"How did he become like this?" Lola asked curiously.

Marvin shrugged. Who knew what this guy had met on the sea.

He immediately ordered, "Carry him and let him sleep on my bed."

The Captain's room was the most comfortable place.

Lola's eyes were wide open, constantly moving from Marvin to the Elf, back and forth. Who knew what she was thinking.

And the other were scared by what the two casually mentioned.

Slaughtering a Dragon?

This wasn't something to joke about!

In Feinan, anything related to a Dragon was very fierce, let alone a Dragon itself.

At that time, the sailor helping Ivan up loudly yelled, "I remember!"

"Isn't he the Elven War Saint who punched the Ancient Red Dragon back into the sea!?"

"It's him?"

"Sir Elven War Saint Ivan?"

The sailors immediately became impassioned.

After the fight of Black Dock Harbor, not only did the fierce Ancient Red Dragon Ell become known, but those brave Legends who fought him off also became famous.

Ivan as the Elven Prince originally had some fame. After that battle where he took the initiative to throw the first punch, and even though it was the only attack he did, the name of the Elven War Saint Ivan became well known throughout the East Coast.

The way everyone looked at Marvin and Lola changed.

Hearing their tone, they seemed very familiar with Ivan.

"No wonder White River Valley rose up recently, I heard Lord Marvin and Dame Hathaway of the Three Ring Towers' relationship isn't just good… You know what I mean."

"Now, it seems like Lord Marvin is familiar with Sir Ivan!"

"And that's only what we see on the surface! Who knows what kind of influence is behind this Lord!"

The sailors discussed in secret, in low voices.

Marvin's relationship with numerous Legends made their hearts more relaxed, strengthening their intent to follow him.

The next few days were just boring sea life.

As for those slaves, Marvin moved some to the upper floor. The ship's hold wasn't a place for people to stay after all.

Marvin still didn't let them run all over the place, but he promised that once they were on the ground, if they wanted to leave, he would set them free.

This made those slaves endlessly thankful.

After all, they were about to be sold in the North when Marvin dropped from the sky like a god and rescued them. This already made them very satisfied.

Among those slaves, a lot of them had been abducted. They were mostly teenagers and beautiful women.

Marvin warned all the sailors not to touch these people to ensure their most basic living rights.

As for when they were on dry land, if they couldn't find their home, Marvin was unable to help even if he wanted.

At most, he could offer them some work in White River Valley if they were willing.

This was the limit of what he could do.

Marvin's luck was pretty good. They had good weather in the few days after leaving Pearl Island.

They soon found East Coast's coastline. As long as they kept their distance with the coastline, they could enter the wilderness' sea.

According to Marvin's past experience, there was actually nothing dangerous on this sea.

The reason no one went there was simply because there were no profits to be made.

Along with the intimidation of the Shrieking Mountain Range, very few fleets would look at this place.

The ship calmly moved forward. Marvin had been trying out the Sea Emperor's Crown these days.

He found that the Sea Emperor's Crown was truly sealed by a power. This might have something to do with the origin of Pearl Island.

Marvin didn't have the ability to solve this now, but even so, this treasure would could display relatively powerful effects in Marvin's hands.

First was [Eye of the Ocean].

This ability could make Marvin easily see through anything in the surrounding waters, including the possibility of bad weather appearing, sudden appearance of monsters, odd currents, and so on...

It could ensure the safety of the Southie to the maximum extent.

Second was the ability to control water flow.

It could add a few simple sea blessings to the Southie to speed up its travel, and to avoid dangerous whirlpools and so on.

Third was the power to control low level sea lifeforms.

This ability hadn't been tested yet because all they met were a few shoals of common fish.

The other powers were apparently sealed. Despite this, the Sea Emperor's Crown was heaven defying enough. If it was unsealed, it would definitely be one of the best Legendary Items.

'In the Sea Emperor's Set of three, each item had the ability to rule the seas.'

'It's rumored that gathering all three would make one become the true Ruler of the Seas. In the game, a few players fought over this treasured set. Unfortunately, I don't remember much more about it.'

Marvin carefully put the Sea Emperor's Crown away.

He would rely on this thing to rush on the sea in the future. Whether he could obtain the full set would depend on his luck.

Another day passed.

The Southie safely circumvented the Shrieking Mountain Range and arrived in a relatively slow current.

There was some distance from the Shrieking Mountain Range. The terrain was quite good. If he had enough manpower, he could totally use those resources and establish an astonishing harbor.

But this area was still wilderness. Monsters would come and go all the time.

Marvin made the sailors take advantage of the high tide to stop the Southie on a wide open safe beach, and set it in place.

They then built a temporary camp.

East of the beach was wide field. Beyond that was a forest, and even further east was a mountain range.

Marvin estimated that as long as they crossed that mountain range, they would be in White River Valley.

Living in the mountains was the Ogre tribe that was the focus of the wilderness clearing order.

The sailors were good at building temporary camps on dry land, and the slaves also came down to help.

They didn't dare to run around in this kind of area. They could only follow Boatswain Roberts' orders.

Fortunately, since the Southie was a slave ship, it carried a lot of food. There was enough food for the people in this camp to survive through the winter.

Soon, before sunset, a fairly reliable camp had been finished.

The sailors had nothing to do after that.

Marvin ordered them to rest while he got ready to pass through the mountain to return to White River Valley.

'The adventurers I previously recruited should have already gathered by now.'

'The allied army of the Three Ring Towers, Silver Church, and River Shore City should also be ready.'

'It's time to use their power to eradicate the Ogre tribe and open up the new territory!'

Marvin was fired up!

But just as he thought of moving, Lola arrived with a message.

"The handsome Elf woke up!"

Ivan was conscious. After drifting on the sea for who knew how many days, this guy relied on his undying cockroach vitality to survive.

Marvin knew that the Elven War Saint wouldn't die so easily, as the Great Elven King was attentively watching him.

That guy, even though only contempt came out of his mouth toward Ivan, he was actually very worried.

Because Ivan was Thousand Leaves Forest's heir.

Nicholas had a very high expectations for him, very harsh!

For any other person to become a War Saint at that age, he could already be considered a genius.

But in Nicholas' eyes, it was far from enough!

"You are the one who will carry the entire elven race. Working this much is far from enough."

This was what Ivan heard the most in his dreams.

He was dazed for a long time when he woke. He struggled to open his eyes, but was extremely surprised to see a familiar face.


"I know you probably have a lot of questions. For example, why it is me. But it could only be explained by coincidence. It's that simple." Marvin spread out his hands when he saw the shock in Ivan's eyes.

It really was a coincidence. If he hadn't gotten the Sea Emperor's Crown and used it randomly to take a look, he wouldn't have been able to find this guy.

Who knew where this guy would have drifted off to?

But carefully thinking about it, there were really too many coincidences between the two.

When that guy bounced back after his punch, he also fell near Marvin.

As Lola had secretly described it to the sailors, "Lord Marvin has some fate with that handsome elf!"

Ivan sluggishly took a deep breath.

He then immediately sprang up from the bed!

"Damn! This Prince still has a Dragon to slaughter!"

Marvin coldly hit him and rebuked, "In your current state? You still want to fight Ancient Dragon Ell?"

"No, Not Ell!"

Ivan ground his teeth and said, "It's another Red Dragon!"

"I assure you, that Red Dragon had almost been killed by me, it was on its last breath!"

"It's nearby, I can feel it!"

"Damn, if only I had agreed to learn a bit of magic at that time, if I could fly, that Red Dragon would have already died!"

Marvin listened puzzled, and suddenly had a headache.

"Calm down first."

"What happened? What happened after you went out to sea? Take your time."

He hinted at Ivan to stay calm.

Ivan calmed down and removed the bandages the sailors put all over him.

Those previously swollen wounds had already completely recovered. This was the War Saint's powerful body!

He began to tell Marvin of his experience after going out to sea.

The more Marvin heard, the more excited he became. Afterwards, his eyes were shining like those of a child finding a new toy.

If what Ivan said was true, then the Dragon slaughtering was still on the table!

A fully grown Dragon near death was very attractive to Marvin!

"Wait, I need more details."

Marvin hurriedly questioned, "Why were you holding onto a plank while drifting at sea?"

Ivan immediately bitterly laughed. "Don't talk about it. That naturally happened afterwards."

"Hey, why do I always come across women with big boobs but no brain?"


ED/N: Well, I ended up finishing this chapter while still waiting on my car repairs because a fellow stranded traveler lent me his laptop. So, thanks to the dude wearing a down jacket and khakis.

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