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Chapter 187: Rebellion

In the cold and smelly ship hold, a young girl wearing a cotton dress was standing beside a makeshift table made of small planks put together, carefully explaining some details.

Her expression was serious and her words convincing. Gradually, those around her started to have some hope in their eyes.

Two tall guards were standing behind her and cautiously looking around, with their hands on their sword hilts.

If anyone dared to disrespect Miss Lola, they would immediately get rid of him.

In fact, only three fourths of the people in this hold were slaves. The last fourth were this boat’s sailors!

They were secretly scheming something big, a plan to overthrow Captain George.

And Miss Lola was the key to its success.

Little Tucker was expressionlessly standing to the side. He actually had many way to escape the boat ever since he got there.

After all, as a Halfling Thief, his flexibility far exceeded ordinary human imagination. His Stealth was also extremely powerful.

He could have already left if he wanted to.

But he didn’t leave this time.

Last time, he said he wanted to protect Lola, but ended up slipping away, abandoning her. This made him feel that he had no honor. The young Halfling then began to realize something.

Even if he was a Thief, sometimes he had to stand up in front in order to protect his friend.

Thus he simply followed Lola and got caught on the slave ship, so that he could secretly protect her.

The shackles which were used for ordinary slaves were very funny to the young Halfling.

Old Tucker already taught him how to deal with these silly toys the humans invented. After all, Old Tucker was used to stealing when he was young, and also ended up in dark prisons quite a few times. There were partially submerged prisons, the frightening sky cages, and other similar places.

He was able to stay alive because he could rely on his perfect jailbreaking ability.

Little Tucker inherited his abilities. Getting rid of the Southie’s shackles was very easy.

But he hadn’t expected that when he freed himself from his jail and stealthily arrived to the place where women were locked up, Lola would already have two sailors following at her side!

At that time, he thought they wanted to harm her… Later, it turned out that the young Hafling had overthought.

Lola once again relied on her overleveled conning abilities to incite the two sailors who were already very discontented with Captain George.

As for the qualifications to rebel, it was naturally all fake. She just needed to convince them.

In Feinan, a ship’s captain was the law. Sailors could sometimes vote to elect their own captain, but in many places, they couldn’t do anything to change it. A powerful Captain would be feared by most people, thus obtaining even more votes.

And something like overthrowing their captain, it could generally only be done on a pirate ship. Even if the Southie was a slave ship and didn’t mind doing some occasional robbery, it wasn’t openly a pirate ship.

Once these people overthrew Captain George who was officially approved by both the White Elephant chamber of commerce and the South Wizard Alliance, then they would have nowhere to hide. They would drift about on the sea, and no port would accept them. What would welcome them would only be a hanging post and guards.

But it wasn’t a problem in Lola’s mouth.

"Are you still worried about the future? You clearly are, but Captain George isn’t treating you as humans!"

Under the dusky light, Lola kept talking. "I am the trusted aide of Baron Marvin of the White River Valley, and I am in charge of supervising all business activities. I can guarantee you that the freed Southie will become a member of White River Valley."

"You also heard of the rumors concerning the new harbor. If it develops well, it will be the South’s [Swor

d Harbor]!"

"You’ll join White River Valley and become Lord Marvin’s 1st fleet! Become a regular trade ship and you won’t have to work in the slave trade business which goes against your own conscience."

"You can get higher wages, which is naturally what you deserve. White River Valley is a flourishing place, a territory which is constantly developing."

"Hey, have you heard about the wilderness clearing order? With the wilderness clearing order, Lord Marvin has immunity from prosecution."

"I dare say, he is now looking everywhere for me. And my guarantee is absolutely very effective."

"What? Still hesitating? Convince your friends, we’ll act tomorrow evening."

She was currently hoodwinking the few sailors on duty.

Despite their heartbeats accelerating due to Lola’s words, they were still hesitant.

"I also somewhat heard about Baron Marvin’s name. He is now a legendary person in Jewel Bay. If we can completely seize the boat, then he should be able to pardon our crimes," a slightly small sailor on duty cautiously said.

The others were silent.

In the end there were a few people who were clear-headed. They wouldn’t be pulled in by Lola words and risk their lives against their captain.

Even though they were carefree unmarried men, there were still many factors to consider.

For example, one of the strong fellows, wearing nothing above the waist, stood up and coldly looked at Lola. "First, we are at the dock, not on the seas. A mutiny would very easily be found out."

"Next, even if we can persuade some brothers, there would be a lot more people on the captain’s side, we are too few. A rebellion? A rebellion needs killing! Who would we rely on? Could it be that you want to rely on these unarmed and defenseless slaves? The Boatswain isn’t fond of trouble, but he is a 3rd rank expert! And there is still the First Mate and the Captain!"

"Third, regarding your words, how reliable are they in the end? I still have my doubts. Would Sir Marvin care about a young girl like you? To tell the truth, you do look good, or else you wouldn’t be locked up with the more expensive slaves. But saying you are the person in charge of White River Valley’s business activities, this is a bit too much."

"Don’t tell me that this Halfling can guarantee it. I’ll never trust what a Halfling says."

These words cleared the confusion of many sailors.

This sturdy man was this ship’s Second Mate. Although he was already scheming on the side, he had only been secretly gathering manpower in the dark, not taking any action yet.

Lola’s words were very alluring, but he had already considered many factors and wouldn’t be fooled because of a few words.

Many people had stood up due to Lola’s words, their faces red from desire and their minds filled with greed, but they were now slowly calming down.

Lola saw that the situation wasn’t going too well and was about to saying something.

But suddenly, the hold’s door slammed open!

A few sailors not on shift rigidly walked in.

Everyone’s expression changed greatly!

"Fuck! Weren’t you in the Boatswain’s room?"

The Second Mate’s expression worsened. He suddenly took out his thin rapier and aimed at the man in front. "Damn, I originally didn’t want to rebel, but now I can’t do anything about it…"

The situation in the ship’s hold immediately became tense.

Lola was started and retreated to the back. She dragged Little Tucker and said, "This time you must protect me properly!"

The young Halfling firmly nodded.

Those two sailors Lola had completely brainwashed also took out their longswords and dragged her behind them to protect her.

Most of the slaves were hiding in a corner out of fear, afraid of being implicated.

But at that time, one of the sailors suddenly opened his mouth and said, "It doesn’t matter."

"We are part of the same group."

The Second Mate sneered, "Yeah? I secretly lobbied you for three months, and you still follow the Boatswain."

"Now you say that we are part of the same group, and you want me to believe it?"

He then thrust his rapier out like a snake.

Since he had already been found out, he had no room to retreat!

He was someone vicious and merciless. If he said something, he would do it!

But at that time, a dark shadow sudden flew into the ship’s hold.

It startled everyone, drawing their eyes.

That shadow rolled a few times on the ground, before the dusky light finally shone upon it.

It was a head!

"Boatswain!" one of the sailor let out in surprise.

They all looked at each other.

The Boatswain who was normally showing off his might, was now a bald head rolling on the dirty planks of the hold.

This caught them unprepared.

Even the usually shrewd Second Mate also froze.

At that time, an indifferent voice echoed from above, "I am White River Valley’s Baron Marvin."

"The Boatswain wasn’t as troublesome as you said he was."

The next second, Marvin jumped down from the spot he was in, gently landing in the hold.

"Lola?" Marvin asked.

Using his Darksight, Marvin clearly noticed the young girl hiding in a poorly lit corner behind two big guys.

The latter noticed Marvin and froze, before becoming extremely happy. She pushed the two men aside. "Don’t block the way, my Boss is here!"

Baron Marvin of the White River Valley!

Everyone looked at Marvin with awe!

Marvin was now someone with quite a bit of fame in the East Coast. His Myth Rating kept soaring. In addition to the wilderness clearing order, apparently even the wood elves spread the news that he had fought alongside the Elven Prince.

This was the benefits of the Myth Rating.

His deeds would clearly be noticed.

"In the Boatswain’s room, I saw these guys playing cards. I asked who the Boatswain was and then carried him over."

Marvin pointed at the head and said while smiling, "Do you have any doubts?"

They all shook their head.

The Second Mate asked, "You are really Sir Marvin? If you can really pardon our crimes, we will settle the matter today!"

Marvin sneered, "Do you have another way out?"

The Second Mate was speechless. He originally thought of trying to bargain for a better position, but Marvin stopped him in one sentence.

"There are another two experts on the boat."

"You take the First mate, and I’ll take the Captain. No problem, right?" Marvin asked while watching the Second Mate attentively.

After finding out that the Southie had taken Lola, he had decided that he wouldn’t just take her away. He would kill and definitely not be merciful.

This ship, he would deal with it!

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