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Shapeshift Sorcerer, Beast-shape!

The Asuran Bear’s roar echoed once again through White River Valley, as he crazily ran on the river bank.

Even though Marvin didn’t get a lot of skills after leveling up his Shapeshift Sorcerer, the Asuran Bear’s strength also somewhat increased.

And the most important part was that Marvin found out that a part of his skills were now usable in Beast-shape!

Burst, for example!

"Asuran Bear?"

"It’s only a beast!"

Bamboo was floating on top of the White River, disdainfully looking at Marvin.

‘Since we already shed all pretenses, there is no point in lazing around. I’ll exterminate this village in one breath and then Mind Control this Marvin.’

It was a pity that her acting was only this good and she didn’t know what flaw that country bumpkin noticed.

Otherwise she could have used him as bait to find the other Legends’ whereabouts.

Now killing Marvin and destroying White River Valley would certainly startle those four Legends, and once they made preparations, it would be even more difficult to take revenge.

As this flashed through Bamboo’s mind, the look she threw at Marvin was even more hateful.

"Drop dead!"

She raised a hand to cast a Divine Spell.

But she hadn’t expected that the Bear which was still some distance away would suddenly speed up. Its hind legs fiercely stomped on the ground and the whole river bank shook!


Using Burst in the Bear shape was very frightening.

The huge Bear flew like a cannonball, pouncing toward Bamboo.

The latter was immediately startled, because this had happened too fast and her Divine Spell wasn’t ready.

It was too late to escape, there was no time left.

She already used a very strong Divine Spell to burst out of that stone coffin. She was currently using Float and not Flight!

She simply couldn’t dodge!

The Asuran Bear pounced on Bamboo. A person and a Bear flew to the other side of the White River!


Marvin tightly pressed Bamboo’s body under him, this strong power squeezing down on this Cleric’s soft body!


Dust and gravel flew everywhere.

A frightening mark appeared on the south bank of the White River.


Marvin felt something wrong.

There was some resistance under his huge bear paws, slowly lifting his paws up.

It was Bamboo!

She was still alive!

Marvin was shocked.

He had already interrupted her Divine Spell, so how could her body...

A bright light burst out under the Bear’s paws. Blood could be seen dripping from the corner of Bamboo’s mouth as she glared ferociously

"To… To actually put me in such a state… Damn it!"

Her hands were spread and a green light formed a powerful Barrier around her.

If not for this Barrier, Marvin’s pounce would have killed her!

Despite this, her internal organs took damage from the shock of Marvin’s charge.

This was the purest Divine Power!!!

‘Damn… This is totally cheating…’ Marvin used a huge amount of strength only to find out that his own power wasn’t superior to the other side’s!

The amount of Divine Power the Azure Matriarch imparted Bamboo was truly too high. This already was far from what an ordinary Cleric should have.

This was the power of the Chosen or the Holy Spirits!

Sure enough, it was different from the Crimson Patriarch. The Azure Matriarch was a lot more powerful. The Crimson Patriarch was a Half-God, while she was already close to becoming a True God!

She had already inherited the World Ending Twin Snakes’ Divine Power and had the qualifications to choose a Chosen.

Marvin’s bear paws were slowly raised up!

"This bear leather is pretty, I’ll skin it very carefully." Bamboo’s low voice could be heard from below.

Marvin looked at the sky and roared, suddenly raising his paws. Then, another paw cruelly slapped down!

This time, Marvin focused all his power into it!


The earth shook.

Marvin’s paw sank into the earth, and Bamboo was struck into the ground!

"Even if you are protected by Divine Power, I don’t believe you won’t die!"

Marvin knew that Cleric’s bodies were very weak, so even if they were reborn through Divine Power, if she didn’t die from such a slap, she should at least be seriously injured!

But the next instant, an acute pain appeared on Marvin’s abdomen!

A green fist emerged from the ground, ruthlessly attacking the Asuran Bear’s abdomen!

This wasn’t a spell, but simply a physical attack using Divine Power.

The simplest and most vicious counterattack!

The Asuran Bear was sent flying by the punch, streaking across the sky in a low parabola before crashing in the White River.

Water splashed in all directions.

‘Not good!’ Anna saw this scene from the castle and her heart immediately turned cold.

She hadn’t expected this so-called Bamboo woman to be this powerful.

"Sir Sean!" She looked at the old blacksmith standing next to her. The latter squinted while having something in mind and then shook his head. "I didn’t expect that I would still have to act at my age."

"That guy’s ability to cause trouble is a lot stronger than mine at that time."

The former Night Walker Leader then disappeared from the spot.

Anna calmed down somewhat.

"Cough! Cough!"

Bamboo came out of the dust cloud. Her beauty was a thing of the past, and she was now covered in dirt and mud.

This time, not only was blood dripping from her mouth, but even her eyes were red.

"Slapping me once wasn’t enough for you, and you had to slap me twice." Bamboo’s anger reached its limit.

She received that kind of grievance as the Chosen of Dame Azure. Marvin’s fighting style was unpredictable. If not for the difference in strength between both sides, she wouldn’t just be in a difficult situation.

‘I would be dead?’

She looked at the peaceful White River, a trace of doubt flashing through her heart.

Divine Spell – Flight!

A pair of azure wings spread behind her back, and she slowly flew over the White River.

The surface of the river was as peaceful as ever and the bottom of the river was somewhat muddy.

At that time, an old voice could be heard from the other side of the river. "Pull back child. Don’t think that because you got a bit of Divine Power from an evil cult you can run amok everywhere. In Azure’s eyes, you are but a chess piece, nothing more."

Bamboo looked at the blacksmith who silently appeared and sneered, "Who isn’t a chess piece on this earth?"

"Even those almighty gods are nothing more than chess pieces God Lance is playing with. The World Ending Twin Snakes understood everything a long time ago."

The old blacksmith disapprovingly said, "Then tell me, what is everything?"

"Destruction." A hint of fear flashed through Bamboo’s eyes. "Everyone is caged in this world. And they all had to break their cage to go to vaster worlds."

"And the cage is so sturdy that only a small group of people could be reborn after it was completely destroyed."

"And you believe that you are one of the few?" The old blacksmith disdainfully said, "Let me give you a word of advice, little girl."

"Hmm?" Bamboo looked at the old blacksmith, somewhat doubtful.

Her perception told her that this guy was very strong. She kept probing him, not wanting to act blindly.


"My advice is…" The old blacksmith’s expression was very calm.

"In a battle, don’t speak too much nonsense with the enemies.


Bamboo froze, and the next instant, a frightening shadow emerged from the river!

‘No good!’

Bamboo’s wings suddenly twitched, but it was too late.

A Two Headed Snake leapt from the White River, and one of the heads ruthlessly swallowed Bamboo!


Marvin, shapeshifted as Twin Headed Snakes, steadily landed on the river bank.

The old blacksmith swiftly said, "Go!"

He was pointing toward the north.

Marvin was also not negligent, he could feel that bamboo hadn’t died!

In fact it wasn’t easy to kill someone who was a 4th rank Cleric and a Chosen.

The Two Headed Snake hurriedly crawled on the ground, frantically running north!

In a short while, he passed most of the villages and arrived at the northern wilderness.

But at that time, Marvin felt a pain in his abdomen!


A potent Divine Power once again erupted as an Azure silhouette flew out from the snake’s body.

Marvin’s HP crazily fell down, with only half remaining!

Scared, he hurriedly lifted the Shapeshift Basilisk spell, turning back into a human.

Bamboo’s face was pale as she looked at Marvin and the blacksmith for no less than three seconds before suddenly starting to wildly throw up!

Marvin was stunned.

But the old blacksmith gave him a meaningful glance. The meaning behind it was to buy some time!

He tightly covered that bleeding hole in his abdomen, not daring to move.

After some time, bamboo hatefully looked at the old blacksmith. "Thank you for your advice! Next time I won’t listen to your nonsense, I’ll directly kill you."

Then, her sight focused back on Marvin’s body. "Your stomach is truly disgusting. I changed my mind, I won’t let you die easily."

"I’ll slowly skin you, for at least three days."

"At that time, you’ll want to go down to the Underworld, because what you’ll experience is a lot more frightening than the Underworld!"

Bamboo’s long hair flew upward, her formerly beautiful face filled with rancor.

Marvin asked in a low voice, "What should be done?"

The old blacksmith shrugged, "She clearly didn’t listen to my advice."

An explosion erupted out as a frightening purple beam exploded in front of the two people!

Directly blowing Bamboo into smithereens!

A bit over a kilometer away, a middle-aged man took a deep draw from an exotic cigar made in a group of islands far away.

He then dismantled the rough cannon in front of him. In a short amount of time, that frightening lethal weapon turned into a pile of components and was put back into a suitcase.

‘Damn, that dragon tooth cannon could buy several White River Valleys. It’s really fucking amazing!’

Constantine very fiercely looked at Marvin who was running up while hurting like hell. "The Twin Snakes Cult, this nest of small snakes, really couldn’t be killed cleanly."

Marvin stared at that weapon in Constantine’s hands and couldn’t help but ask, "Ths is a Sha weapon?

Constantine raised an eyebrow. "What, wanna buy it?"

Marvin nodded.

Such a fierce weapon, who wouldn’t want to buy it! The Sha clan wasn’t as powerful in the game. Their weapons also only stopped at pistols and shotguns and the firepower wasn’t even as good as that of a high level archer.

But that thing in Constantine’s hands clearly exceeded that!

If White River Valley could have this thing to protect it, apart from a Monk and some other classes, who would dare come and act recklessly?

But Constantine unhesitantly poured cold water onto Marvin’s thoughts. "An artillery shell, 500 Wizard golds."

"As for the [Brilliant Purple] itself, I roughly spent 30 years designing and creating her, how much do you think it would cost?"

Marvin immediately turned quiet.

Turns out it wasn’t the kind of mass produced weapon he saw in his previous life, but a Legend Item instead.

Moreover, it used a large amount of Legend items.

"That woman’s Divine Power was frightening. Even though I would be able to eliminate her in a melee battle, I would be likely to suffer injuries."

"Thus, sometimes it’s better to simply throw an artillery shell."

Constantine once again took a breath of his cigar before saying, "As for this matter, however many Twin Snakes Cult’s people arrive is how many I’ll kill. Free of charge."

In fact, he knew that the reason Marvin had attracted Bamboo’s gaze was the previous plot to kill the Crimson Patriarch.

Otherwise he wouldn’t have been willing to rush back so quickly after being contacted by the old blacksmith.

"Thank you." Marvin genuinely felt gratitude toward him.

If not for this Legend rushing over, Marvin and Sean might not have been Bamboo’s match!

"Don’t mention it, it’ll be like a vacation." Constantine leisurely carried his suitcase on his shoulder and took large steps toward White River Valley. "I’ll stay there for a while."

"Do your own things, don’t mind me."

On the Shrieking Mountain Range, in a ice cave.

A woman slowly floated up from a boiling hot spring.

Her limbs were badly damaged and in pieces, but under the nourishment of the hot spring, she was continuously recovering.

"Demon Hunter… Haha… As expected, one of them appeared after I created a ruckus."

Bamboo laughed, "Do you really think a cannon can get rid of me?"

"Wait until my body recovers, the first one to die will be you."

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